Sowing The Seeds – Part 1

Members of the Del Monte family gathered together in their respective locations to cap a year of hard work and welcome the new year with high hopes for success. At our Corporate Headquarters at The Fort, DMPL CEO Joselito Campos, Jr., with Mrs. Ollie Campos, sons Jamie and Jay, and daughter Janelle, led the Manila team in the traditional Christmas party. Group COO Luis Alejandro and Mindanao Operations Group Head Emmanuel Nisperos led 'Tigum sa Pasko' at the Plantation and Cannery as well as the Supervisors' Parties held in both locations.

Amid the celebrations, our teams found time to visit communities around our farms and production facilities to share meals and hand over gifts to 2,000 families. Del Monte Foundation scholars shared their blessings with 200 pupils in day care centers and public schools in Bukidnon. In Manila, employees spent a day with abandoned children, the aged and others in need. A day of sharing brightened up not only the recipients; our employees came home refreshed in spirit.

Heart Of Tradition

Fun time for camp families “I was born in Camp 17 (Libona) and spent most of my 56 years in Camp 9. My father Bienvenido was hired by sacadas sent by our American pioneers to Bohol, worked at the Plantation for 41 years, and retired in 1990. Coming from a large family of eight, with a father who played the guitar, banjo and banduria, I treasure beautiful memories of growing up in a camp. Families got closer amid many activities. American executives and their families in Cawayanon also visited camp families. I remember BAP (Barrio Assistance Program) on medical missions to the barrios.” Cesar Anti Pas, Field Worker, Corporate Crop Production Camp 9 (Libona), Plantation.

The Singing Antipas: Cesar and wife Emelia, leadwoman at Camp 9 Crop Production Operations, and their children college students Liezel and Haidee, eldest son Jim, a nautical engineer now aboard a cargo ship plying Europe and South Africa.

The scent of home

As the youngest son and not to mention the paborito, I have fond memories of Mama and Papa as Del Monte employees. Their romance began at the workplace way back 1966. Yes, a love affair between an Illongo recruit from Trade School (my Papa) and a Zamboanguena who met each other at boarding houses fronting the cannery. Theirs was a love nurtured at dining halls for employees inside the factory. They creatively squeezed themselves through thousands of workers - to find an empty wooden bench so they can sit close to each other at meal time. From cannery to Canada, Ernane and Carmen Billones

For more than 30 years, Mama made sure labels were properly pasted on filled cans to be sent to Korea, Japan or Europe. Papa also made sure machines used to slice and cook fruits would function well. Five of us were born out of this Del Monte romance, and all of us are now professionals: a doctor, nurse, teacher, computer scientist and a business manager. And never for a minute do we forget that we are siblings who share humble yet fun beginnings at Del Monte.

Memory# 1: siren sounds at noontime. “TOOOOOOT!” So who needed a watch when sirens told you what time of day it was! (Bugo residents still hear those blasts today.) With that we learned punctuality. From the example set by our parents, we learned that no matter what forces of nature would strike, one must be at one's workplace on time.

Memory# 2: queue for the school bus - actually a trailer truck that can haul 200 kids at one time. We had to wake up at 4:30a.m. to line up and hop into the 'Packbus' for a free ride to and from school. Waking up early, day-in and day-out, has taught us to be patient.

Memory# 3: who could forget family outings at Timuga springs in Iligan City? Or Cannery Family Day, with sports and give-aways for every family? So I have learned that our family was not just enclosed in the four corners of our home but it extended to friends and officemates in my parents' workplace.

And finally, Memory # 4: the scent of pineapples - that would always remind me of home. Del Monte has been a part of my growing-up years, a legacy I will be proud to leave behind to my future grandchildren. Ronald Billones, Customer Development Manager Fresh Business The Fort with wife Micah Angela and pet Kian

Sharing is a pillar of our tradition

“We're a couple whose respective careers brought us together at Del Monte. Over nearly four decades, my husband Bert (who comes from Balingasag, Mis. Or.) and I got assigned across all locations - from Makati Accounting to Bugo and Plantation and then back to Makati and the Fort (Taguig). Our children grew up in Mindanao and like all Del Monte families, we cherish our traditions - Tigum sa Plantation, Gran Bayle in Bugo and turning on of Christmas lights at Cawayanon. DELCA ladies also organize outreach missions in rural barangays. Here in Manila, we enjoy themed parties and do charity work. Bert retired middle of this year and treasures these heart-warming memories. I'll keep him posted until my retirement day!” Remy Miso, DMPI Corporate Controller, The Fort

At home in manila, Remy and Bert Miso with only daughter Rodelyn Grace, a branch manager at Citibank, and sons Ramon Miguel and Roberto Jose, alumnus and student, respectively, of Ateneo de Manila University.

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