Sowing The Seeds – Part 2

Charity blooms two-way

“Engaging in the whole logistics and actual commute to Golden Acres seemed at first like any other activity - where you plan, execute and wrap up. We unloaded boxes, set the area up, and asked the coordinator to bring in the Home residents… and that was when it all changed. I expected disinterested faces forced to endure inquisitive visitors with nothing better to do. But what I saw were jubilant faces, old and wizened in their twilight years but were really just kids looking for a kind playmate. They were enthusiastic participants, a most appreciative bunch of the smallest items we shared. We felt this strange sense of familiarity, of having been with them before, that brought lumps on our throats. When it was time to go, I realized that although it was us who were sharing out materially, the generosity in their hearts and spirit made the charity two-way.” Jason Limos, Senior Manager Research and Development, New Categories & International Operations, Las Pinas

Just like Dad

“I like to run and play soccer because it's good and healthy for my body. I would like to be like my Daddy who plays soccer and always runs in marathons. I joined a Marathon because I wanted to try running with other people. I was nervous and excited at first, but after reaching the finish line, I was very happy. I ran with my mommy on that day. She was with me all the time because I didn't know any of the children who were there.” Jake Rizon, 9 years old, Grade 2 Student, Del Monte School, Cawayanon. Parents: Francis Rizon, Sumilao Production Unit, and Sarany Rizon, Plantation Training

Del Monte Football Cup, Camp Phillips Plaza. OMS Football Team members MJ Hojas, Miggy Linaac, Hans Fabela, Jake Rizon, Carlos Colminas, Franco Velez, Lee Rizon, Paulo Maghirang, Coby Rolida, Portia Parpan, Glaiza Acierto and Ursula Cordovez. Joining the team during the RIFA Cup at the Ateneo de Manila University Football Grounds were players Jonas Villanoy and John Betanio and Coach Michael Barola.

Magic reigns!

“We felt great preparing something for the children of co-employees at Corporate Finance. Our Halloween party, helped our team get together and more importantly, work together. We had fun and the kids had so much fun too! Our Halloween area came alive with colors, with different themes. The kids had so many things to do and explore, plus they got bags and bags of candies galore. It looked like they had the time of their lives! Proud, amazed, and impressed that we were able to transform our work area into something filled with Hogwarts Magic.” Andrea Cheng and Max Chan, Management Trainees Corporate Finance, The Fort

It's the thought that counts!

“From our parent company, Del Monte employee associations and cooperatives have spun our own tradition of sharing with our members and the community. We do many forms of charity work. In the past 10 years, we have joined company teams in missions of mercy in Camiguin, Bukidnon, Cagayan de Oro and Misamis Oriental. It's not how much we give. It's really the thought that counts.” Ulysses Valdehuesa, President, Bugo Employees, Credit Cooperative and Supervisor, Bugo Auto Shop

Shoes quite hard to fill in

“When I was younger, I saw my father as a strict disciplinarian. There were times when I questioned his authority. But now that I have my own family, I've realized the value of his teachings, in fact, I find it very hard to follow his footsteps or fill in his shoes. He wakes up very early, brings his cows and goats to pasture, and is never late for work (quite a record for someone with 34 service years). He reserves his hard-earned money for the education of his four children, all of whom are now professionals, and for income-generating projects. As I work elsewhere in the world and shape my own future, I bring with me values I learned from my father.” Phil Pia, Welder, Qatar Gas, Doha, Qatar (United Arab Emirates). Father: Felipe Pia, Packaging

Time Together, Phil Pia with nephew Aron Lola joins sister Rachel Pia-Lola, a public school teacher in San Fernando, Bukidnon with daughter Valene; mother Nilfa and Papa Felipe with grandson Owen; sister Marianel Pia-Cajilla, a barangay kawagad in Himaylan, Libertad, Mis. Or. with son Dwight; and wife Donnave with 5-year old son Phil Donald.

Ripples of Goodwill

“Del Monte Foundation has opened doors for me. It has helped me build confidence and transform my way of life as a youth. I'm now a TESDA-accredited trainor, with international accreditation in computer work. With the support of DMFI and the Manolo Fortich LGU under Mayor Rogelio Quina, I feel really inspired to help others.” Junrey Lagat, Youth leader and Barangay Secretary, Mambatangan, Manalo Fortich, Bukidnon

Junrey, a delegate to the 1st DMFI Youth Congress, has gone quite a long way - at age 19 years. The 10th of 13 children of Mambatangan Barangay Kagawad Monica and the late Ricardo Lagat, Sr., he went through public schools where he was youth leader and editor. Dropping out on his freshman year, he attended free classes on computer literacy and other skills at the DMFI Training Center. As his skills grew, opportunities as well as responsibilities multiplied. He founded youth leaders' federation KASAMA (Kabatan-onan sa Manalo Fortich), and co-founded DAYO (Del Monte Assisted Youth Organizations), the region's first youth registered cooperative. Today, he is Barangay Secretary in his home village.

“On behalf of the community of Bugo, I'd like to thank Del Monte for all assistance extended to us. As a Cannery employee myself, I know how we value this corporate tradition. And just like that first time when our Cannery LMC bonded with residents 10 years ago, families here in Bugo gladly await this annual get-together.” Raul Aleria, Barangay Captain Bugo, Cagayan de Oro And Vice President Cannery Labor Union.

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