SolidCoin Solo Mining for Windows

The idea with this post is to cut down on the amount of research you have to do in order to get your SolidCoin solo mining up and running. I’ve tried to bring in the most effective settings, but of course, small adjustments might be needed. Go through the steps and see what works for you.

1. Install the Windows SolidCoin (SC) client downloaded from my shared folder on Google Drive.

2. Download and unzip this file into your installation folder (i.e., D:\Program Files\SolidCoin). This is reaper, a mining program that your SolidCoin client will use to mine SC.


3. Now, download the start.bat file, the solidcoin.conf file and the reaper.conf file into your same directory as step 2 above. Make a shortcut link to the start.bat and copy it to your desktop. You will use that as the last step to get things rolling.

4. Now, click over to your AppData\Roaming\SolidCoin2 folder or type “%appdata%” (without quotation marks) in your Windows search box. It’s usually hidden, but if you manually type it into the folder location field in Windows Explorer, you will go right to it. Try this: C:\Users\yourusernamehere\AppData\Roaming\SolidCoin2. Change the drive if necessary. Copy this solidcoin.conf file into that folder. It shares the same name as the file in step 3, so be sure to keep them apart from each other.

5. Read this whole step before opening the program. Go back to your SolidCoin installation folder and open the SolidCoin application. Let it run. It will take a while to download the block chain (transaction history). It could take a day or longer.

  • Method 2: Don’t open your SC client yet. Download this file, unzip it and put it in your Roaming\SolidCoin folder. Your wait time will be much shorter. After you’ve downloaded the file, open your SC application and wait for the blocks to finish updating. Then go to step 6.

NOTE: To check the total number of blocks go here, it’s probably around 1010653. In the bottom corner of your SC client, you should start seeing numbers. Those numbers will be changing. That’s the block count being added to your Roaming folder.

6. Once the blocks are finished downloading/updating, use Task Manager to close the program. Sometimes just clicking on the X doesn’t fully close it.

7. Now click on the start.bat shortcut you created up in step 3. It will load the settings necessary. Don’t worry about needing to add more settings.

8. Once loaded, make sure “Solo” is selected and click start. That should do it.

If this has helped you, please feel free to donate your first block to me by sending it to this address: samoPDyFApAfiiWJTgHxLNy839tRvLjpg6

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