SCP Object Classes

Each SCP is designated with a object class referencing to how dangerous their nature is.


The class “Safe” is assigned to subjects or objects that may be effectively and reliably contained. Safe designates all have containment procedures and areas. It also should be noted that potentially dangerous weapons with the right context or handling can be considered safe, like a gun for example.


An SCP object is classified as Euclid when its actions cannot be predicted, either because the item is hazardous/dangerous, it classes outside of any existing scientific knowledge or reasoning, or its nature is simply poorly understood at this time. Euclid-class objects do not offer as much threat as Keter-class objects do, but requires much more security and containment protocols along with a higher research priority.

Some Euclid-class objects can also be useful for handling other SCPs, humanity itself or certain tasks. Please note that some Euclid-class objects have been researched enough or understood to be considered a Safe-object


The designation Keter-class is assigned to subjects that are heavily vigorous, at least a significance hostility to human life, civilization, and/or the universe itself. Keter also are capable of causing significant destruction in the event of a containment breach. Such subjects must be thoroughly researched, contained with major containment protocols and requirements, and destroyed, if possible.


Anomalous: Objects that consist of any special properties outside of scientific knowledge, but does not require any safety or containment protocol are often classed as Anomalous. Anomalous objects can be found in the Log of Anomalous Objects
Neutralized: Any SCPs or Objects that have been either destroyed or loss its special properties are listed ass Neutralized. Neutralized SCPs can be found on the Log of Neutralized Objects

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