Saturn – the Brutal Teacher

Saturn in Mythology

In Roman mythology, Saturn was the god of harvest and agriculture. In Greek mythology, his name was Cronus, where he was also a protector of the sowers of the seeds, together with his wife Rhea. He had seven brothers, and together they ruled the universe. His mother was Gaia, the goddess of earth and his father was Uranus, the ruler of the skies. They had many children, which Uranus tried to hide, deep under the earth's surface, but after a while, Gaia felt too much pain and asked her children to help her stop the torture of their father over her. The only one who agreed was Cronus or Saturn, who cut off his father’s testicles and threw them into the sea. From his blood many ungodly creatures appeared, who disappeared over time, but the Erinyes are said to be walking on the earth until the world has no sinners left.

At the time, there were no human beings and the mankind was still not created. There were only gods and cosmic powers. Cronus was told that he will end up exactly like his father, and that one of his children will overthrow him. He didn’t want to see that day, so he swallowed his children as they were being born. His wife Rhea, couldn’t stand the pain of losing another child, so she sends Zeus to the island of Crete and gave Cronus a stone wrapped in Zeus clothes. Cronus swallowed the stone and Zeus lived. Eventually, Zeus grew up and came back, this time as a cup holder for his father. He asked his grandmother Gaia to make him a potion to give to his father. When his father drank the potion, he vomited and from the spew all of his previous swallowed children appeared, Demeter, Hades, Hestia, Hera and Poseidon. Uranus and his brothers started a war with Zeus and his brothers and sisters, after which the Olympians took supremacy over the universe. Cronus spent his last days caged in Tartarus, one of the first universal entities, together with Chaos, Eros and the Earth. This abyss was deep inside the Earth’s core. It would take you nine days to arrive there. It was surrounded by bronze walls and covered with three layers of night.

In Roman mythology, after this defeat Cronus went to Rome and inaugurated the Golden Age. This was the happiest time in the Roman kingdom, and later the republic. An extensive meal was held each year, called the feast of Saturnalia, during which slaves and masters were equals, no wars could be declared and executions were suspended. The festival was held at the beginning of the winter solstice and lasted for several days, later embraced as Christmas by Christians. After the festival, all debts, taxes and expenditures had to be resolved, demonstrating Saturn’s karma quality. Being conceived by the Earth and the Sky, Saturn adopted the wisdom of his parents. He is the first God who instituted the continuing process of cause and effect, kismet, karma or good and bad emanations. Uranus, Cronus and Zeus are the symbolic representation of the holy trinity in Christianity, where Zeus is Jesus, the savior of the heavens and the earth. After Cronus, Zeus ruled the earth by enforcing love, joy, abundance and progress. He is also known as the forefather of mankind.

The Atmosphere on Saturn

People have been mesmerized by Saturn’s beauty for decades if not centuries. Its atmosphere is made of 25 percent of helium and 75 percent of hydrogen, which makes this planet the lightest planet in our solar system. It appears yellowish and gloomy (just like its astrological qualities) because of the high levels of sulfur in its upper atmosphere. Other than sulfur there are oxygen and nitrogen, gasses that add up to its light texture. This planet is so light, that will probably float on water and loops up and down while he rotates around the sun. The famous ring that circles Saturn is probably what's left from a former moon that orbited this planet. Now the circles are made of ice and rocks. They are attracted by Saturn’s incredible gravitational pull, and to a certain extent by the intense winds in its upper atmosphere. Maybe the highest velocity winds are spotted on this planet, with over 1000 miles per hour. This planet has the strangest looking moons in the solar system. One of them has a shape like a garbage can, another has one dark and one light side. Two of them, astronomers call “shepherds”, because they seem to direct ice and stone particles into Saturn’s ring. There is more than one ring around Saturn. We first thought that there are six, but now we know that there are over 100.000 separate rings. Some of them circle Saturn very bizarrely, where two of them are known to circle each other, while circling the planet. There have been a total of 62 moons discovered on Saturn, one of which (Titan) is the largest on in our solar system. Alchemy links this planet with the metal lead, where the poisoning with this element is called Saturnism.

