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Rika's story is a work of fiction by a member of the team behind Project Legacy; it was written in 2012.


By: Doak (Okay right here I wrote some stupid shit background info about Rika’s parents lives but then I realized that it was really fucking dumb, so I stopped and decided to keep it as short as possible because it probably didn’t matter. I have literally rewritten this part like 5 times.)


The draft below is a really bad bio. The real bio begins on page 2. Skip what is below. Seriously. It was a rough outline I had at first. But then I decided that it wasn’t good. However, feel free to speak up if you think there are any good ideas below. Just read it last or something. Rika Sullivan’s parents are rich and prestigious scientists, excelling mostly in the fields of immunology (English father) and nuclear chemistry (Japanese mother). Just before the war begins, they have a daughter, Rika. Her parents, being influenced heavily by the government to invest in the intergalactic space race, have decided to invest a great amount in her astronomical-centered education, hoping to seal the Sullivan name a spot in history as a great pioneers in “space sciences” (Yes, I realize this is as vague as space rounds). Basically, Rika’s entire childhood is spent with her being pressured by the government, with her rarely interacting with her parents. After her sad excuse for a childhood, she became quickly prestigious within an incredibly powerful corporation by which she was hired (as part of a contract between her parents and the government) for, which was based on finding new sources of renewable energy on other planets. Rika was well respected within this corporation, however, when Rika explains to (whoever is in charge) about readings of high levels of (some element, maybe not even a renewable resource) on a planet outside of the galaxy, her theories are dismissed as only plausible, and not worth the time and money to send a full research crew out to the planet to confirm this. As the war comes to a close, Rika’s father finds himself in a losing battle with lung cancer, leaving 99 Billion Bison Dollars to Rika. In a spur of the moment, Rika contacts a family friend, Nolan Everett, who has been talking of heading to said planet for (reasons unknown). Rika is so confident with her findings that she agrees to leave her current job to help fund the research mission to go check out the currently undiscovered planet. The corporation for which Rika worked for before joining Nolan and his crew catches wind of her plans, and with the fear that Rika may steal the spotlight from (Corporation 1) with intentions to pass on the discovered information to (Corporation 2), they send out a ship (or a fleet) after Nolan’s ship out of pure paranoia over the thought that Corporation 2 may begin another war when getting a hold of (resource). Coincidentally, this is the same ship (or fleet) that ends up killing Nolan later in the story. (Yes, I realize that the last part of this is not confirmed at all. These are all ideas.) (Okay I began writing some more and some of the above has changed, but I don’t really feel like deleting it just yet.)

~BIOGRAPHY OF RIKA SULLIVAN~: Rika’s childhood, shortened: From age 2 to age 16, Rika was heavily monitored by the British government as per request from her parents to educate her in astronomy. She lived, ate and breathed science for 14 years, having little contact with her parents, who were always busy dealing with the effects of the large scale war taking place on Earth during this time. Rika never really got the chance to experience a true childhood, due to the fact that she was exiled from mostly everybody but the adults around her, who were constantly pressuring her to perform at a greater level. Rika did, in fact, develop a natural (but also somewhat forced) love for interstellar phenomenon and is extremely educated on the subject, making her an invaluable resource to space programs everywhere. Parents History: After her mother moved to England just before she was born, her mother’s connection with nuclear science put her in good relations with the government of England. She was contacted immediately by the head of national security and appointed as an advocate for the British military in a world with the tension between countries becoming increasingly tight (Keep in mind this is right before the war starts). Her father, head of immunology in England, was contacted by the government regarding the suspicion that other countries may be trying to develop a weaponized virus that would be used the imminent war that was becoming more and more of a public issue. After being contacted, her father was appointed as head of advocacy for the Center of Disease Control and Protection (of course change this name to something to make it exclusively English). This brought the two together both as frontrunners for the defense of England in the upcoming war. They end up meeting, and fall in love with each other’s love of science and technology. They end up marrying and have a daughter. (still, JUST before the war begins). Being economically conscious and seeking to expand their repertoire of scientific prestige, they decide to have the next member of the Sullivan family grow up as an expert in the field of intergalactic sciences. Rika’s early educational years: Having private tutors take good care and constantly educate her at her family’s home in the English countryside Monday through Friday, on weekends she would sit through rigorous testing activities designed by the English government to help train her to be the best that she could be. This was made increasingly more stressful on Rika as she rarely saw her parents because of the war that had begun to take up their entire lives only a couple of years after her birth. She didn’t have any real friends, as she was always being kept away from others on fear that she may be targeted by other corporations for her knowledge. This may be what gives Rika such a reclusive attitude towards people her own age, but allows her to talk to adults with ease. It was during this time that her father soon discovered that he developed an incurable form of (ailment) (it’s funny because he’s an immunologist), but he still remained loyal to the British government, concerning himself with the problems of the entire country rather than just himself. This had little effect on Rika’s father, hardly slowing him down. In fact, it only brought him farther away from Rika because he didn’t like to speak to her about his problems and weaknesses. If anything, it had a larger impact on Rika’s mother who became emotionally unstable after learning of Rika’s father’s condition.

