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Why to Choose a Luxury Cruise?


Cruises are very popular vacations, especially luxury cruises, but those who haven't been on a cruise often wonder why they are so special. After all, what does a cruise offer that you can't get with other vacations?

There are a few answers to that question, and we'll go over them each in this article.

1. Convenience - One of the main reasons that people like going on cruises is that everything is right there on board ship - your entertainment, your meals, everything that you would want to see or do can be done right there on the ship.

2. Luxury - When you go on a regular cruise, you feel yourself surrounded by luxury, but when you go on a luxury cruise, you are treated like royalty. That is really one thing that people who cruise enjoy - being treated like someone important and being pampered.

3. Food - The food on cruises is absolutely delicious. You can eat twenty four hours a day if you want to, and not only does the food taste good but they very often do displays of food. Ice sculptures, fruits and vegetables carved to look like animals and scenes. It's just really amazing.

4. Entertainment - One of the greatest thing on board a cruise is the entertainment. There are shows just about every night, and they vary from music to magicians. Cruise ships hire only the best entertainers, and the shows alone are worth the trip. When you are on one of the cruise ships watching a show, you forget that you are out on the open water.

When you take into consideration all of the reasons listed above, it's not hard to see why people enjoy cruising so much. You have everything you need right there on the ship, including a doctor and a hospital if you need them, and you get the best of the world in food and entertainment. There's always things to do, or you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. The way that you choose to spend your luxury cruise vacation is completely up to you.

Royal Caribbean Cruises to Europe

Experience the rich history and romance of Europe from the excitement of a cruise ship. And don’t worry about missing the full wonder of Europe, because Royal Caribbean Cruises to Europe include a land tour via luxury motor coach or train. The cruise is very inclusive: you will see England, Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and even St. Petersburg, Russia.

They say that travel broadens the mind, and this is definitely true when you explore Europe. Ponder the works of Michelangelo in Italy. Enjoy the beauty of Oslo’s Hadeland Glassworks where you can even take a turn at blowing your own glass, or dying your own candles. Take a walk through the Palace Square in St. Petersburg. You will see the world through brighter eyes.

Royal Caribbean Cruises to Europe includes Great Britain and Ireland. You won’t just see London; you will have the opportunity to explore the historic castles and estates. England and Ireland still have a vast wealth of castles still standing and each of them is a unique glimpse into the past.

Stops are also made throughout the Mediterranean and Scandinavia. After the wonder of Norway’s fjords, you will be able to see the canals of Venice, visit the Holy Vatican City, and witness the ruins of Greece.

Royal Caribbean Cruises promises you the perfect European vacation. A number of destinations to explore, amazing sites to see, and Royal Caribbean Cruises gives you access to it all. Don’t wait another minute, get your tickets today and book your dream vacation.

Royal Caribbean Cruises to Hawaii

Have you always wanted to see Hawaii? What better way to see it than Royal Caribbean Cruises to Hawaii? In addition to having the luxury of a cruise ship to return to at night, you will have the full benefit of the beautiful islands. You get the whole Hawaii experience. You will get to explore Maui’s waterfalls, Hawaii’s rain forests, and Oahu’s volcano’s. If that isn’t enough, take some time to snorkel with dolphins, watch acrobatic Hawaiian surfers, and even experience the shoreline on horseback. And a hike across Hawaii’s spectacular lava fields will add some adventure to the package.

Each of the islands has its own adventures to offer. Oahu is nicknamed “The Gathering Place” because although it is the third largest of the islands, it is the most populous. This is the island where you will find Diamond Head Crater in Waikiki. Maui is the second largest of the islands and hosts the largest dormant volcano in the world. Kauai, the oldest and fourth largest, is known as “The Garden Isle”. It´s one of the wettest spots on earth due to an average rainfall of 460 inches a year. It offers lush rainforest and snorkeling. Hawaii is the largest of the islands, and features Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

Royal Caribbean Cruises has an excellent website. You will find information on what to pack and details of the Cruising experience. Some memories in life we have the ability to create for ourselves: Royal Caribbean Cruises to Hawaii will help you do so.

Royal Caribbean Cruises to Mexico

If you enjoy warm climates and sunny beaches, but want something with just a little adventure, Royal Caribbean Cruises to Mexico might be perfect for you. Did you know there are rainforests in Mexico? You will also find an undersea garden in Catalina. Ensenada offers a glimpse into the art of wine making. There is more than you might imagine, and of course all the things you expect, including spicy food, snorkeling, and white-sand beaches.

Baja is an entire peninsula waiting to be discovered. In the summer fishing and diving are a favorite. January through March is the season for whale watching. February and March bring the Carnival. If shopping is something you enjoy the bargains you can find in the many shops and markets will delight you. And of course, sailing, surfing and swimming are standard leisure activities.