Saturn in Astrology

In the natal chart, Saturn stands for one’s father. With a very strong Saturn placement, usually in the fourth house, the native will have a domineering father or father figures. They will be forced to live up to their father standards, their expectations and rules. Many astrologers believe this is a ruthless planet and its effects – devastating. Having the story of Uranus, Cronus and Zeus in mind, you will realize that the effects of Saturn are not at all shattering and ruinous. Just as Zeus learnt to break the pattern of tyranny to make the universe a better place, your Saturn placement will fuel the same thing in your life. It is the teacher, but not the loving and caring kind. His lessons are tough, but they are there to set us straight on our way of becoming a better person, or the person we are designed to be. Wherever the placement of Saturn is in the natal chart, it points out to the dark nature of the human existence. It directs us to the area of our lives where we are more likely to blame others, where we feel fearful, weak and learn from our mistakes. It is the same area where we can feel our limitations, and as we grow up - we learn to overcome them. The feelings of shame, guilt, incompetence and dishonor often shackle us and with our Saturn configuration we can see which they are, how to deal with them and with our need for control. His transits are often unbearable, especially if the person’s direction in life is determined by unconscious drives and motivations.

Everybody learns the lesson from Saturn, now or later. The sooner you realize that this planet’s energy is there to reconstruct the way you think and act, the better. If you are well set on your way and your ambitions are healthy, you will see that this planet is very beneficial. It will give you the rewards you have deserved or change your life, so you can be on your way to earn them. With Saturn, nothing is granted easily and without efforts. It is the planet of karma, which means that you will only get what you deserve. Where his son Zeus (Jupiter) grants us with optimism and opportunities, Saturn is marked by pessimism, but tries to illumine the honest way towards them. While Jupiter (or Zeus) influence of the transit lasts for a couple of months, Saturn’s energy will stay for a couple of years. In that time, you will have learnt which endeavor of yours are right and which are wrong. The reason why so many people consider this to be a malicious planetary influence is because most of us like to get things for free, without considerations and without consequences. Saturn will teach you that this is not possible in real life, by revealing the true picture about you and your life situation. His goal is to crystallize your objectives, so you don’t get strayed away from your real path. His transits are usually 2 and a half years long, but he might stay a little longer in a house if you don’t calculate your horoscope with the equal house method. His effects are strongly felt while he’s entering the house, but he will cause some changes too while making aspects with natal planets. By the time he is ready to leave your house, you will become clearer about your path and overall direction in life. The sign position of Saturn is not very important since this is a very slow moving planet and many people born few years around yours will have Saturn in the same sign.

Saturn in the First House

When Saturn is placed in your first house, you need to be taken seriously. Your appearance is austere and you rarely let anyone take you for granted. You seem like a person with goals and strict objectives. Your goals are clear and you have a plan worked out for each one of them. Your objectives include financial security, personal happiness and fulfillment. You do not head through life without ambitions, but you rarely express yourself openly. Your business is yours only, and you don’t feel the need to brag or share your plans with anyone. Your feet stand firmly on the ground and you seem unshakable. You are rational, think everything ahead and think in long terms. You understand that nothing can be achieved overnight and you have great patience. Your progress will probably be slow, but you won’t miss your chances when they appear. You don’t mind waiting for your dreams to come true and you don’t force them, because you are deeply convinced that everything you deserve will come through hard work. Since the first house is the exact opposite of the seventh house, the house of marriage and partnerships, you might delay your love life until you build yourself as a person or at least reach the career goal you aimed for. This doesn’t necessarily have to be the case, especially because people with this placement grow up very young. Their childhood is often marked by somberness and discipline, where they either had to be very responsible children or they were naturally absorbing the world around them as adults. As adults, they will take everything very seriously and may forget to actually enjoy the path to their goals. Their mind is engaged in many topics, which the regular man doesn’t take seriously. These people are much more aware of the world and its design, than most of us.

