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Simple Proven Way To Make Money Online


To truly understand the message of this article, you need to keep an open mind and read the whole thing. You very well may learn something that can benefit your life.


One of the most simple and proven strategies for making money using the Internet is to send out emails saying you are the personal assistant to the deposed Nigerian prince who is getting ready to make his move to re establish his position as the royal highness of that great nation. The only thing standing in his way is that he is temporarily disconnected from his fortune due to a legal matter that is currently in the process of being reviewed by the high court of Nigeria.


The filing fee for the case is $10,000. It is an open and shut case that is nothing more than a legal formality. It will culminate in his access to his great family fortune, which, in turn, will allow him to return to his position of power.

The prince has asked you to send the email to people who may be willing to help him. In exchange for the $10,000 court filing fee, the prince will show his appreciation by returning the $10,000 within 7 days, along with interest in the amount of one million dollars, payable through bank transfer or cashier's check.

When people reply to this email, some will be willing to send the cash right away. For them you simply give instructions as to how they should wire the money via a money wire service. The reason you must use a money wire service is because they will allow you to accept money without needing to show identification. You can ask them if they have the funds in Bitcoin, which is even better for you, but unlikely at the current moment since it is not yet saturated enough for most people to even have and use bitcoin, let alone keep that much money in it.)

Other people who respond will need to be massaged, so to speak. Their greed is not quite as developed as the people who automatically will ask how to get the $10,000 to you. No, these people will require you to answer some questions.

Be willing to answer as many emails as they send you. A percentage of these people will end up sending you the money. You have nothing to lose by answering their questions, except for a little time. Seeing as that you will be making really good money from those who do believe you, you can afford to spend time on a lot of people who end up not trusting you enough to go ahead and spend the money. This is a marketing funnel that sorts the chaff from the wheat.

The Method For Making Many Times More Profit


The following method is so simple in design, it is hard to believe that everyone who uses the Nigerian prince method for making money online, does not use it. It is truly mind boggling that there are still people not exploiting this potent, secondary technique.

As soon as you get your $10,000, send the person a thank you email, relaying the appreciation conveyed by the his royal highness. Tell them their money will be wired to them within 7 business days. Remind them that it will be in the amount of $1,010,000. It is crucial that they see the full amount, in writing, they are to be getting.

Double & Triple Dipping For A Lot More Than Double Or Triple The Profit

At the end of your thank you email, include a PS that says the prince is so pleased and appreciative he is willing to send $5,000,000 if they will send another $50,000 within the next 24 hours. Tell them it is crucial that it arrives within 24 hours. If it comes late, the prince will simply refuse to accept the money, and they can get it refunded to them at the office of the wire service from which they sent it.

If it does arrive in time, then the amount they will be wired will be 55,060,000. It will be on the same day, that the payment for the initial loan is sent.

There will be a number of replies to this email. The process will be the same as the response to the original email. Some people will be willing to send the $50,000 right away, while others will let you know they need you to help them believe.

Interestingly, only a tiny percentage of emails will be from people who tell you they are now afraid that you have stolen their $10,000. Any time that you receive negative email, send an immediate reply assuring them that they are experiencing a type of buyers remorse. Assure them that this is normal, and that they will be receiving the money the prince has promised to them.

Tell them that since they are having second thoughts to simply hold on to their money, because you do not want them to have to worry. Thank them again, for the prince. At the end of the letter, provide another post script note reminding them that the offer is still good for another 24 hours, at which point it will be withdrawn for good.

The Brilliance Is In The Simplicity


Remember this process, because if these people continue to reply to you, they are simply letting you know that you have not massaged them enough. Simply rinse and repeat as many times as is necessary. Even if it gets to the point where they are promising to kill you because they know you have stolen their money, always deny, reassure and restate the double dip offer with a 24 hour time limit. You will be delighted to learn that even after some people death threat you, they will go ahead and send you more money.

Keep Dipping Each Time You Are Successful

Every time somebody commits for more money, send out the initial double dip email, except have the numbers changed. For instance, when you receive the $50,000, the prince will then offer an additional ten million dollars if they send an additional $100,000. That will mean the amount the prince repays is $10,160,000.