Being educated during a time of war was hard on Rika, especially since she was under close surveillance by the government almost all of the time. She was always in the shadow of her parents who when they did get the chance to see her, were always talking about the next strategy for England to advance in the world economy. Always knowing about the current events of the world, Rika developed a strongly opposed opinion towards the war and the government (she kept this to herself of course). Rika believed that the corporation conflicts seen were actually leading way to another war. However, not wanting to disappoint her parentsfor all the effort that they put into her education, even despite rarely being in contact with them, Rika put forth her best effort in her studies and eventually did develop a natural love for space. After education, towards the end of the war: At age 16, she graduated from (college) and was instantly brought onto the research team for (Corporation 1) as per request on behalf of her parents, who were deeply interested in the spacefaring technology that was being developed by (Corporation 1), seeking to eventually have Rika become a pioneer in this technology. At this time, Rika’s father is in a losing battle with his (ailment), and has given in to staying out of governmental issues in order to rest. Luckily for him, the war is drawing to a close at this time, so he doesn’t have to worry about devoting himself to his work. Basically, he just wants to sit back and enjoy what little time he has left. Meanwhile, Rika has become a well-respected scientist at (Corporation 1).

Aspirations: Since it’s really all she knows, Rika loves space. Not just because it has been forced on her for so much of her life, but she genuinely loves space. Whenever talking to people about her research, she may get carried away with herself and almost lose track of the fact that she’s even talking to somebody and maintain a conversation with herself about her own knowledge. At this time in Rika’s life, she is very interested specifically with the probability of sources of sustainable energy on other planets. Her enthusiasm towards her work is very respected by (Corporation 1), and plays a large part in their attitude towards her research. Although Rika is highly respected and held in high regard by (Corporation 1), her attitude towards the company itself isn’t a good one. Rika knows that (Corporation 1) is in good relations with the English government. In short, Rika doesn’t enjoy working for (Corporation 1) because she suspects that when one company advances ahead of the other, this will only lead way to greater internal conflicts and eventually another war. Rika hates war, blah blahblah. She’s more interested in working either on her own or in a small group where she doesn’t have to worry about the constant surveillance of the government. Another critical piece of information that should be known about Rika is that she is NOT in the science business for the money. She simply loves new discoveries like this, and is willing to give all of her time and effort into something that she is interested in (ie Nolan’s plan).

Work findings + Current state of things: Even after the war has ended, there is still a lot of internal tension and conflict between countries and corporations, in particular, (Corporation 1) and (Corporation 2).The general public is out of harm’s way, but is still seeing sporadic very-small-scale terrorist attacks. This tension is due to suspicions regarding the quickly advancing space programs of both of these Corporations. During the war, both Corporations were trying to outdo each other by reaching farther into space and experimenting with various types of space travel, living on other planets, renewable resources, etc. Even after the war, they keep their projects secretive from each other, both seeking to leave the other behind while they advance. While working for (Corporation 1) Rika receives a drone scout report from a planet outside of the galaxy that contains a high level of (resource).

Death of Rika’s father: Just before Rika gathers enough information about this resource to present it to her superiors, her father succumbs to his (ailment) and dies, leaving a massive amount of money to be inherited by Rika surprisingly over her now increasingly emotionally unstable mother. Rika’s father chose Rika to inherit his money because he has high hopes for her, and trusts that, even though they are not on great terms with each other, Rika has more potential than his wife, who he has drifted away from, and has somewhat separated himself from. This separation is due to the fact that, not only the war that consumed both of their lives for 15 years, but also due to the falling hopes of Rika’s mother for the recovery of Rika’s father. His death was kind of the final nail in the coffin for Rika’s mother, who decided to simply leave, somewhere, just after Rika’s father died, discovering that she was not the one who was to inherit his money. Rika is not completely bothered by her mother’s disappearance, due to the fact that they were never too close in the first place. However, Rika is feels guilty every so often for not bonding with her father more during the time that she had. At this point, Rika realizes that she has enough money to retire right then and there, and never work again. However, Rika does not want to do that. For all that she’s been through in her life; she wouldn’t like to take an easy way out. She wants to use the money that was left to her to make serious changes in a world that is still picking up the pieces from the war that had just ended. She believes that that’s what her dad would have wanted for her, and is the best way to put her skills to the test.

