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It is my pleasure to visit our old hometown, Cagayan de Oro, and to join for the first time the United Supervisors Lending Company and the Del Monte Supervisors Association. I understand that these organizations include members who have had a long history of service with the company. I would like to salute them and acknowledge, once again, that their years of loyalty and dedication to duty played a great part in the growth and success which Del Monte enjoys today.

Success, however, is not a destination, but rather a continuing journey. While the company has performed well in the industry, it must gear up to face even fiercer competition in the market as well as difficulties brought on by the economic situation. We must press on and strive harder to achieve our objectives in spite of these obstacles. Similarly, your organizations would benefit from such an attitude toward success: we could never rest on our laurels; otherwise our decline would have already begun. The question now is how you will build on the present to bring even better results in the future.

As in the past, loyalty and hard work will be important. But given today's increased demands on our time, energy, and attention, success will also be greatly dependent on proper focus, delegation of responsibility, and efficient use of available resources. As leaders, therefore, you face the challenge of mastering these advantages and passing on the example to your people. Share with them your vision, your passion for achievement, your standards for excellence; but provide them as well with the right tools to indeed get the job done. Remember that the success of the organization - just like our company - depends not on one great man but on one good team.

Some 200 active and retired members of the Del Monte Supervisors Assoc. who attended its annual stockholders meeting unanimously reelected to office incumbent DMSA officers Bobby Dawal, pres.; Nixon Alay, vice-pres.; Sybil Alburo, corp. secretary; Linda Agawin, finance director; and Cloy Abejuela, finance manager.

DEARBC Leadership

Luis P. Lorenzo, DMPI Chair, commended leaders of the Del Monte Employees Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Cooperative for achieving its six point performance agenda during the past year as he assured members of Del Monte's support to DEARBC. Mr. Lorenzo was the guest speaker during the DEARBC general assembly held in Camp Phillips (Bukidnon), and attended by almost 500 delegates.

DEARBC collectively owns some 8,000 hectares of land used by Del Monte for its pineapple growing and manufacturing operations in Bukidnon. The coop, organized in 1988 upon implementation of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law, includes 9,085 members. Following CARL's mandate, Del Monte employees holding non-executive positions at the plantation in Bukidnon and cannery and corporate headquarters in Cagayan de Oro became the country's first corporate “tillers of the land” to become agrarian reform beneficiaries. Mr. Lorenzo cited DEARBC's major achievements:

• operating expense reduced by 30%

• inactive members given opportunity to sell membership shares

• new members accepted

• cable TV business expanded, nata de coco project turned around

• new and improved, benefits to members, incl. 3,000 pesos in dividends

• expansion into other agri-products (trees, coffee, peanuts)

• Land Use Conversion Certificate obtained for home lot project.

DEARBC's Board of Directors led by president Jose Diaz III and vice president Ponciano Dawal has been instrumental in achieving the year's targets.

Del Monte's top official also stressed to members that “it is not enough that we work and take care of our families.” “We need to get involved with the development of our communities”, he said. He also cited vast opportunities for companies and cooperatives to work together to produce or grow products for the export market. These joint business ventures will help in gainfully employing dependents and other members of our community. Lorenzo explained.

Mr. Lorenzo hopes that DEARBC members “do not lose your sense of teamwork, your positive values. Because understanding is the basis for a successful cooperative.”

Atty. Felix Borja, Sec.-Gen. of the Cooperative Union of the Phils. and Keynote Speaker, and Manolo Fortich Mayor Benjamin Albarece reiterated DEARBC's important role in community development. Both urged coop members to help the community grow through its business venture.

DEARBC General Assembly

DMPI Board Chair Luis P. Lorenzo, Jr. congratulates DEARBC officers for pro-member achievements during the year. DEARBC president Joe Diaz III, vice-pres. Bobby Dawal, and Board members Isidrito Jamin, Felix Baslot, Eleno Apare, Emmanuel Babion, Patrocinio Domo and committee chairs Ruth Talaroc, Manuel Dacalos, Honorato Gamboa, Jr., presented their respective reports during the assembly. Keynote Speaker Atty Felix Borja, Secretary-General of the Cooperative Union of the Phils., and Manolo Fortich mayor Benjamin Albarece both urged Coop members to think beyond their own needs and extend service to the community.

Born out of the national govenment's commitment to the “tiller of the land”, DEARBC became the country's pioneer corporate ARB coop. Over the last 12 years, it has risen above countless challenges Today, our coop stands stronger. And as a new century unfolds, it is keenly aware of its social responsibility and the need to preserve its integrity.

