Sister Regains Consciousness, Heals Miraculously

I sincerely thank and praise our Lord Jesus Christ for giving us. I firmly believe that if not because of Jesus, who is the foundation, many will live in misery.

Let me share with you my very traumatic but very happy experience with this gift of Jesus.

This unforgettable event occurred last Feb. 7. It was a beautiful Sunday morning, I was scheduled to join a pilgrimage to the blessed Virgin of Manaoag. I woke up early to prepare for the trip. When I was about to leave the house, this was at about 4:30 in the morning, my phone rang. It was my sister-in-law at the other end of the line informing me that they brought my elder sister Ester to the Makati Medical Center. She suffered cardiac arrest while sleeping.

I immediately drove straight to the Emergency Room of the hospital where my sister laid almost lifeless.

According to the medical staff, my sister was brought there without blood pressure and no heart beat. The doctors administered 15 dehyfibrilation applications and it took them 20 minutes to revive her. My sister was in a very, very critical condition that morning.

I went beside the bed of my sister and I went immediately to my level with opened eyes. I ran my fingers through her body, from her forehead to her toes, imagining the healing rays of white and blue emanating from the side of our Lord Jesus, directly touching the body of my sister. Two priests, the Chaplain of the hospital and our Parish priest administered the last rites on my sister.

I was very calm and confident about the gift of the Lord To my mind if the Lord Jesus would give back the life of my sister, my mind control healing technique would work and my sister would live even if the doctors have given up all hopes for her recovery.

At about 7:30 of the same morning, my sister was transferred to the ICCU of the hospital. She was only breathing through a respirator. There were several contraptions attached to her.

I went home at 8:00 in the morning of the same day to inform my brother and sisters of the condition of my sister in the hospital.

At 10:00 o'clock that same morning. I went back to the hospital with my nephew, Dr. Edwin Falconi. We agreed to help my sister Ester. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ for this wonderful gift! The doctors in the hospital gave only 1% for my sister to live!

At exactly 10:45 of that same memorable morning, my sister regained consciousness to the amazement of all the medical staff at the ICCU.

The rest is history, my sister is becoming stronger, stronger, better and better everyday. She is now eating solid food, she can move her arms and legs. She can now walk. There is no damage in her body, despite the fact that she was deprived of oxygen for more than 30 minutes, which is a very, very, very unusual case because the absence of oxygen from the brain even only for a few minutes will massively produce extensive brain damage.

I still use the Mirror of the Mind technique (MOM) daily for my sister's perfect health. I visualize her daily becoming stronger, stronger, better, better and better and the effect through the grace of Jesus Christ is terrific! Is marvelous!

Now my sister is about to leave the hospital completely recovered!

Again a sincere and heartfelt thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ who brought my sister back to life, God's precious gift to all of us! Mercedes Yabut

Grad Passes Medical Board

From the start, I believe that positive thinking will make me achieve things in preparation for my medical board exams.

I have faith that God will always provide and bless me in His times. Going to my level everyday helps me relax and be confident. With great expectancy that I'd be equal to the questions asked, I consulted my counselors during the exams and visualized my teachers taught me the lessons.

I focused bright light on me as one of the honorees at the rites of oath-taking ceremonies at PICC. The dream came true.

There have been many techniques that served me a lot. I'm using them religiously to attain peace and prosperity not only for myself but for all who have not yet acquired the special mentality. I just can't quite explain this joyful feeling. Claire Israel

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