Further south is the Mexican Riviera. You can explore jungles, visit plantations, or search for whales. Most of this coast was made up of small fishing villages until the 1920’s when a new road system helped to bring in the tourist industry. Soon luxury hotels were built in Acapulco and Puerto Vallarta In the 1960’s Elizabeth Taylor bought a seaside villa in Puerto Vallarta after filming “Night of the Iguana” and brought international fame to the area.

Royal Caribbean Cruises offers you the opportunity to take the vacation of your dreams. Get away from it all and create lasting memories with Royal Caribbean Cruises. If you long for the dream vacation, Royal Caribbean Cruises can take you there.

Royal Caribbean Cruises to New England

If you enjoy some American history with your natural beauty, Royal Caribbean Cruises to England and Eastern Canada will be a perfect fit. This cruise is especially lovely in the fall when the leaves are in full color. Of course, any trip to New England will have a lobster bake or two, but how many chances will you have to sail the coast of Nova Scotia in a 63-foot schooner? If you’re a shopper, you will appreciate the stop in Freeport, home of LLBean®. But nature lovers will not be disappointed either as the bike through Acadia National Park and gaze at Quebec’s 272-foot Montmorency Falls.

Royal Caribbean Cruises to New England and Eastern Canada offer a variety of experiences from the hustle of Boston, MA to the laid back North Eastern Charm of Bar Harbor, ME. Boston is ripe with both historic and modern attractions. Founded in 1630 it is one of the oldest cities in the United States. Here you will find Boston National Historical Park and the Freedom Trail, as well as The John Hancock Tower and Cheers on Beacon Hill. Bar Harbor, ME is located on Mount Desert Island. It is home to such notable residents as the Vanderbuilt family, Julia Child, and Martha Stewart. It is here you will be treated to the spectacle of Acadia National Park.

Royal Caribbean Cruises makes your dream vacation more than just a dream: your fantasy can become a reality. Royal Caribbean Cruises offers the perfect destination for you — relax and enjoy!

Royal Caribbean Cruises to the Panama Canal

The history of Panama canal goes back to the earliest colonists of Central America. The narrow land bridge between North and South America created a perfect location to open up a waterway. Still, it was not until 1914 that the technology existed to make it a reality. Now Royal Caribbean Cruises to the Panama Canal make it possible for you to inspect the Canal firsthand as you visit, and as you sail through the Canal its self.

In addition to the canal experience, you can watch cliff divers in Acapulco, or take a raft trip in Costa Rica. But one of the most exciting features of this cruise is the opportunity to swim with stingrays in George Town’s Stingray City in the Cayman Islands.

Stingray City is 12 feet of water where stingrays began to congregate naturally because of the leftovers tossed in the water by a fisherman. Over time the stingrays in this particular area became quite tame, and people began deliberately feeding them and joining them in the water. Today you can swim with the rays and feed them by hand. Also in the Cayman Islands you will find Cheeseburger Reef where you can travel in a semi-submersible to view the amazing underwater display.

Royal Caribbean Cruises helps you make your trip to the Panama Canal a memorable one. See all of the spectacular sites that the Panama Canal offers, all while enjoying the luxury afforded to you on a Royal Caribbean Cruise.

Royal Caribbean Cruises to Alaska

If you like the idea of taking a cruise, but the tropical scene just isn’t your thing you should check out the Royal Caribbean Cruises to Alaska. These cruises offer the best of both worlds: the luxury and comfort of a cruise vacation and the adventure of the outdoors in a land tour. After the outrageous scenery and the sight of a cruise liner, you will never want to set foot in a theme park again.

Royal Caribbean Cruises to Alaska offer a choice to take the land tour before the cruise or after. The land tour offers just about everything you could imagine. A scenic train ride, hiking, helicopter trips over the ice fields, mountain-bike tours, and of course dog sled rides.

Juneau is the featured city on the Tour. Juneau is located on the southern panhandle of Alaska. Inter-coastal waterways, rainforests, mountains, and glaciers surround it. In 1880 the discovery of gold lead to the development of Juneau, and in 1900 it became the capital of Alaska. In addition to the beauty of the city a rich variety of wildlife including whales, bears, and salmon are natural attractions.

You won’t want to miss Hubbard Glacier. This glacier is very active and continues to grow at an amazing rate. Its size is almost incomprehensible as it stretches 76 miles to the sea, just north of Yakutat in Disenchantment Bay. It´s the largest tidewater glacier in America.

Royal Caribbean Cruises has an excellent website. You will find information on what to pack and details of the Cruising experience. Some memories in life we have no control over, but Royal Caribbean Cruises to Alaska will allow you to create a fantastic memory to treasure.

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