Soybeans - The Complete Food

Known for their uses and great nutritional value, soybeans have been one of the principal foods of the Chinese for thousands of years. And because of this, China has endured severe economic depressions, floods, earthquakes, famines and wars. History proves the value of soybeans as a food and the present also recognizes their uses for industrial purposes.

Soybeans are the only natural food from plant which contain higher protein nutritive value than milk, meat and eggs.

Considered one of the most economical sources of nourishment, soybeans are also suitable for almost all kinds of food products. More common are the tofu, a soybean curd, soya milk, and soya flour. Soya flour can be used as breakfast foods, macaroni, soy sauce, potted meats, meat loaf, sandwich spread, mayonnaise, soups, beverages, coffee substitutes, milk, cheese, and ice cream. Soya flour is considerably richer in protein than flours made from other beans, and about four times as rich in this constituent as cereal flours. It has a good quality protein and contains less than two percent starch as compared to other cereal flour containing about 30 times as much. Rich in vitamins and minerals, its amount of calcium is 20 times greater than potatoes, 12 times than that found in wheat flour, five times than that in eggs, about two times that amount present in milk.

For stomach ulcers, duodenum ulcers, cancer and diabetes, as well as liver, kidney and bladder troubles, soybean milk is not only a good food, but a real medicine. It is easily digested, does not curd and is highly alkaline, well adopted for both adult and children.

To prepare soybean milk for your family, follow this simple procedure:

1. Soak one pound soybeans overnight, well covered with water.

2. In the morning wash them thoroughly, cover with fresh water and bring to a boil. (Change water a couple of times bringing to a boil to remove the soybean taste after milk is made.)

3. Drain and grind.

4. Put in a sugar sack or cheese cloth and tie top securely.

5. Put sack of ground soybeans in a large dish or pail and pour two quarts of warm water over them.

6. Knead sack well, washing and squeezing milk out; pour off in a large pan or pail.

7. Repeat procedures 5 and 6 for another two quarts of milk.

8. Pour all the milk in large flat-bottomed dish.

9. Boil 20 minutes or more, stirring constantly.

10. Sweeten with malt sugar or honey but not too sweet. Add a pinch of salt. Do not cook in aluminum.

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