Once Saturn crosses over your ascendant you will notice that you see yourself quite differently than before. You will gain a new, healthier perspective and might start exercising, quit smoking, become more focused or goal oriented. Once Saturn is found in this house you will start to see yourself as you really are and want to change the things that are not working for you, or making your self-image a little ambiguous. For most people, this will be a hard time and very personal. You might experience depression, low self-worth and regret. As Saturn moves forward, it will become clear that changes must come in order for you to feel better. Every misapprehension you had about you, your body or your approach to people and life will be exposed, and you will see the real person inside you. At the beginning of this transit, you might feel embarrasses or ashamed of yourself or the way you have been acting, but by the end of it, you will see that all you needed to do is change a couple of things.

Saturn in the Second House

Many astrologists link Saturn in the second house with material loss and the inability to attain possessions. They forget to mention that this placement also has a positive pattern. People with this placement may not expect God’s gifts to fall from heaven, but for that account, they have concentration, determination and persistence to achieve their objectives on their own, which is far more rewarding and conversant. Their income will not be acquired quickly, but all of their assets will be well deserved. People with this placement are not lavish spenders. They will only buy essentials, and maybe pay a little extra for antiques or pieces of great value. The same attitude they have in business matters. Their approach will be strong and pushy, and their communication authoritarian and concise. Their career path will unfold slowly, because their goal is not to gain status by cheating and deceiving. They reflect their material belongings and wealth on their personal value, so they will calculate their steps carefully. Careers that will suit them best are all professions where they can acquire great possessions and status over time, like jewelry business, banking, currency trading and etc. Saturn is a planet representing the most ambitious sign in the zodiac, Capricorn, so whichever career they choose, they will certainly be ruthless at it. Material security is the goal they value most, but they are also ready to work hard to realize it.

When Saturn transits your second house, get ready to become more determined. You will suddenly feel that you are worth too little and may even feel disheartened about your material situation. This transit is also very long, so the feeling of inadequacy will only last the first couple of months to a year. After that, you will come to terms with your reality and the fact that only hard work can get you where you want to be. If you are going straight in your path to your goals, this will be quite a pleasant time. You will be able to enjoy your current status, based on your previous efforts. If you did nothing to improve your situation and wasted your time to attain worthless goods, now you will feel the outcome of your previous endeavors. If on the other hand, you proved yourself to be worthy of your success, now will be the time to reap your goods. This transit is also relatively good, because regardless of how much you got, you will want more. That will give you the push for future advancement.

Saturn in the Third House

A lot of people are turned off by individuals with Saturn in the third house. These people are cold and reserved. They never talk unnecessarily and when they do, it’s usually something straight to the point. They don’t like to waste words and don’t like people who talk too much gibberish. They are great listeners and would make great psychiatrists. The third house rules over your day to day communications, the way you exchange expressions with the people who you meet daily, like close siblings, clerks and neighbors. Your communication with them will be careful, slow and calculated. With the rest of the world you may communicate even less, where you may be seen as a little arrogant and snobbish. The truth is: you may be quite versatile and educated, but instead of a talker, you are more of a thinker. Your voice may also be deep and reassuring, which may make you a great teacher or lecturer. Your mind will shine when you are asked for advice or a guidance of any kind, because you weighed estimations will rarely be wrong. You have the required mental stability to reach higher education, even if you are not schooled in the conventional manner. You will focus more on realistic, tangible goals and ideas, rather than dreams and ideals.

When Saturn transits your third house, you will become very serious. Your thoughts will no longer inhabit the regular topics. Your whole thinking pattern might need changing and Saturn will highlight these areas for around two years. Keep in mind that this planet may also bring a need for solitude and introspection, which might result in depression. You might even start thinking too much and cause headaches, migraines and mental confusion. As this planet moves forward, you will find the right stimulation to grow mentally and not let your mind worry over things that don’t matter. Worrying is the trademark for this transit, but after a while, you will learn which thoughts to let into your head to build a healthier self, and which ones to let go. Saturn’s ruthless wisdom will teach you how to get rid of the unnecessary thoughts to make room for the constructive ones. In this house, Saturn needs to make you think in a manner that will make you grow and excel, so whichever thought processes were holding you in the back lines will be erased, and you will be able to feel more comfortable in your own head. If you have a healthy mental picture, this transit will highlight your “must’s” to keep you on the right track.

