Shaco jungle guide

This is a guide for a character in League of Legends.

Shaco the Demon Jester.

Shaco is played as a jungler mostly.



  • Insane damages late game.
  • Invisibility component revamped in S4.
  • Good cleaning speed.
  • god tier in counter jungling.


  • Weak against AOE and hard CC.
  • Squishy.

Summoner spells

  • Smite: Mandatory for a jungler.
  • Flash: As a jungler Flash provides many opportunities to escape easily. If you miss your engage with your Q but it's still the good timing to do so you can flash in + R.

You will have to run a bit closer still.


  • Backstab (passive): Shaco deals 20% bonus damage if he hits the enemies from behind with auto attacks or skills.

This is a great passive and it will be easy to apply, thenks to Deceive (Q). The downside is positioning. You will have to place yourself behind the enemy melee without a frontline to protect you. Focus on squishy such as AP/AD carry while teamfighting. You may be able to take a kill and get out if you kill then quickly.

  • Deceive (Q): Shaco leaps at target location and becomes invisible for 3.5 seconds. He is also buffing his next auto attack within 6 seconds that will critically strike as follows: (140/160/180/200/200% as Base critical damage).
    Range: 400 Cooldown: 11 seconds starting at the end of the stealth. Cost: (90/80/70/60/50 mana).

This one combine with your passive will allow you to deal a big initial strike (critical +20%). You can jump over obstacles with this skill. It's your skill to engage enemies. The buff on your next auto starts upon activation so you can have 2.5 seconds max to apply when you exited from stealth (3.5+2.5). Within this timing you can place a box then place your critical strike then hit with more auto attacks as the enemy is feared. It will require some practice because it relies on positioning and perfect timing. With the smart cast (put it on) you don't have to click at the wanted location you just have to point with your cursor. As you run in a certain direction you can cast it easily at the opposite to totally fool your enemy.

  • Jack In The Box (W): Shaco puts Jack in the box at targeted location that will activate near enemies and deals magic damages over time for 5 seconds as follows: (35/50/65/80/95 +20% AP per second). It also fears the enemy for duration as follows: (.5/.75/1/1.25/1.5 seconds). Upon casting the box becomes invisible after 2 seconds. When an enemy comes into its AOE it become visible again then hit him. The box lasts for 60 seconds if it's not activated.
    Range: 425. Cooldown: 16. Cost: (50/55/60/65/70 mana).

If you have no native CDR you need to place three boxes before the Blue/Red spawn at 1min55 you have to cast your third box before the 1min55 mark and your first box after the 1min mark (115-60+5). You will need no help when you stack 3 box on your first buff but you need a heavy protection from them to rpevent an early invade. The box will help you to forbid an escape route from an enemy as you place it behind him. There is a 2 seconds delay between the cast and the possible activation so you have to place it at a decent range from the enemy positions. It can also be used as a free ward with a 60 seconds life spawn. It can be placed in the enemy jungle to gain the sight and to slow. So the skill has many applications.

  • Two-Shiv Poison (E): Passive: Shaco slows the target for 2 seconds on its auto attacks as follows: (10/15/20/25/30% reduced movement speed). Non heroes will also miss some of their attacks against Shaco as follows: (20/22.5/25/27.5/30% miss) . Active Shaco throws his knife dealing magic damages to the target as follows: (50/90/130/170/210 +100% AP + 100% bonus AP). It slows the target for 3 seconds as follows: (10/15/20/25/30% slow). The same slow is applied on its passive. The passive is desactived upon casting.
    Range: 625. Cooldown: 8. Cost: (50/55/60/65/70 mana).

The passive is useful in the jungle through its evasion component. The active will be used as a finisher or a gap close if the cast isn't lethal. Casting it will reapply the slow for 3 seconds and you will be able to finish the opponent who’s trying to run away. On a gank you need to auto attack as much as you can once you are at melee range then finish with E.

  • Hallucinate (R) (Ultimate): Shaco invokes an identical image of himself that deals 75% of his damage or 50% against structures. The image lasts for 18 seconds and takes 150% of the damage. At the end of its duration or upon dying the image deals AOE magic damage arount itself as follows: (300/450/600 +100% AP).
    Cooldown: (100/90/80). Cost: 100 mana.

On activation as the animation shows shaco splitting himself it will cancel any targeted skill threw at him. Shaco becomes fearful with his increased 75% damage against many opponents. An enemy with many AOEs will handle him easier. The image is controlled by pressing ALT + click. There is a color difference before the real and fake Shaco to not fool you. Only the allied team can see it. The fake shaco will be spotted if it doesn't move basically. On a more advanced level you can deceive the enemy using this trick. You only move the fake shaco to lead them away from you.

Skill sequence

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Q x x x x x
W x x x x x
E x x x x x
R x x x

I put 1 point in W for the first blue/red then 1 point in Q for an early gank possibility then I maximize E for the farming in the jungle and the slow in the ganks.


  • On the defensive tree you take the jungle's masteries + Hardiness and Legendary guardian for later teamfights.
  • On the utility tree your are looking for Runic affinity. More movespeed from fleet of Foot is good as well.


The rune page is set as follows:

  • X9 Flat AD (marks): I set Shaco like I do for my AD carries. It can be tweaked with armor penetration and even hybrid penetration.
  • x9 Flat armor (seals): More sustain in the jungle from start.
  • X9 Magic resistance per level (glyphs): To suffer less from the teamfights.
  • X3 Flat AD (quintessences): More damage on the Auto attacks and E.


I start with a Hunter's Machete (300) + 5Hp pots (35*5). On the first trip back I complete the Madred's Razors (700) + boots (325). Then I buy a B.F Sword (1550) and an Avarice Blade (800). Then I complete Statikk Shiv (2500) and Infinity Edge (3800). If you have problems with sustains and/or ganks buy a Bilgewater Cutlass (1400) earlier. Then I complete the Blade of the Ruined King (3200). The core will be boots 2; berzerker's Greaves (900) or Boots of Mobility (1000). + Infinity Edge + Statikk Shiv + the Blade of the Ruined King. Shco will deal a big amount of initial damage with his Q and passive combined, a BORK will do it there. A standard after core is Guardian Angel (2750).

Jungle Route

You can start either with blue or red. If you plan to counter jungler take the symmetry from the mid to be able to steal the second buff from the enemy. If you don't do this you go on wraiths/wolves then the second buff at level 2 with smite on. Then you go for the second minor camp and you can do one more camp followed by your first trip back. You repeat the path without the major camps. When the major camp repops you can clean them easily by casting W twice in the bush.

General guidelines

Shaco being squishy the whole game he needs perfect timing to get in.
There is no animation to show you the timer (2.5) on your critical attack once you exited the stealth mode from Q.
The basic gank sequence will be Q+(W+AA from behind within 2.5 seconds)+more AA+E as a finisher or a gank closer to re-engage. Jester in the box can be used to block any mono target skill shot. Just cast one in front of you.
Shaco becomes un-targetable for .5 seconds while casting R. It's a hard thing to practice but you can avoid everything like fizz' playful.

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