Devtome and Devcoin Scavenger Hunt

The payout for this scavenger hunt is 1000 DVC.


Be the first person to correctly report back with the correct answers. I will confirm acceptable answers once the first person to have 100% success submits their entry. The winner will be announced after the community checks the official answers for accuracy.

The Game Begins

  1. On the Charity Github, which US rocket is shown being launched?
  2. What is the most current version of the Windows Devcoin-qt?
  3. Name a pool where DVC is merge mined.
  4. What is unthinkingbit's DVC earnings address?
  5. What was the difficulty of block 118485?


Edit this wiki page and enter your responses below along with your Devtome username and your DVC address. Be sure to save the page so I know who had the earliest revision for tracking purposes.

  1. Apollo 15 rocket
  2. Windows Client Devcoin_QT 0.8.5 from Sidhujag
  3. Bitparking Merge Mining Pool
  4. 17vec4jQGCzMEsTnivizHPaowE715tu2CB
  5. 466074503.558

Answers from cyke64 1DDuomRCBhxQ8myGikFvBAo9XxjLEfgWC

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