Unhallowed Boneforge is a dungeon designed for players level 54-58. Within, there are a total of four bosses, with a final encounter at the end. A map showing the locations of the various parts is as follows:


Boss 1 – Ahgnox the Corpsekeeper

The battle against Ahgnox takes place is a very small room and involves a lot of ground-based AoE's. He'll be throwing out a ranged one that hits a random player and poisons the ground where they were standing, but he will also fly around the room, dropping off a lot of AoE circles that need to be avoided. Furthermore, he does a lot of damage to the tank.

The trick to this fight is to have everyone that can go ranged do it, to help spread out across the room. If everyone other than the tank can go ranged, this battle becomes much easier, as each player can pick a corner. The boss will randomly pull the group in to him, adding a DoT on them that radiates to the other group members. Using the ranged method of battle, this is easy to counter as each person should be going to a different area, keeping the distance big enough that no damage is taken.

It's vital that everyone watches the ground constantly for AoE's, especially in the flying phase, as they do a great deal of damage and if you're not watching you can easily find yourself trapped between a few of them. Resurrecting each other on this battle is also sometimes hard, and must be timed for when there aren't many AoE's left on the field.


Boss 2 – Avoxcia

This battle is pretty simple in that it's mostly based on placement. The tank will want to pull Avoxcia to the door you entered her little room from, which gives plenty of time to react to her skills. Her skills consist of the following:

  • An active skill that wraps someone up in web and starts pulling them towards the fire in the room. At the time this happens, the player will get a temporary skill called “Test Your Might.” This needs to be spammed (pressed over and over as quickly as possible) until they are broken out. If they are pulled into the fire, death will consume them!
  • She will spawn minions. The tank can handle these pretty easily and everyone else can just AoE them down with the boss
    • The spider eggs around the room will explode, doing AoE damage, so stay away from them


Boss 3 – Bruzhail the Black Chariot

Bruzhail is a boss that comes in two stages, as follows:

In the first stage, he will be doing melee attacks (frontal cleaves), a skill called “Meathook” and a single-target dash. Meathook is used on two random players and does significant damage. This must either be healed through or cleansed (although cleanse seems to be a bit iffy here – sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't). The dash attack must be healed through. These two skills together make this a somewhat heal-intensive battle, but that's the only hard part!

In the second stage, he will cast “Spectral Stampede,” teleport to the exit of the room, go invulnerable and start spawning ground AoE's and stampeding mobs that you must avoid. After a few stampede runs, he'll return to stage 1 again, so you'll just be cycling between the two.

For the best placement during the stampedes, please reference the picture below. Ensure that you do not stand there prior to engaging the boss, however, as doing so can put you behind an invisible wall.


Boss 4 – Forgelord Helix

This battle is pretty much just a battle of movement. Forgelord will be using frontal cleaves, so everyone needs to be behind her. Along with this, she'll be spawning two types of ground AoE's: one is a green whirlpool and one is a bluish spark. Both of these need to be avoided at all times, and both will be moving around the room.

Being that this battle involves a lot of movement and avoiding cleaves, it's easiest to do with ranged builds. This allows everyone to spread out more, as well as get in more attacks while on the move.


Final Encounter - Necrotic Throne

This is a battle against the Necrotic Throne, which isn't really a boss fight so much as an encounter.

For this fight, you'll be in front of the Necrotic Throne, which has three parts: two arms and a core. The core is immune to taking direct damage, and instead is damaged by attacking the two arms. Beside the throne are two Necro Titans, which are inactive once the battle starts. If the battle goes on too long, one will unleash, and after a while longer the other will. You need to take down the throne before this happens, as these mobs hit ridiculously hard.

As you do damage to the throne, it will be throwing out a pulsing ground AoE. This will be chasing after a player, and if it hits them it does massive AoE damage. The trick to disabling this is for someone else (not the person it's locked on) to run into it. This makes it disappear. The only damage you need to worry about from the throne is its green ground AoE's that go in a straight line. These are easily avoided.

The only other aspect of this fight is that skeletons will spawn, run to a player, and explode. This just needs to be healed through.



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