Please don’t look at me,

 Please just pass me by as if im not here,

 I beg of you-

 Don’t look at me.

 Just keep my eyes focused on my shoes, 

  Focus on choking on my tears,

  Swallow them-

Don’t let them escape,

 Make sure they don’t see,

 Oh please don’t look at me.

 I am tired and I can’t sleep,

  This nonsense of guilt,

 Why the fuck am I feeling guilty!

 I didn’t do anything wrong and things are falling apart

  I don’t think I can fix this,

 Not this mess I have created for myself.

  I do not like this year,

 Seems a little dramatic for me and god how I hate drama,

 And yet it seems to always be here, mocking me, laughing at me, torturing me.

 Take my hands,

 Bound them,

 Go ahead and use me,

  I don’t like my body anyway.

 Go ahead leave me be

 I will be fine in my own pity,

  Let me wallow,

  I am so use to it already despite my strong objections.

 I am giving in, giving up.

  I can’t want to qui\t because a part of me is already gone.

  A part of me is no longer is alive, it died, my trust, my drive, what am I here for.

 It can’t be money-

 I hate it.

 It can’t be love-

 I can’t keep it,

  It can’t be teaching-

 I can’t get there.

 Just please don’t look at me

 , you might begin to see,

 Would you see through me?

  Would you say anything if you saw,

  If you could see the real me.

 Oh please someone save me,

 Look at me and save me.

 Please someone,

 Anyone bring your pity on me,

 Save me,

 I call out sanctuary,

 And just relieve me,  


 If I must be struck dead,

 Then so it be.

 Just let me find some peace in my mind.

 As so I lay awake at night and think to myself,

  Where should I be?

 Who should I be with?

 I want to drive away-leave.

 Drive until I can go no further

 Then turn around and drive in the opposite direction and start again.

  Just keep going, keep getting further and further away,

 Please don’t look at me,

  Then you might see what worthlessness is,

  It’s me.

 Just string me out and leave me to dry

 For I am worth nothing more than a used towel.

 Throw me away,

 Toss me to the side if you no longer need me,

  Use me until you are satisfied.

  I quit, im done,

 I don’t like this game anymore,

  I don’t like this life.


 I cry out sanctuary...

 ..Save me someone,

 Please look at me and see me,

 See this pain,

  This hidden falseness that is not false

 At all,

 That is more reality than I could have ever imagined.

 Please look at me,  


Please I beg of you see,

Please won’t you see me?

 Please won’t you save me?

 Please just see me.


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