Selecting Fish

With so many fish to choose from how do you know what is the best to pick? In this guide I am going to help you be able to select a healthy fish for your aquarium. If you have not already set up your aquarium for your fish please visit Quick Guide To Setting Up an Aquarium.

Healthy Fish

Getting the healthiest fish possible is really important, you do not want to introduce any disease into your tank, as it makes your new hobby a lot less fun. Whenever buying a live animal you take the risk of unseen problems such as disease. By purchasing the healthiest animal possible you greatly reduce the chance of disease and other problems.

New Arrivals

If you see fish in packing crates or in plastic bags DO NOT but them. These are new arrivals (Or just sold) and are suffering from shock. It is better to wait a week or two before buying these fish because they are more likely to carry disease since their immune system is lower from the shock. You can always ask the owner of the shop to hold the fish for you until they have had a proper time to adjust into their tanks.


Avoid fish in plastic bags.

Start Easy

If you are inexperienced with fish care don't buy a hard to care for fish. These include most marine species and some freshwater fish such as the freshwater eel.


Above, a freshwater eel.

Stick With What You Can Handle

Don't buy fish purely off the looks of them. Do some research on fish before purchasing if you are not 100% sure of the fish.

Good Starter Fish

All starter fish on this list are freshwater and not all are able to be put in the same tank with each other, if thinking of purchasing ask the employees of your local pet store and make sure you are able to provide for the fish.

  • Guppy
  • Suckerfish
  • Goldfish
  • Tiger Barb
  • Betta 1)
  • Swordtail, as seen in picture below
  • Platy
  • Molly


Good Physical Characteristics Of Fish

  1. Rich In Color
  2. No Sores
  3. Perfect Fins
  4. Clear Eyes
  5. Flat, Smooth Scales

Example of a unhealthy fish with cloudy eyes:


Before Purchasing

Write down all the names of fish before buying and research them, make sure you are able to care for them and all fish you have chosen are able to live together. Remember that your pet store employees are there to help you, ask them any questions you may have.


Keep Singly

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