The recently released game “Rust” for the PC is a game about surviving in a post apocalyptic environment. The game is an online only game; with huge lobbies that I have seen has well over two hundred players. The point of the game is to survive in the wild and scavenge supplies to craft sources for yourself to survive from, such as a wooden home or “base” for you to stay in either by yourself or with a group of players you can earn trust with. Although, it is pretty difficult (in my opinion) to gain random players trust online in that game, since everyone in the lobby is trying to survive and usually the higher players will attack newer players in the lobby to get their supplies, and create a stronger base. Most players try to hide their bases, but some players who are in it for the fun will put their bases in the open, basically saying, “Fight me”.


The objective of the game is to collect wood, animal skins, and other supplies to craft more useful supplies to make surviving easier. Usually when new players start playing the game, I see them sneaking around at night trying to find supplies to make their own base. The game gets pretty scary when it is nighttime, with zombies and wolves roaming around looking to attack a player.


The game will run pretty smoothly on your computer as long as your computer meets the recommended specifications to play the game. One thing that I do not really like so much about the gameplay is the fact that it can take pretty long to join a lobby. I understand that there are hundreds of different players in a lobby at some points, but I honestly do not think that it should take longer than a minute or two to join a lobby. Sometimes when trying to join a lobby, I click on the lobby that I want and the game will not do anything, as if it does not register that I am clicking. Eventually after spam clicking enough, you should be able to get into a game. The loading screen is not what takes long; it is the clicking that lengthens the time. Other than that small glitch (which should really be fixed soon hopefully), the game runs pretty well when you are actually playing in a lobby. The grass in the game looks a little funky, but it is nothing that will completely change the game.


The graphics in this game are pretty nice, when played on high. Some things that are far away from you when you play sometimes will be a little blurry, but that sort of makes the game more realistic. The characters or avatars in the game do look pretty real, but at the same time you can still tell that they are fake (which is alike pretty much every other video game). The nature in the game looks a little foggy, as in blurry or fuzzy.


The only AI that is in the game is the animals and the zombies, and you only come across them ever so often. When you do interact with them, they seem pretty realistic and well designed for the in game features. Sometimes the zombies in the game can be a little glitch when they are running at you, an example would be if a zombie is chasing you, it might glitch backwards or start to glitch towards you faster. This can be helpful at some points in the game, if you are getting chased and all the sudden the zombie will run away from you.


Obviously nobody can tell how real this game is, because there has never been an apocalypse to compare the game to, but I think this game has a lot of cool features. If you make a loud noise while chopping down wood or hunting, your noise will attract a zombie or even a group of zombies if they are close enough to your location. This can be very annoying at times, because if you are on your way to raid another players base, then you can be easily found if you are too noisy. There are ways to get around this noise factor, though. You can simply avoid any zombies if you are able to see them before getting too close, and this will lower your sound level because you no longer will have to make noise fighting them off and creating a location for other zombies to come to.


Most of the games out there get boring after some time playing them, face it. This game though, is a little bit different than the other. There is always something to do or improve on in this game, whether it is making your base better, or getting more allies. There is no cap on how much adding can be done to a base. You can always make it bigger, or add more things into the rooms you created. As for allies, it can be kind of tough. Some of the other players will help by giving you maybe some free items, or giving you supplies like wood platforms to help build your base. Not all of these people will be true to you though, some of them will try to help you out and then gain trust, enough trust to be able to go back and see base because they want to “help out with building”. Usually they will have items being carried in their inventory that they will use to raid you when they get to your base, and do not be too cocky about only having one enemy to fight, because there is always a chance that they will have a bunch of other friends willing to help them out and really raid you. So, do not trust everyone in the lobbies.


I think that you should get this game, just because this is a game that will last pretty long and still be enjoyable. There are some things that the company who made this game can work on, since the lobbies can take pretty long to fully join in. I am almost positive that they will fix it, though, seeing as it is a fairly new game that can be worked on to be made into an excellent game, in my opinion.

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