The Amounts To Ask For

Of course, you are able to ask for any amount of money you want, and have the prince promise to reward any amount you care to try. The following breakdown, however, shows the amounts that many people have found works best for them. Your mileage may vary.

  • First Dip Ask For $10,000 Prince Pays Back $1,010,000
  • Next Dip Ask For $50,000 Prince Pays Back $5,060,000
  • Next Dip Ask For $100,000 Prince Pays Back $10,160,000
  • Next Dip Ask For $250,000 Prince Pays Back $25,410,000
  • Next Dip Ask For $500,000 Prince Pays Back $50,910,000
  • Next Dip Ask For $1,000,000 Prince Pays Back $101,910,00

As far as we know, no one has been successful after getting someone to depart with 7 figures in one lump sum. That is probably due to the fact that people with that kind of money often have professionals to watch after their assets. These pros are often stealing their money in their own ways, and they guard against others who would like to get in on their action. You have to respect that.

Nevertheless, a number of Nigerian prince online marketers have reported successfully getting up to the 7 figure wire payoff. If they followed this chart, which has become standardized in the industry, that means they took in more than $1.9 million from a single prospect. Not a bad payday, no matter how you slice it.

Crucial Tip - Always Have The Prince Promise To Repay The Principle


It has been proven, time and time again, that conversions are at least five times better, when the amount of the loan is added to the pie in the sky, greedy figure. For instance, do not simply have the prince promise to pay one million dollars in return for ten thousand dollars. The prince pays the million, on top of the ten thousand. Understand?

It seems silly that the promise of an additional ten thousand dollars would make a difference to these greedy people, but it makes a huge difference in terms of the number of prospects you can convince to donate their money to you.

There is evidently a psychological factor involved here. If you simply say that the prince will turn $10,000 into $1,000,000, it tends to come off less believable than if you say $1,010,000. Evidently, at some level of the prospect's mind, they let down their guard when they see an indication that the prince is concerned with repaying the principle, in addition to the million dollars in “interest.”

The Ultimate No-Brainer

You can earn money doing it the other way, but you can earn up to five times more money doing it this way. It takes no more effort. It costs no more investment. The choice is yours.

How Many Prospects Come Back For More?

Between ten and twenty percent of the prospects who donate the intial $10,000, will go on to make at least one more donation. These numbers mostly hold up, until people donate a full million dollars, when reality evidently sinks in for everyone.

It boggles the mind to realize how many people marketing the Nigerian prince method fail to ask for more. The bulk of the profits are from people double and tripling and quadripling dipping. That is where the early retirement funds are created.

I have yet to figure out if these people are lazy or stupid or both, but it makes no sense to be in this game and leave so much money on the table. The people who are donating this kind of money have it to spend.

Ironically they don't spend it. They are often old and yet they cling to their money like they can take it with them. If they have $10,000 to donate, then they likely have a lot more than that. Why in the world would a good marketer stop at merely $10,000 when there is so much more left on the proverbial table?

Why Do Prospects Come Back For More?

One of the most frequently asked questions I get, either in webinars, or in live events is, why would people trust us more than one time, without first having received money from the prince? The answer to that is the answer to why they trust us the first time.

Greedy People And The Greedy Things They Will Do And Believe


The simple, short answer is three words: People are greedy. There you have it. Any questions? A number of follow up reports on people who have donated to the Nigerian prince have shown that, contrary to popular belief, they are not, on average, stupid people. Many have high IQs. The greed factor cancels out their intellect.

The thought of turning ten thousand dollars into a milion dollars within one week's time has a way of disconnecting logic, intellect, common sense and even intuition. It's an easy score that may never come along again, so a lot of people are willing to jump on it.

What About Guilt Feelings?


Another popular question involves the G word; guilt. People want to know if Nigerian prince online marketers have much of a problem with guilt. Obviously, different people have different experiences.

A lot of white people are guilty for being white. They go through life feeling so bad because they are not experiencing the racism that darker people have to endure, that they don't feel right living up to their potential. Instead of being successful, which would put them in a position to help darker skinned people, they wallow in guilt and are not able unable to help people of color live in equality, they can't even help themselves.