Father’s funeral + Meeting of Nolan: While attending her father’s funeral (which her mother did not attend), Rika is put in contact with Nolan Everett, a man who has promoted some of Nolan’s earlier spacefaring missions that benefitted both Nolan and Rika’s father. Just after the funeral, Nolan pays his respects to Rika, which leads to Rika and Nolan striking up a conversation, finding out that they have incredibly similar ideas and stances on different subjects. Rika learns about Nolan’s history as a connoisseur of scientific fields and his latest space faring missions and in what ways he knew her father. In addition, Rika finds solace in the fact that Nolan’s missions are relatively private, rather than part of massive corporation efforts to compete in a world market. Nolan is astounded by Rika’s knowledge, seeking to have her work for him in some way. Rika is amazed by how alike the two are, and sees Nolan as the father that she really never had. Rika ends up spilling more information to Nolan about her research than she is legally obliged by (Corporation 1) to reveal; some of this information being the strange readings that she has gathered from her drone reports over the past few months, coming from an unexplored planet. Nolan is intrigued by Rika’s findings and shows a lot of interest in her research, suggesting that maybe they could work together on the project with a small team of highly dedicated, skilled workers workingalongside them. In a spur of the moment decision, Rika agrees to work with Nolan, agreeing that she’ll help fund the mission with the massive inheritance that she just received from the death of her father. Conversing several months with Nolan about assembling a team worthy of conducting this mission, she continues to keep her findings secret from her superiors regarding her drone reports, because she feels like creating more rivalry between (Corporation 1) and (Corporation 2) could lead way to another large scale war.

Leaving Corp 1 + where the story picks up: After finalizing a team with Nolan, Rika announces to her superiors with no prior notice that she is leaving (Corporation 1), no questions asked. (Corporation 1), absolutely horrified by Rika’s sudden resignation, suspects that Rika may have been having ‘under the radar’ meetings with high ranking members of (Corporation 2), and has decided to leave in order to join (Corporation 2). Before Rika makes the decision to leave (Corporation 1), she does realize that (Corporation 1) would be suspicious for various reasons, but decides to leave, nonetheless. Hoping to leave on this mission as soon as possible, Rika and Nolan quickly prepare to head to the planet. At this time, (Corporation 1) has tracked Rika and Nolan down, on suspicion that Nolan is involved with (Corporation 2). They decide to hire a team of ships to covertly follow Nolan’s ship to wherever it is that they are going (this is the same team of ships that ends up killing Nolan) and spy on (or just fucking kill them) Nolan’s team to see what it was that they are after. (KEEP IN MIND: Corporation 1 isn’t evil. Neither is Corporation 2. They may do some weird stuff but they don’t have any crazy ideas for world domination, etc.) (This is where the actual VN begins, so I won’t advance past this just yet). VARIOUS OTHER FACTS: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Explanation of personality: It’s pretty clear that Rika did not receive the same type of treatment as other kids while she was growing up. This is because she had no say in it. Since her father was consistently called upon by the government to serve in the defense of England, she was never really close to him, but that’s not all his fault; he wished that he could have supported her personally more than he did, but was legally bound to the government. Truthfully, Rika’s mother was a real disconnect for Rika’s father as well, as she found it unnecessary for herself to interact with Rika.

Her education was spent on weekdays at home under close surveillance, especially during the war. Rika’s father spent top dollar on private tutoring for physical science and astronomy. Over this 14 year period, she had a single teacher, a well-educated woman who had a fantastic enthusiasm for teaching her. She was essentially Rika’s only “friend” for 14 years, to whom Rika told everything to. This is person is the one that gave Rika the personality that she has with such an amazing enthusiasm towards science but with such a strange attitude towards different people. Being with this woman for most of her childhood basically developed her easy ability to talk to adults, and others that are interested in science. Since she never really met many kids that were the same age as her, she has a difficult time talking to other people that are not as smart as her in the age range of <20-25. During weekends, Rika was subject to rigorous knowledge tests at the hands of the government. Of course, she rarely had trouble with them, it only exiled herself even more so from her love ones. These tests were designed to challenge her to the point where she was always striving to learn more, and dig deeper into science to solve problems. Needless to say, these tests were successful. Her father, feeling almost sorry for the fact that he never gave Rika a break from her education nearly pulled her out of this program, but was urged by Rika’s mother to keep her in.