Chronology of Events

Dec. 1, 1988: Agrarian coop organized among DMPI employees pursuant to Section 8, RA 6657 (CARP) and Pres. Decree No. 175; Sponsors: Dept. of Agrarian Reform, Cooperative Development Authority, Dept. of Agriculture.

Dec. 6,1988: DEARBC registers as agrarian coop at DAR-Bukidnon (registration confirmed by CDA, 4/19/91)

Dec. 12, 1988: President Corazon Aquino hands over certification of Land Ownership Awards (CLOAs) to DEARBC president Reynor Casino at Camp Evangelista (CDO); rites witnessed by some 1,000 members.

Jan. 11, 1991: DEARBC board and committee officers sign first Grower's Contract with DMPI in the presence of DAR Sec. Benjamin Leong, other officials at DAR-Central Office.

Jan. 23, 1992: DEARBC board starts distribution of Stock Certificate to members.

1993: Declares 48.2 million pesos dividend (1990-1992), first to be received by members;

DEARBC home in Camp Phillips inaugurated; Guests: DA Sec. Roberto Sebastian, DAR Sec. Emesto Garilao, CDA Chair Edna Aberilla, Bukidnon Rep. Socorro Acosta, Bukidnon Gov. Carlos Fortich; DEARBC pioneer business venture - satellite cable TV network - installed and launched; info channel feeds news to members; First General Assembly held (MPSC Gym, CDO) 2,271 delegates attended (25% of 9085).

1994: DEARBCI launches trucking business (closes after 4 years, losing). Commercial tree farm started (53 hectares with 60,000 trees; 100 members as business partners; Coffee farming project ( 10 hectares ) started; 6th Gen. Assembly held; total delegates reduced to 5% (467).

1999: DEARBC accepts 175 new members; inactive members given option to sell membership shares; members extended insurance (Insular Life) benefits at P100,000; Land use conversion certificate issued for home lot project.

2000: 8th General Assembly held, Camp Phillips.

Members of the Del Monte Employees Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Cooperative (DEARBC) trooped to the polls, to vote for members of its Board of Directors and committee officers. Voting centers were set up in all Plantation camps and at the Bugo Cannery. The new officers as well as holdovers will lead the coop.

Newly-elected officers are:

Board of Directors, Hourly Employees Category: Merlyn A. Zambas (Bugo), Lorimer B. Jamero (Bugo), Juanito C. Quisquis (Plantation), Francisco D. Bicar (Plantation), Isidrito E. Jamin (Plantation)

Monthly-Salaried Employees Category: Karen G. Balbuena (Bugo)

Supervisory Employees Category: Apollo H. Alavanza (Bugo), Eva I. Garguefia (Bugo), Avelino J. Sario (Bugo), Bemadito K. Garcia (Plantation), Florencio L. Macapondag (Plantation), Felixarte M. Ducto

Election Committee: Elsa A. Janson (Bugo), Agustin B. Rizalino Padla (Bugo), Dominador C. Estrada (Plantation), Dionisio D. Untolan (Plantation), Ramiro E. Patual (Plantation)

Holdovers who joined new-elected officers during the induction rites held at the Bungalow recently were Board Members: Delfin Edralin, Wilfredo Aguilar (for Bugo hourlies), Patrocinio Domo, Pacifico Janoba, Emmanuel Babion, Barsiledez Aton and Daniel Ching (for Plantation hourlies) and Jose Diaz III (for Plantation supervisors). Inducting officer was Bunny Jaranilla, Plantation Operations group manager.

Congratulations to newly elected officers of Bugo's twin cooperatives: Consumers Coop: Agustin Padla, pres.; Willy Miller, Jr., vice-pres.; Cristobal Torayno, treas.; Loreto Amper, Sec.; and board embers: Nilo Abuga-a, Apollo Alavanza, Wilfredo Aguilar, Oscar Balandra and Mathew Rana, and Credit Coop officers: Francisco Molas, pres.; Eva Garguena, vice-pres.; Apollo Alavanza, treas.; Mathew Rana, sec.; and board members: Cesar Lumindas, Nilo Abuga-a, Loreto Amper, Agustin Padla and Marlon Cortazar. Inducting officer was Bugo HRM senior manager Jovi Galaura.

The election preceded the annual Gen. Assembly held in Cagayan de Oro. Rep. Tinnex Jaraula was its keynote speaker.

The Department of Health recently conferred on the Del Monte Clubhouse its “Healthy Eating Place” award during simple rites held in Cagayan de Oro. Maritess Coronia, Plantation Public Facilities manager, received the award on behalf of Del Monte Phils., Inc. and the Del Monte Golf Club, Inc., which manages the Club House.

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