If you are going to be a Nigerian prince online marketer, you need to be able to help yourself. Once you have helped yourself, you will be in a position to help others. Life is not all one way. It shouldn't be all about giving. Nor should it be all about taking.

Lessons Learned


Sometimes people who lose $10,000 to the Nigerian prince, learn a valuable lesson. They learn not only about the intrinsic risks of naivete, they lean about their own greed which allowed them to be naive.

Is it fair to expect a million dollars in payment for a one week loan of $10,000? No, it is not fair. What is the annual compounded interest on that return? A gazillion percent? Do the laws of any nation allow for such interest on a loan?

The greedy prospect might argue that the prince is so rich, it doesn't matter, but does that absolve them from their greed? Who says it doesn't matter? In the eyes of the Creator, does it matter?

If a woman has low self esteem, so she gets drunk a lot and goes to bars where she accepts the advances of men every night and has sex with them, does it matter that the men are, taking advantage of this inebriated person who is trying to compensate for aspects of herself that are missing? Just because she is drunk and vulnerable, making her an easy score, is it not greedy of the men who use her for the sexual pleasure?

Do any of the greedy prospects ever reply to the representative of the Nigerian prince, that they think it is usury to accept that kind of interest, but say that they are willing to accept merely doubling their investment? After all, it would still be a tremendous score for them.

I think we know the answer to that is an unequivocal, no. It does not happen. Nor are people planning which charity to donate the million dollars to. The reason is because they are greedy. That is why this method on online income generation is so fruitful.

But I Still Don't Understand Why People Keep Coming Back For More?

Many people find it hard to fathom that greed can explain why people keep coming back for more without ever getting paid off a single time. This seems especially perplexing because the initial letter declares the funds will be received in one week.

When people come back for more and more, the week time frame goes out the window. You have to keep moving the payoff up one week at a time. It seems incredible that people will keep donating larger and larger amounts of money, while the promised payoff keeps getting pushed back, but I'm here to tell you that it happens.

There Is More Than Greed Involved

There is another element besides greed which helps online Nigerian prince marketers in their ability to double and triple dip (and beyond.) There is a basic human emotion of not being willing to admit that you have been fooled.

The elation that people felt when they first believed that good fortune had come their way is rather intoxicating. People choose to continue in that intoxication, rather than have to deal with the reality of what actually is happening.

The Crack Coke Analogy


It can be compared to drug use, for instance crack cocaine. The rush is unbelievably good. Who knew that life has this to offer? It's mind blowing how good it makes you feel. When you run out of crack, and money to buy crack, it is a world of hurt.

The very least is the depression that you aren't going to be feeling like that any time soon. There are physical sensations and other mental and emotional costs going on. Then you have to deal with the fact that your assets are gone, and the wonderful experience was fleeting.

People will do virtually anything to not have to deal with the reality they find themselves in. They will start pawning anything they own of value. They will steal. They will prostitute themselves. None of these actions make sense. Intellectually they understand it's not in their interest to continue doing them, yet they do so anyway.

The Economic Policy Analogy

Another example of this kind of behavior is seen in the way governments and international bankers who control monetary policy of nations, react to the reality of economic policies which are obviously no longer viable. The world is run on a Ponzi scheme, where money is borrowed and conjured from thin air, to pay for past debts.

It is approaching the point where nations will not be able to function. There will be more money owed to pay the interest on the loans than is required to run the country. The answer to this situation, which people like Ron Paul have been warning us about for decades, is to stop doing what we are doing.

That mean stop spending so much money. Stop borrowing. Stop printing more money which simply creates inflation and devalues the money supply. It means to go through the fiscal pain involved with making those changes.

Lifestyles have to change. Jobs will be lost. Government departments will downsize or be deleted. Services will be cut. However, highly intelligent people, (in terms of IQ) who run the banking cartel and who run the government, refuse to make any changes.

All they do is kick the can down the road. All that does is delay the inevitable, but it does so with horrendous consequences. It makes the pain we have to go through, many, many times worse than if we had dealt with it years ago.

