Be very quiet
Be extremely still

Don’t make a sound
I will show you
But you must be silent

Silence young one
You’re almost to the entrance
There, do you see it?

The gates are tall so we must dig
But be very quiet

Make little noise as possible
Keep digging
Don’t stop

There, good job
Now make it big enough for both of us
We will soon be there

Hush, don’t fret we are doing no wrong
Ah the dirt smells good
Doesn’t it?

Breathe my young friend, breathe
Breathe in deep
Inhale and exhale

Now get in
Don’t worry my friend
No harm will come to us

Crawl, and be quiet
Be calm
Be still

Now widen your eyes
Take in the beauty
Do you see it?

It is paradise
It is heaven my friend

We made it!
After all our sins
We made it to heaven

Walk my friend
Bask in the sunlight
Taste the fresh springs

Don’t ask me about god
God would have struck us dead by now
Our heaven is ours alone

Look do you see it
What is that?
That light

Come my friend
I will race you there
Come hurry

It’s beautiful
So bright
Come on faster!

Should we walk to it?
What if it is a trick?
Be quiet

Let’s think about this
If we go toward the light
We leave all of this

But the curiosity will drive us mad
Come take me hand young friend
We will walk hand in hand

Walk slowly
Walk still
Walk silently

Be very quiet
Be extremely still


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