Saturn in the Fourth House

Saturn in the fourth house indicated difficulties in the family life. Some astrologers suggest that this placement announce an absent parent, but if this is not the case, a more probable interpretation will be a domineering, restrictive parent. People with this Saturn configuration often learnt to be the detached or indifferent member in the family structure. Their parents might have not provided the gentleness and affection they needed as youngsters, so they tend to reflect that attitude in adulthood. The fourth house is a house for family situation, ideals and principles, whether in one’s childhood or the one they form as adults. Saturn placed here will give the native special emotional stiffness, and they might have difficulties forming emotional relationships. As parents, they will be the one teaching responsibility and rules, while the other partner should be the nurturing parent. People with this placement will be emotionally dependant, but inhibited by the family unit and inner relationships. They might feel alienated by their own self-consciousness about their role within the group and hold their feelings in reserve out of the fear and emotional ignorance. They get stuck in their past, on the things they did wrong and the thoughtless stuff they said, which may often make them feel lonely and unloved by their family members.

This Saturn transit may go unnoticed for a very long time. Since this is the house of your family matters, any problems you have with one of your parents or kids may surface. But only to be resolved. The reason why it might be overlooked is because you will be in your comfort zone - at home, dealing with the troubles you have had all of your life, so it won’t seem like a big deal. Only later, during the end or when Saturn crosses over to the fifth house, you will see that you have finally made the progress “from child to adult” regardless of your age. You will admit your mistakes that made you unworthy to your parents, or you may acknowledge your parent’s blunders in their parenting techniques. This will be the time when you should focus inwards, so that you can study and shape up your character and identity. You might also start identifying yourself with your roots and origin, country or ascendants. You may cause some tensions within the home, by wanting to be recognized and acknowledged, or you might expect these by another family member, usually the offspring. The main energy coming from Saturn during this two year period will be to focus on clearing out all limitations that have been holding back or hiding your true identity and purpose.

Saturn in the Fifth House

When Saturn is in the fifth house, the native might be seen as a very bad date or “sport”. They have no idea how to let loose and have fun because of Saturn’s serious nature. Every time they go out, they need to have a reason, otherwise they will start feeling guilty. In the house of fun, games and entertainment, Saturn is in need of a way out. People with this placement are too inflexible and formal for partying, and gambling and superficial romances are out of the question. Often times they are too stiff for dancing and sports, but the fine arts might be their domain of expertise. Even then, the art pieces they choose or create will be classified as awkward, dull, dark or too intense. Their romantic encounters have to have a similar planetary configuration, because a Saturn fifth will talk about deep emotional issues on the first date. This planet position may suggest that the person doesn’t have a plentiful social life, because they are too introverted. These people are often quiet and withdrawn, because their own company and thoughts are the only setting where they don’t have to control anything. Saturn is all about control, practicality and responsibility and the fifth house is all about having fun. This is also the house of the ego, so Saturn here might make the person a prideful egoist.

Once Saturn starts transiting your fifth house, you may lose your spunk or mojo. You might forget to enjoy the things that provided pleasure and become a little boring. Some astrologers even suggest that if you are in a relationship or start one during this period, that you will do everything you can to make it more serious. If you are not planning on starting one, which this transit may deliver, you will not let yourself fall in love easily. You will require security and persistency, so if you are not seeing these qualities in a potential partner, you will “play hard”. Otherwise, this transit will make you focus on the more deeper topics, while pleasure, fun and games will not endow your life with happiness. You will spend your time thinking about your ego, what it does to you and whether or not you need it further. While Saturn brings the energy for introspection and evaluation in the house of creativity, you may even discover some hidden talents. This transit may also be subtle, especially in younger individuals, where the native will receive Saturn’s influence as simply growing up.