It is no different than the person who keeps donating money to the Nigerian prince. It not only does not make things better, it makes things incredibly worse. People do not like to deal with the reality of their mistakes.

The Obama Analogy


Perhaps the greatest way to understand why so many people are so willing to keep going back for more and donating to the Nigerian prince, time and time again, even though the have not gotten a penny of payoff, is to look at the phenomenon of Barack Obama.

He came on the scene, talking about hope and change. The country was in dire straights after being fully dupe by George Bush, whose administration lied us into war in Iraq. The expense of the war, the loss of American lives, and the hatred for the US that the war created, resulting in the best recruitment for anti Western terror organizations, had taken their toll on the American people.

Hope and change sounded good. Plus, he was such a change in terms of being an effective communicator compared to Bush, it was natural to be drawn to him. He certainly make a lot of good promises. He promised to have the most transparent presidency in the history of the United States. He promised to not hire lobbyists and insiders as his staff members. He promised to undo many executive orders of George Bush that he said were threats to our freedom. He promised to not make freedom denying executive orders. He promised all kinds of things and with almost complete consistency, he did the exact opposite of everything he promised.

His first term was bad enough. Anyone paying attention should have been able to see that he was one of the all time biggest liars ever to be in the White House, but enough people did not want to believe it.

Once he got in for his lame duck term, he really took off the kid gloves. He has been a dictator. He does things that would have gotten any other president impeached. Since he keeps getting away with it, he keeps committing more and more crimes against this nation.

It's gotten to the point where he opened up the southern border. If George Bush had done this, articles of impeachment would have been drawn up within weeks, if not days. The Democrats would have been apoplectic. Many Republicans would have voted for impeachment and then vote to convict.

Intelligence reports say that ISIS is engaged in terrorist attack planning just across the Mexican border in Juarez. There are reports that they already have sleeper cells in the United States. Obama has made it easy for them to come in, with impunity.

Yet at the same time, he says the NSA surveillance grid that looks into our bedrooms with our laptop cameras and smart phone camera, and that record the audio soundtrack of our lives, every second of every day from our phones – not just when we're on the phone, but constantly – are needed to, “protect us.”


He says that we need to have our genitals touched before we fly, or to have naked body pictures that put out radiation. We need to have grown men feel up our little boys and peek into our boy babies diapers, and to have grown women feel up our little girls and peek into our girl babies diapers, all for security.

People from the Muslim Brotherhood, and Saudi Arabia and illegal aliens have been given permission to just pass on through and fly anywhere without the need for those pesky security checks, but you and your family have to get the invasive privacy violations, pat downs and explain where you are going and what you are doing.

At the same time, he says we need to leave the southern border down to have compassion for our neighbors. Never mind the fact that this video proves that ISIS members can openly walk across the border from Juarez to El Paso, carrying their flag, a sword and a severed head, you still need a good groping before you fly to go see grandma for Christmas because Obama cares about your security. Obama loves you.


Even though it has become obvious to even many former Obama supporters, he still has about 37% of the people (according to political opinion surveys) who think he is doing a great job. The fact of the matter is, the same principle that allows for the person to keep loaning money to the rich Nigerian prince, over and over, increasing the amount many times over, without getting a single penny in return, makes it possible for Obama to be an open traitor to the United States and still have more than a third of the people believe he is God's great gift to planet earth.

They have been taken by Obama, and they don't want to know the truth. There is almost nothing he could possibly do that would change their minds. They are not willing to deal with the reality of the situation. He could probably come to their homes and chop off their children's heads, and they would find a way to make it seem like it was for the better.


I do not condone making money by the use of any scam. I wrote this as a writing exercise to see if I could get in the mind of someone who does such things and tries to act like it is okay, and to discuss how people can become such willing victims. It's not okay. Don't do it. It not only can have dire legal consequences, it is guaranteed to have negative karmic consequences.

Be honorable throughout this journey you find yourself on earth for. It will pay off in ways you can barely imagine.

If you are interested in making money online, the most popular way continues to be by way of email marketing. I go into the basics of it in this article, that discusses a number of ethical online money generation strategies. To find that section quickly, press down the control (CTRL) key and the F key, and then type into the pop up field, EMAIL MARKETING.

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