Scientific Graphs Notes

  • Graphs
    • The independent variable goes on the x-axis (horizontal axis)
    • The dependent variable goes on the y-axis (vertical axis)
  • Scale
    • Include all the informational points
    • Make the graph as large as possible
    • Space out the data points as much as possible
    • Origin
    • Decide if the graph starts at 0 or not
    • Label each axis
    • Include name of the variable and the unit used
    • All units must be metric
  • Best Fit Line
    • Plot points
    • Look for relationship (linear, inversely proportional)
    • Use straight edge to draw best fit line
    • Equal number of points above and below the best fit line
  • Slope
    • Calculate the slope of the line
    • Slope is rise over run
    • choose 2 points on the best fit line
    • Calculate the change in y over the change in x
    • Always report the slope in decimal form
    • For right now, only use three or four decimals. However, we will get more instructions on this later

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