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I started my snake keeping hobby about two years ago. Snakes had an appeal for several reasons.

Fear of Snakes

As with many people, I had, and even still have, a fear of snakes. Now there are some snakes that can do real damage and that are still kept as pets. Some people keep “hot” (venemous) snakes as pets. They have a word for that, “crazy”! Well, ok, that's subjective. But that is too much of a risk for my liking. Then there are snakes that are just too big for pets as far as I am concerned, such as burmese pythons, anacondas, etc. Hey, all I am saying is they are capable of doing real damage. But there are lots of snakes that people keep as pets that can't do any significant damage. I am thinking about ball pythons and colubrids (king snakes, corn snakes, rat snakes, milk snakes and such). When I started keeping snakes I had a fear even of these. Usually they don't get bigger than 6', the constrictors are not very strong compared to other snakes and they usually don't bite. Some times they will bite if they think your hand is food. This kind of accident can be avoided though if one doesn't put their hand into a tank where a snake resides after touching a rodent or if they sometimes take the snake out for handling so the snake doesnt always equate their tank being opened up with feeding time.

Fear no fear

Since these kinds of commonly kept pet snakes can't really do damage and since I had a fear of them I considered that this was an opportunity to find an area of irrational fear and turn it into love in a situation where I couldn't really be hurt. The love aspect is something that I knew would have to grow in me. All that I knew about snakes when I started keeping them was that they are amongst the most beautiful of god's creatures in terms of colors, patterns and variety. Here are some beautiful snakes that I keep…

  • a king snake with irregular bands of white alternating with a brownish purple-tint dark color. This snake has the most pleasant and calm personality of any snake I have kept. When you first take it out of the tank it will roam around a bit in your hands like it has some place to go but once it settles down it will curl up around your hand and sit there all chill for hours.
  • a beautiful albino snow corn snake. She has faint patterns in light yellow but at first glance looks like a pure white snake. Very beautiful. Her name is Fluffy.,
  • a Mexican black king snake. Shiny jet black snake, very elegant and sleek looking.
  • a milksnake that has a repetitive pattern. Do you remember the “Shazam!” Capt Marvel comic back character from many decades ago? This snake has that exact same coloring of yellows and reds. Gorgeous! Her name is Marvella.
  • an adult male bull snake. Actually, these are in the same family of the colubrid variety known as gopher snakes. They are mainly brown with giraffe-like spots and a textured back and they have a reddish tint. Mine has a great personality although sometimes these guys can be slightly more aggressive.
  • pinstripe ball python. This guy is a ball python morph where the black portions are now in pinstripe type patterns. Usually I like the black on ball pythons but this is a very elegant looking snake even without the black. His name is Jeet.
  • yellow belly ball python. This morph is pretty much a normal ball python but with a yellow belly, hence the name. But this one has high contrast so it has a lot of black and orange-ish on its pattern and I think he looks great. I just acquired this guy but he is known to be very docile and friendly to holding.
  • Mexicorn. This one is a hybrid. You can actually breed different types of colubrids and come up with interesting uncommon patterns. In this case it was a breeding of a milksnake and a corn snake. So he has the bands similar to a milk snake but otherwise looks like a corn snake except he does not have the diamond on his head like corn snakes normally have.
  • African house snake. She is very similar to the black Mexican kingsnake but she stays smaller. It has a more iridescent skin similar to a sunbeam snake which makes her quite beautiful and reflective of other colors. I had a male African House Snake at one point and I hooked them up. She laid eggs but, unfortunately, she laid them in her water dish so the eggs died. But I will get a male African House Snake and try it again. I will take out the water dish when it is getting closer to the time for her to lay the eggs.
  • Desert Gold king snake. Absolutely beautiful animal, black with gold specs. I have to get her sexed as I would love to try breeding this one, maybe with the other black one if that works out.
  • Regular corn snake. This is also a snake with an awesome personality. She almost never misses a feeding opportunity and she is always happy to be picked up and held and doesn't ever object.

I think that is all of them, haha! I have to admit to still having a bit of apprehensiveness when I hold them although much less than when I started and some of the snakes I don't have a fear reaction to them at all. I will add pictures here later on. I hope to get more involved in breeding the snakes. It's a fun happy and I feel fortunate to have these wonderful creatures in my care.

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