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I'm going to be writing about what I think are the top social media apps. The many social media to choose from and there are many that different people lake and people to dislike there so many different kinds social media's in so many different definitions of what they are and it's really confusing and that's why I'm here to explain what they really are.

First off Instagram Instagram really is posting pictures and comment on pictures Instagram is one of the most popular social media is out there at the moment and is really nice and convenient it's more of a younger generation thing to use. People are supposed pictures what they think is cool and I put it online. There's Twitter, Twitter is really popular all around the world Twitter is find the most popular social media app everything is person really has one and whatever going Twitter is just you supposed and see what you're doing at the moment and people follow you and then can like or repost what you said. use a lot and there's so many people with accounts and it's ridiculous how popular some people get on Twitter.

But there's so many people on Twitter's with over 1 million followers of the famous people obviously. But Twitter is a really good have to use you can follow people and all your friends and figure out what they're doing and plan things. Some going to be talking about Facebook Facebook is huge I realize Facebook and they can plan parties they can talk to friends they could do anything on Facebook Facebook is over a billion-dollar company and it's crazy how popular got so quickly I can be used from any age range. For example you can advertise a company on Facebook, you could talk to friends, or you can post random funny things on Facebook. I'm going to be talking about tumbler.

Tumblr isn't the huge social media not a lot of people have it it's very popular for some people and very addictive you just get to post whatever you one repost pictures or text her gifts or whatever you want it's really cool and you get to follow people are famous and it's really addicting anything end up staying up. But in my opinion I think tumblr is very enjoyable and very easy to get addicted to. I would to follow people on tumbler and just like what they post and repost what they have and usually only have from 10 to 100 followers on tumbler and you just chat with your friends and get to see what your friends are posting is really fun and something that using they need to just get the post things. Next I'm going to be talking about fine. Find something that I really popular very quickly overtime. Finances social media app would you pay six second videos online.

These videos can be so are sent online and you can they could be viewed by your friends or people I follow you what happens is that you could follow people online or you can get followers on vine and what you do is you just post funny things or things that you make and people that have your friends watch the videos repost them And watch. All the apps I name so far are very popular and really cool and there's also so much more social media say Reable to use that you don't even know of next and going to talk about Snapchat. Snapchat is really popular and is used by people of younger ages Snapchat is where you and you follow people and you friend them and you send them videos and once they click on the video they only have a certain amount of time to watch the picture or video and then it erases forever and are not able to see the picture again it's usually just to chat with friends or figure out what you're doing and then there's a picture in the background. I think Snapchat is really cool and it will never go out of date because people you suggested talker to show people pictures and then the pictures automatically get a raced down and never seen again so that's useful. Next is the great texting app called, Kik.

Kik is a great app for texting people because Kik the messages go through really fast and it's really easy to text talk to your friends. It's really good to use Kik rather than sending messages because Kik you could see when the move when the messages delivered, when I read it, and when they open the app. Kik is really good because the messages are sent so much faster than with the regular texting which I find very useful and it is really good for anyone Kik you can send files on and it's easy to send pictures or gifts or anything you want. Finally, I'm here talk about the worst social media of them all. That app called ask.FM is really bad because people just post negative things about other people online about what they think about them and no Good things. It's a social media app where people ask anonymous questions or you comment anonymous things and it will be able to not know, which is a bad idea to some people are just going to say mean things about others and that's what it turned out to be.

It's turned into a major bullying problem and it's really bad that's why younger kids shouldn't be using SI Sam because it will just lower their self-esteem and make them upset. That's why kids shouldn't really have social media because it's bad for people and it's just doesn't do any good just going to get negative hate. So instead of going online and doing social media apps, just go outside and enjoy the fresh air and the smell of nature that you have always with you and that won't bully you.

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