Saturn in the Sixth House

If Saturn is in your sixth house, you probably know that the secret to success is hard work and determination. You surely don’t suffer from a lack of these qualities, but you might have had a couple of disappointments in your early career that made you think that your goals will never be achieved. The energy of Saturn here will make you a diligent and ambitious employee, the type of which other employees are frightened. You display a great amount of courage and willpower, and you will get every promotion you want if you just give it some time. You work slowly, but efficiently. Saturn here struggles with its primal ego torment, and you may try to prove yourself to be worthy a little too hard and too brutally. You are in no way a team player, unless you have the chance to lead or manage the group. If this person is your coworker, you can see him sitting quietly in one corner, watching the rest of you chatting at the water cooler or running private errands. When he notices that you are making absolutely no progress as a group, he might run around the office telling everyone what to do, even if they are just your subordinate. Keep in mind that Saturn was defeated by his own son for being cruel and misguiding, so the same thing might happen to you if you try to take on a role before you are ready and experienced. Positions that will make you happy include: critics, lawyers, judges, teachers and anything with authority. It is a great position for health matters, since this is also the house of one’s health. You will place great importance on your nutrition, dieting, exercising and living a healthy, balanced life.

It will not be the perfect period for you when Saturn steps foot in the sixth house. Especially if you are a little lazy naturally, once Saturn brigs his criticism with him, get ready to be evaluated. Not just by your employer and coworkers, but by yourself too. Your daily routines will not be sufficient anymore and you might become a little down or worried over matters, such as your day to day routines, functionality and habits. You may get the feeling that you have to go through many needles confrontations and little troubles, but at the end they will all point you to the fact that some of your routines were delusive and erroneous to begin with. By the end of this transit, or maybe even earlier, you will realize what the words diligence, bustling and studious really mean, and how to adopt them as your personal qualities. It may seem difficult at first to take on a new attitude, but as all other Saturn transits, this one too will teach you something. And that is how to change your everyday habits and patterns to make your tasks and chores run more smoothly and effortlessly.

Saturn in the Seventh House

When Saturn is in the seventh house, you will naturally be hesitant about forming a partnership. Not that you don’t like being in a relationship, you just might have a hard time finding a fitting partner. Saturn’s energy will make you dominant and strict, which may be repellent for both, you and your entourage. You like having a secure and stable relationship and until you are absolutely certain you will create it, you won’t start it. Your needs are generated even before you enter a relationship, so any uncertainty or insecurity will set you back immediately. You like being able to feel comfortable so you might choose a partner who’s older or at least more mature than you. Deep down, you are not actually controlling and domineering, but very insecure, so your coercive behavior is just a defense mechanism. You don’t like being hurt, that’s why you probably won’t experiment on the love field. You would rather wait for someone who you can nurture your vulnerable side, without having to risk getting hurt. This is also the house of your business partnership, where you will display the same intensity of preventative measures.

Whether you are single or in a relationship, this Saturn transit signifies a need for control. You will feel like you are not loved enough, respected enough and some sort of distant and lonely. If you are single, you will start feeling the need to be in a committed relationship. If you are already married or have a significant other, your problems surrounding flexibility and compromise will arise. You will unconsciously examine every part of your relationships, because you need to understand what they all mean and if they fit your demands. Casualness will not be your cup of tea for these few passing years and you will want to examine everything thoroughly. These needy desires come partly from that side of you that wants to become a unit with someone else, the other part is just weakness on your part. If your relationship is steady and well defined, you may still want a little attention and long talks about what your future brings, and whether you can handle it as a couple. Some astrologers suggest that when Saturn transits the seventh house, it is a time for a divorce or a separation, but the pressure coming from this tough planet is only to make you stronger by getting rid of all the things that make you a weak couple. How you handle the influence is in your hands, but it may point out to what is not working properly. This also applies to business relationships.

Saturn in the Eighth House

The Saturn placement in the eighth house will make extremely introvert, cautious and reserved. Outbursts of emotions will never be seen coming from this person, because they will keep all of their feelings buried deep. Nothing ever comes out and rarely something gets out. They have hidden powers, will and strength of the mind, and they will almost always give you the goose bumps. If you expect some secret to surface over time, don’t. If a Saturn eighth has a secret, they will carry it to their graves. Sexuality is also a very private and concealed subject, where these people are not only unwilling to talk about it, but may refuse to enjoy it altogether. This is the house that shows how you handle emotions, and other people’s properties and money. Saturn here will make you a great investor, tax collector and banker. Privately, you may not be willing to share your income with your spouse or partner. Not because you are stingy, but because you don’t trust people with your money. You are organized, methodical and careful with money, and for that reason you believe that you are the best sponsor for your own recourses. There could be another problem with this placement, and that is the fact that Saturn’s controlling nature might force you to want to have control over your partner’s money. Keeping in mind Saturn’s horrible death and remembering that this is also the house of death, you may think that a person with this configuration can expect a horrible casualty, but that is not the case. Actually, astrology links this placement with longevity and health.