Rika’s awkwardness especially around younger males is attributed to her problem with talking to others. Since her mentor was female, and the only other people she really interacted with were older scientists, she will always make clumsy mistakes around characters like Simon, sometimes failing in an attempt to impress with her knowledge. However, she still makes a great effort attempt to keep up her image around others, always stealing a look at her reflection when nobody is looking.

Rika is just naturally kind of bossy. Since she dedicates so much of her time to science, she hates it when people interrupt her for something… unless I it is related to science. In these situations, it doesn’t matter what the age or the sex is of the person she is speaking to, so long as she gets the point across that she is busy and doesn’t have time for anything else. In fact, sometimes, she will say she is busy when she really isn’t busy. She likes to make it seem like she is always the one that never tires of working. She hates to admit her weaknesses, but she has plenty. She absolutely loves when she is admired for her work, but doesn’t like to make a big deal about it. Rika’s bossiness leads to her fantastic ability to let her problems to be known by everyone. If she senses a problem with something, she will straight-out tell anyone about it. Other personal issues are not as easy to get out of her. She likes to keep to herself concerning her history and has never told anyone except Nolan about what she went through as a child and as a teenager. She talks only to Nolan about her feelings towards her parents. HOWEVER, since Simon is the son of Nolan, Rika feels somewhat secure and trustworthy while around Simon. While he is still a male that is her age, she still finds solace with members of the Everett family. She feels that since Simon is the son of such a great man, he is worthy of her respect. STILL, this does not stop her from feeling nervous while around him, perpetually being self-conscious of her actions. This type of behavior is what led to her being held in such high regard by (Corporation 1). Her professionalism with her work was seen as an invaluable resource. In addition, her ties to her well renowned mother and father are substantial factors that affected her hiring. Rika, ever skeptical of huge corporations has hidden her POWER LEVEL from her superiors and is always careful about what she reveals to them. Hence her skepticism over revealing her strange findings from a drone report.

Tl;dr: everything about Rika’s life and personality: Pros: • Comes from an ancestry of science. • High level of education. • Very professional. • Loves Nolan and has a great deal of respect for the Everett family. • Takes work very seriously. • Massive level of enthusiasm for science; granted, it’s all she knows. • Well respected research scientist held in high regard by (Corporation 1) back on Earth. • Very rich due the money left to her by her father after he died. • Feels the need to carry on with what her father would have wanted her to do in the scientific field. • Loves to be renowned for her work. Cons: • Sort of neglected as a child; Daughter to prolific parents who never had the time to attend to her needs as a person. • Under constant surveillance from the government. • Being closely monitored/followed by members of (Corporation 1) because she left without notice. • Strange relationship with her mother after her sudden abandonment of her entirely after the death of her father. • Bossy attitude that is sometimes uncalled for. • Always expresses her work problems. • Keeps personal problems and feelings bottled up. • Strange reclusive attitude towards men (less prominent around Simon), yet still makes a great effort to look nicely, causing her to make clumsy mistakes. • Self-Conscious

Appearance: I feel like this would be important to add to a biography. Rika is 5’ 7” and has light blue/gray eyes. She has black hair accented ever so slightly with grayish streaks (ask dudebro) and is styled in a way similar to that of Rukia from Bleach (Don’t worry, I think bleach is shitty too). Her father is English, and her mother is Japanese. Her facial features suggest a mix of both of these. She is always found sporting her white lab coat that falls halfway between her waist and knees. Underneath that, she wears a purple-red skirt that matches the tie that she has tucked away within her lab coat. Rika also wears oval glasses that lay high up on her nose. Rika wears simple black female dress shoes and gray socks that end just below the knee. Use dudebro’s perfect concept for reference:

Additional Notes (actually some kind of important stuff in here): • Rika’s favorite food is escargot. She thinks it’s really classy, and this makes her seem smarter. • Rika hates it when other people try and seem smarter than her. After all she went through to get this smart, she knows who’s really in charge. • Rika does not have any brothers or sisters. • When Rika is working, she is always thinking about what her dad would think if he could see her doing it. • Rika doesn’t have think that (Corporation 1) and (Corporation 2) are good nor evil, but she’s just skeptical about them because they are so easily controlled by the government. • Rika wants to have a daughter that she can raise in her image one day. • Rika isn’t all anti-war, hippie-tier. She just doesn’t want to be personally targeted by the government to do their bidding, so she would just like to avoid it.

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