PvP players have always had a different mentality than PvE, but as of lately it's gotten a bit out of hand in Rift. The verbal abuse that is happening constantly cuts back on the enjoyment of many players. But it can be fixed!

If you've been in a war front in the past, you've undoubtedly experienced the verbal abuse I'm talking about. The elitist attitude a few players exert drains the fun out of the game for many others. Despite being a minority that is causing the problems, the effect it has is on the majority. And while you may not feel the effects personally, others do.

When I'm talking about this, there is one situation in particular that causes problems: healers. In most warfronts, you will end up with one or two healers, but in some of them you may not have one. While I can completely see the frustration this causes (considering half of the classes can play pure healers and almost all can take the role of support), the simple fact is that anyone can choose to play a healer. There is no reason to keep abusing others because they won't heal in a war front. Considering each player pays their own subscription fee, every player should be able to make their own decisions on how they play. Some may not agree with those decisions, but as humans we will always have things we disagree with.

Something that would help out a lot in warfronts is to cut back on the verbal abuse and try to help one another (as an example, some players don't heal in warfronts because they don't know how to do so effectively). Rather than using hostility to try and get others to do as you please, be nicer about it. It's amazing how many times I've joined a war front as a Cleric or Mage and had people instantly jump on me for being in a DPS role. That's not the way to handle the situation. When people nicely ask me to change my role to a healing one, I always do. The opposite happens when the conversation starts with hostile comments because it ends up putting us all in a defensive state.

I'm not going to go as far as to claim that these actions are what are causing us to have less players taking part in warfronts, but I can definitely see it as a contributing factor. Time and time again I see chat take its toll on a player and cause them to drop the war front. I guess the point here is to simply “treat others as you want to be treated.” It's such a simple statement but it has a huge impact on the enjoyment of not only yourselves, but others as well. Each step towards strengthening the community as a whole is one more step towards player retention and enjoyment!


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