While Saturn only passes through your eighth house, you will be able to feel your emotions deepen. If you are used to having casual sex and short term relationships, during this transit you will realize how empty they are. You may defy sex altogether and concentrate on the more transcendental levels of the self. You will no longer seek people full of beans. Instead, you will need to focus and connect with other people’s emotions. Any sexual inhibitions or dysfunctions you have will also surface during the transit. Remember that this is the house of emotions, so any irregularity in the sexual life of the native will be caused to cover up an emotional need. The emotional exchange may not be at its peak with your partner and other people likewise, and you might push them to open up. Or they might have to push you to express yourself. In any case, your emotional experiences will be somewhat limited. Finances and money will require your attention during this transit, but everything will be fixed if you can make a schedule and organize better.

Saturn in the Ninth House

In the house of higher knowledge, mental expansion, traveling, religion and philosophy, Saturn will limit you, but only while you are young. You will be certain in your ways, beliefs and convictions. You will reject anything that is foreign, unfamiliar and new, by sticking to what you already know and find comfortable. As a young individual, you will tend to believe what your parents taught you (or you may have been forced to accept as true), but as you grow older you will realize that there are many other opportunities and points of view. Your religious beliefs may still remain conventional, but your philosophy may grow and expand. What other people find difficult to understand, you find profoundly easy and interesting. Your mind digs deep and you have a natural ability to understand different and complex topics. Your secret is not your insightful intellect, but your persistence and endurance in learning. Wisdom comes with mid expansion, so you can make Saturn a happy planet if you keep learning and improving. Professions that may interest you will include religion, teaching, publishing, education or science.

It may be a sad period for you if you have Saturn transit in your ninth house. As this is the house of mind expansion, you may be blocked in your career because of improper degree or insufficient acquaintance on a business case. You could have success even with this transit, maybe even more rewarding than usual, but you will have to work double to earn it. This transit may also suggest an end of an era, where you have been led by one spiritual or religious belief, and now you find them to be unacceptable or inadequate for your lifestyle. All in all, every aspect of your current mental outlook will be questioned and examined. You will think of your visions and dreams and whether or not they fulfill you. Most astrologers say that during this transit you should not travel to distant places, or take long journeys, but the truth is: you won’t feel like traveling or taking vacations. The only time when you will be willing to make trips is when you have to do business, or when they are connected to your next spiritual journey. At the end of the transit you will have a new beacon of hope, new dreams and a battery full of optimism.

Saturn in the Tenth House

In the house of career and self image, Saturn will make you very successful. Maybe not famous, because Saturn doesn’t seek fame, but you will be generally respected. You won’t succeed in life early, and that is not your goal. You understand that self-esteem comes through hard work and solid efforts and that is what you will apply to your carrier. You do not daydream about your goals. You have a precise vision of your future and you follow your path deliberately. You do not anything slide, nothing is left to fate or luck with you. Regardless of the circumstances you were born under, this placement suggests that you will rise above your level and shine in your own light. This light will not be spectacular, although some famous government officials and leaders have this placement. Your light will spark up the sky with authority and importance in your own respected field. You care about your image and status and you will build them gradually. Your ambitions reach the highest level with this placement, so as long as you pick a career where you can lead and dictate, you will reach the highest staircase. This is not a good placement for a regular worker with a 9 to 5 job, because that will create misery and depression. You may choose an independent career where you can be your own boss. You will be seen as a person of power and you will certainly be very influential.

