Rift: Planes of Telara Tips and Tricks Volume 3


As a player in Rift: Planes of Telara, knowing the tips and tricks around being more efficient can go a long way towards making your game time much more enjoyable. You can maximize your time spent in the game and ensure you are gaining the best rewards you can in the process. Through this article, Tips and Tricks Volume 3, I will be documenting some new tips and tricks I learn as I go through the game. Think of this as being a work in progress; once it hits the point where I feel it is getting a bit long, I will then split it off and start on Volume 4! Each header will represent one tip or trick, making this easy to skip through.

Dropping Mentorship in Dungeons

One of the best ways to knock out the daily quests for rewards (like the equipment chest) is to queue for normal dungeons with mentorship enabled. This allows you to join many more dungeons, as you are queuing not only for your own dungeon but also for those of lower levels. If you get in to one of these, you are mentored down to an appropriate level for that dungeon. What you may not know, however, is that you can also drop your mentorship in these dungeons. To do so, simply drop the group, clear your mentorship and then have the group leader (it should be the tank, unless you were the tank) invite you back. The trick here is that if you are on separate shards, they will need to append your server name to the the end of the invite command. For example:

  • /invite name@shard

It is important to note that they must get you invited back in to the group (and you must accept it) within sixty seconds or you will be evicted. As a result, you want to ensure that your group leader knows what the plan is and that they are not away from the keyboard, otherwise you will be kicked from the dungeon and will get nothing out of it.

If you are worried about the daily quest, do not worry about this. Even though you dropped the group and took off the mentorship, the system still reads you as being in the original party. Because of this, you still get all the rewards you normally would for getting it completed. What you do not get, however, is any experience for the mobs (this will depend on your level in comparison to theirs). If you are just going for the daily, though, that is a pretty small price to pay for a much faster dungeon run!

Update. I want to bring to your attention that if the person that drops is in PvP mode, they will not be able to join the party again if there are others of the opposite faction within it. Always ensure that everyone's PvP mode is off before doing this, otherwise it is going to cause issues. And because the PvP mode takes five minutes to wear off and it only takes sixty seconds to be evicted from the dungeon once you have dropped, it will require finding a new replacement. This is not fun for anyone. So be sure to check ahead of time and wait it out if not, before doing anything related to dropping or kicking! You can always run the dungeon in the mean time while you wait for the PvP status to drop off, to speed up progression even more and give you something to do while you wait. Or just take a break.


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