Show and Tell One Day

One time in school my teacher told the class that we were going to have a very special show and tell tomorrow in school and that we should be very excited for it. Since I was only in the fifth grade, even the slightest thing provided tons of excitement for me and naturally I could not wait for tomorrow to see this super exciting thing the teacher was going to bring in, or so I thought. Now, the point of a show and tell is usually for every single student in the class to bring something that he or she values a lot and then each student shows the item that he or she brought in to the class and it is basically a very interesting thing because of all of the things that the students bring in are usually pretty cool and unique. However, this time was different because the teacher was going to bring something into class and that meant something special to all of us.

We all looked forward with great excitement on the show and tell which would take place tomorrow and wondered what in the world the teacher could possibly bring to class. In the past, we have had some pretty awesome things the students have brought in but nothing that was truly totally awesome and we hoped that whatever the teacher was going bring in was going to be truly awe-worthy. In any case, we all looked forward to the show and tell day and in the meantime we each got our individual items ready for that day as well. The goal was that each show and tell had a certain theme so each of our items could relate to one another so the entire day made sense and if possible, could be turned into some form of a learning day because if all the items related to one another, a lesson could be constructed from them.

It was eventually decided after many hours of arguing that the theme of the upcoming show and tell would revolve around geology. This was a perfect opportunity because the lessons the teacher was teaching us now revolved around the study of the Earth and there was no better show and tell for those types of lessons than ones revolving around geology. We all thought that the teacher was very smart for having the show and tell be about geology and we all told him so. His response was to smile and say thank you to us and then he told us to get our rocks ready for tomorrow because that is when we would have to present them to the class and he looked forward to seeing what everyone had. In addition, he mentioned that he was going to bring in a very special rock and that we should all be very excited and that we were allowed to bring cameras tomorrow if we wanted to take a picture of it. He said that his rock was very special so he recommended us bringing cameras and we thanked him and went home to pick out our rocks.

Luckily for me, I had a massive museum-quality rock collection along with my father so I had tons of choices of rocks and minerals to choose from and the biggest constraint was finding a rock or mineral that could not be broken because that was the greatest risk when bringing stuff to school, especially if the rock was worth a lot which most of mine were. I eventually decided that I would bring in an absolutely beautiful piece of lapis lazuli as it was very beautiful and rare and also made for an interesting discussion because the formation process of that mineral is very interesting so it would fit in perfectly with our lesson. I was happy because I finally had chosen a specimen to bring into the show and tell so I could finally relax and sit back and basically do nothing for the rest of the day and wait for the show and tell tomorrow. I decided to sit back and relax because I really had nothing better to do and I really needed to rest as I had been stressed out lately. After dinner, I decided that I would go to bed early because I was really tired and I did not really have anything better to do so I figured I may as well go to sleep so I could wake up earlier so hopefully I would not be tired for the show and tell tomorrow as I was really looking forward to it and it would be a shame if I was tired. So, with that, I got ready for bed and fell asleep within 5 or 10 minutes because I was tired and my bed was really comfortable.

When I woke up, it was because my alarm had gone off and it was roughly 7 in the morning so I only had another 30 minutes or so until I had to go to school. I lazily got out of bed and got ready for school and was ready to go right on time. I even had another 10 minutes or so I could put my rock in a box to minimize the odds of it breaking because that rock was very important to me and rather valuable. After I had bundled my rock up so I thought that it was not going to break, I went to the bus stop and waited for it, even though I was still roughly 20 minutes early so I had a long time to wait. After some number of minutes, the bus did come and I eagerly climbed on it with my box in my hand and wearing my backpack. I took my seat and laid back and waited for the bus to get to school. Unfortunately, I was still tired so I fell asleep on the bus while it was going to school but luckily for me, I did not drop my box so everything was okay when I woke up and the bus was at school. I sat through the first 4 periods and was very excited to get to the fifth one so the show and tell could begin because I really wanted to see what the teacher had brought in and I also wanted to show off my rock and see what the other students had brought in.

After what felt like hours of waiting, I arrived at my fifth period class and waited for the teacher to come in as all the students filed in with their rocks and minerals in hand. At last, the teacher strolled in with a very small box in his hand and we were all kind of confused because we thought that he would have a larger box because he said that his rock was going to shock us all and that we should bring cameras to take pictures of it. In any case, we were even more interested to see what what inside his really small box but he wanted to go last in the show and tell line to preserve the mystery as long as possible. After about half of the students had presented their rocks, nothing really good had been presented and we were all growing kind of bored. However, when the teacher got closer to presenting, we got more excited because we really wanted to see what he had in store for us and we were happy to see the last student present. Finally, the teacher said to the class that it was his time to present and that he looked forward to showing us what he had in store for us. He told us that it was his time to present now and that we should all brace ourselves for the greatest thing we had ever seen because he was extremely proud of it. He also said that if we thought we wanted to take pictures of it, we should take out our cameras now because we were not going to want to miss a second of it once he took it out of its box. Furthermore, he said that we were not allowed to touch what was inside of the box because it was very valuable and if we were to break it, things would not end well. He also told us that he was going to allow us to guess what was inside of the box and he would permit 5 guesses from the class collectively and that we had better use them wisely because he was going to give every person in the class 5 extra credit points if the class guessed correctly. Since his class was extremely hard, those extra credit points would be very important in the future.

After five guessed, we did not guess it correctly and that made us all very sad because we really wanted those extra credit points. In any case, we were more excited than ever to see what was inside of the box. He finally agreed to open the top of it and show it to us. He opened it and we did not really know what we were looking at, it just looked like a gray rock to us, nothing special. We had already guessed everything we could think of, so we really did not know what it could possibly be. The teacher told us that he was going to give us a hint because we still could not tell what it was and he thought it would be better if we could figure it out by ourselves so he decided that the best thing to do would be to give us a hint. After several hints, one kid in my class had an idea. This kid knew a ton about space stuff and eventually he guess that it was some kind of meteorite and the teacher lit up and said that he was in fact correct. The teacher said that it was a meteorite from mars that crashed in russia on earth roughly 10 million years ago and that this was a fragment from it. That made us all really excited at the mere prospect of seeing a really old rock from space and we all wanted to touch it but the teacher would not let us because it was so rare and valuable and because he was afraid that someone in the class would break it and then that would be really bad because of its extreme value and uniqueness. Furthermore, he said that we were going to change our lesson to one about space in light of the specimen he had because it seemed fitting because the rock that he brought in was from space after all.

With that said, he removed the rock from its small box completely and showed it to us in great detail and we all said how impressed we were and how much we liked it. We said this partially because we actually did but partially because we just wanted to get on the teacher’s good side. He gave us a detailed explanation of where rocks like that came from and how they are formed and why they are so valuable and why they present such a valuable scientific resource to the world. We were all very impressed with his explanation and wanted to know more about it. The teacher said that he would be glad to tell us all about it but unfortunately, for us at that point the bell rang and that meant that class had ended and that the teacher could no longer tell us about his rock. However, that was okay with us because we could always wait until tomorrow to hear more about it and the teacher promised to find a person who was an expert on space rocks to tell us about so we really gained a good understanding. We thanked the the teacher and then walked out of his classroom and walked onto the next class, excited for tomorrow because we would have the opportunity of hearing more about his meteorite.

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