Once Saturn crosses over your mid heaven or your tenth house, you will be able to spot your limitations that are holding your career advancement in the shadows. It may not be pleasant, because not always the reasons why we don’t succeed are external. You may understand that sometimes the only thing stopping you is yourself, but the good news is that you will have around two years to resolve your issues. Everything you have built until now will come under a microscope and you will be able to see what you do wrong. This is not necessarily the case. If you have been pursuing your ambitions and have put together your goals and dreams, this will be a time for rewards and recognition. It may happen that this transit happens very early in one’s life, which will be the time when one decides their career. The meaning of this transit is to give you a purpose, and to illuminate the path to your goal. It may not be a pleasant transit at the beginning, when you realize everything you have to give up to succeed, but at the end you will gain a new perspective about your life direction.

Saturn in the Eleventh House

When Saturn is in the eleventh house, the house of friends, humanity and social circles, the person will not be very liked, popular or accepted. But no worries, this is not as bad position as it seems at first. People with this placement tend to shut down when they are around others, especially in the middle of larger groups. Their unpopularity comes exactly from the fear of not being accepted or understood and partly from their own solemnity. They usually have very few friends, but their friendships are solid and long-lasting. They know how to keep their promises and stay faithful to their friends, but they also require the same in return. Their sense of responsibility is highlighted here, where they will tend to look after their friends as members of the family. The social life is most likely created out of people with intellectual capacities similar to their own. They don’t like diverse friendships and will chose friends based on their common interests. Intellectual, influential, established and older people are their type of crowd, where they feel comfortable expressing their hopes, dreams, plans and projects. Even then, their true self might be hidden, because they want to keep their privacy protected. As this is the house of hopes and dreams, Saturn here might make the individual a little pessimistic and even a party pooper. The challenge is to accept the fact that everything is possible with a little faith, a good plan and a lot of work.

When the teacher comes into your house of friends, dreams and hopes, get ready to weed out everything and everyone who works against you. At first, you may even feel a little hopeless. Your ideals may turn out to be worthless and your dreams too far fetching. Your friends also may turn out to be fake, but as this transit goes forward you will realize that this is actually a good thing. Once Saturn finishes his circle around all houses and enters your ascendant again, you will have learned that much of what you thought was important – wasn’t. So start setting aside everything you don’t need and holds you down, because after this transit, Saturn will enter your twelfth house and you will have to deal with your limitations anyway. If you have removed your drawbacks in time, this will be a good time for you. You will meet people of authority, people who will be ready and excited to help you see your goals through and accomplish your goals. Your focus at this time might turn to science, politics and the legal system, where you may be able to influence some people and outmoded patterns of functionality.

Saturn in the Twelfth House

If you have Saturn in the twelfth house, you know how strange you can get every now and then. This is not a bad position of Saturn, but it certainly is uncanny. People with this placement have secreted drives. The things they feel they can’t express, not just because they don’t want to but because they can’t explain them and find their root. Because Saturn wants to be familiar and this is the house of the unconscious mind, they will be especially withdrawn, shy and remote. Saturn needs to control, limit, shape up and leave the essential, but in this house, you will need a lot of strength and a clear mind to understand your own drives. Then truth is, in this house all of your hidden enemies are gathered and with your scary Saturn predisposition, they may be too terrified to show their faces. So you might often be sabotaged behind your back and without even knowing. Your focus and ambition will be directed towards helping the less fortunate. You may be involved in volunteer work, help hospitals, prisons, people with disabilities and etc. You don’t like when others are helping you because that will leave you naked and vulnerable in front of them. You would rather deal with your issues in private. This may lead to long periods of depression and introspection, until your deep inner wisdom surfaces.

Introspection is the main theme when Saturn transits your twelfth house, and it will be systematical. Everything you have ever done in the past 20 to 29 years will come back, either in several sequential flash backs, or you will often go back to your wounds to lick them. This is the time to grow and mature. If you have managed to flee Saturn’s lessons in other houses, this one will certainly teach you what you’ve missed. Either that or you will be left with another emotional wound. We all carry our own demons and we have to face them one day. Otherwise, they will destabilize our emotional, spiritual and finally, physical state. Another aspect of this transit will come from outside. People, especially negative and destructive personalities will be fascinated by you, attracted to your own psychoanalytical inner battle. Do your best to recognize them and avoid them, because they will only drain you for their own gain. Make the best of this transit because you will have to wait another 30 years for it.


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