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The SAT is an assessment used by most colleges and universities as a requirement for entry. It measures a student's readiness for university. The SAT trademark is owned by a non-profit organization, CollegeBoard, and it is developed and published by CollegeBoard as well. Although owned by CollegeBoard, the test is administered by the Educational Testing Service, which formerly owned published the exam.


A fee to take the test is required, $50 USD in the United States, and $81 USD in other countries (international). Financial aid is available, though.


The SAT consists of three sections (as of the 2005 revision). They are Mathematics, Critical Reading, and Writing. The test itself takes three hours and forty-five minutes, but with breaks, it usually takes approximately four to four and a half hours. Each section has a maximum score of 800 and a minimum score of 200.


Possible scores for the entire test range from 600 (200 * 3) to 2400 (800 * 3).



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