Smoking Is Injurious To Health

Smoking means smoking of tobacco. In ancient times, the people, living in the west, smoked pipes and cigars, while the people in East, used ‘hookahs’ for smoking. Women avoided smoking. Cigarettes were not very popular in the past. Since 1905, smoking of cigarettes has increased considerably.

In every modern country, the majority of the people has fallen a prey to the habit of smoking cigarettes. The smoking of hookahs, cigars and pipes has decreased. The production of tobacco has been increasing at a tremendous pace. In face, the habit of smoking is found in every part of the world.

The prominent doctors of the world have expressed their opinion about the adverse effects and harms of smoking, but the fashion of smoking is still at its peak. It is true that smoking invigorates the smoker’s nervous system when he fells physical and mental exhaustion. The after-effects of smoking are very dangerous. The tobacco contains very small particles of Nicotine, which is a dangerous poison. Smoking is therefore, very injurious to human health.

Side Effects of Smoking on Human Beings

By inhaling the poisonous smoke of tobacco, we badly spoil our health. The smoking affects our wind-pipe and lungs. This is why the throat and lung diseases are very common among the smokers. Lung cancer is mainly the result of smoking. The smokers suffer from cold and cough. The teeth of the smokers are bad and dirty which become the cause of various other diseases.

Smoking causes bad breath. It causes bad smell in the mouth. It damages the eye-sight. It also damages the system of digestion. Too much smoking causes the los of vitality. It weakens the memory. It decreases the endurance power. It can cause heart-trouble.

Ways and Means to Stop It

Smoking is indeed a very bad and harmful habit. It is indeed very difficult to get rid of this enjoyable poison. There are, however, some methods which can enable a smoker to give up smoking.

He should abstain from smoking during his illness. He should cut down the quantity of tobacco gradually. He should take light meals. He should take exercise daily, such as, walking. He should avoid the company of smokers. He should frequently change the brand of his tobacco or cigarettes, as this change will diminish his pleasure of smoking. The smoker should also wash his mouth with silver nitrate as it destroys a lot of pleasure of smoking.

To conclude, smoking is a luxury. It is a waste of money. Its use is deadly injurious to human health. The government and people should start a country-wide campaign against smoking. Government should start propaganda against smoking using the services of the radio, Television, Film industry and newspapers. Our young men should be made aware of the dangerous and fatal effects of smoking.


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