Some General Yet Important Skin Care Tips

In today’s busy world where time is money, not many of us get enough time to pay a visit to the beauty clinics or beauty salons where professional skin care is provided. Also, if we have time, these professional skin care options are not always affordable for every common man or woman. Hence it is important that we know about some effective yet cheap skin care methods that can be tried at home and will not carve a dent in our pockets as well.

Save The Skin From The Sun

Many of us are aware that the direct rays from the sun contain ultra violet rays which can prove harmful to the skin which is one of the most sensitive organs of the body. However what we possibly do not know is that the exposure to the sunlight for a considerably high amount of time can cause the skin look dull, bring about aging spots as well as trigger a lot of skin problems. Some basic skin care options to avoid the damage are:

  • Wear clothes that will shield your body from the sun – For places where humidity is not very high in the atmosphere one should wear full sleeve clothes which will protect the arms and hats with wide brims to protect the head and the face. These protective gears will not only ensure that the skin is protected against the negative impacts of the sun rays, but will also reduce chances of getting a heat stroke.
  • Application of sun screen lotions – Lotions that need to be applied as a protection against the sun, should have a SPF of at least 15 so that the skin gets the due protection. Also, these lotions need to be applied at regular intervals on the exposed parts of the body so that the protective layer is kept intact. In case of excessive sweating the frequency of applying the lotion should be increased as the existing lotion would have the tendency to get washed away with the sweat.

Avoid Tobacco And Smoking

Smoking kills – This is something that we get to hear and read almost everywhere. However, do we know what gets killed by smoking? Our lungs? Our respiratory system? Yes, that is true but with that smoking also kills the freshness of the skin. It makes the skin look much older than it actually is. The outermost layer of the skin or the epidermis has got multiple blood vessels that supplies blood to the skin and helps keep the skin fresh. However, smoking narrows down these blood vessels hence the quantity of blood that gets transported to the skin reduces and the skin starts looking old and wrinkled. Not only this, the facial muscles that get exercised during the process of smoking can also contribute to wrinkles on the skin which will bring about unnecessary signs of aging on the skin.

Be Gentle To The Most Sensitive Superficial Organ Of Your Body

In our effort to provide adequate care to the skin, at times we overdo things that cause damage to the skin. While cleansing the skin is okay once or twice, if you do it every couple of hours, all you would be doing is to irritate the skin that will bring about other dermal hazards. Here are some effective tips on gentle skin care.

  • While shaving you need to ensure that good foam is being used as this will reduce the pressure of the razor blades on the skin. Many people have this bad habit of applying the razor just by moistening the skin, this causes huge damage to the skin and should be avoided at any cost. Also shaving should be done in the direction of the hair growth and not against it. By shaving against the hair growth, we put unnecessary pressure on the hair follicles which if damaged can bring about bumps and lesions on the skin surface.
  • Strong soaps should be left at the departmental store racks. Never select a soap which would be harsh on your skin. There are soaps available in the market which contains cream and moisturizers. These soaps are very gentle on the skin and are the most apt ones to be used while taking a bath.
  • After shower, pat the skin dry and not rub it hard. Gentle patting of the skin with a soft towel helps in getting the extra water soaked in the towel and at the same time leave some amount of water on the skin that will maintain the moisture levels and will ensure that the skin does not dry up frequently.
  • Take a shower with lukewarm water right after you perspire. This will help in getting the skin free of any dust particles that may get glued on to the skin by means of the sweat. Lukewarm water is always preferred over hot or cold water as that will help remove the oil from the skin without causing any inherent damage to the skin cells.

Healthy Skin Demands Healthy Food

Most dermatologists recommend that a healthy diet which is full of vitamin C, green vegetables as well as carbohydrates help the skin maintain its young look. Dairy products are normally not to be taken as they are believed to have some connection behind the formation of acne on the skin. Food items which are supposed to be permanently on your diet chart for a good looking skin are yogurt, soybeans, dark chocolate, walnuts, kidney beans, oat, green tea etc.

Taking care of the skin is not an easy task and requires a lot of focus and determination from the concerned individual. Hence it is important that if you go for proper skin care therapies you should do them with full diligence as if the skin gets damaged once due to any irresponsible act of yours there will be a lot of challenges to get the old skin back and that too cannot be guaranteed always. We all have been gifted with good skins and it should be our responsibility to take proper care of the skin.

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