In Rift Tips and Tricks: Volume 2, we take a look at some things relating to the questing system within Rift to help make things a bit more efficient. Hopefully this helps you learn things you did not already know about!

Active Quests on Tracker

Below the mini-map, you will see your active quests. By default, only 5 of these will show up, however in the game settings you can change this to show as few as 1 or as many as 10 (Note: the World Event Quest does count towards this number as well). To alter this, simply go into Settings → Interface → Display. Here, move the slider under “Quest Stickies” to how many you want to show up on your tracker.

Mini-Map Tracker

The mini-map is set to always track the closest quest to you (excluding those you've already completed and need to turn in). But sometimes you may want to track a different one – such as a group quest that is further away. To do this, look on the right side of the quest tracker (below the mini-map) and right-click on the check mark beside the quest. This will manually change which one is being tracked on the mini-map!

For those who are not aware of what the benefit of this is, it is great for when you are working on a quest (especially in a group with someone else) and you pick up more quests along the way. Presumably the other quests will be closer to your current location, so this allows you to move on and then come back to those later, while not getting confused with what you should be doing or where you should be going. If you check the box for a quest two times (or once, if it is already activated as the current quest you are working on), you will resume the normal “show the closest quest” mode again. So you can actually skip between these two modes as often as you wish!

Organize Quest Items

When hunting mobs, you will often come across items that start quests. These will be put into your backpack by default, however you can open your quest tracker (default key “L”) and drag them to the Quest Items area to store. Here you can still start the quests and you can still turn them in just like any other quest. Along with this, you can also put quest items into your bank. If you turn in a quest that has items in the bank, they will be automatically withdrawn. This grants a lot of extra space in case you have many active quests and just need more room.

If you are putting the quest starting items in your quest inventory, be sure to check it out from time to time. If your quest inventory gets full, things will start going to your normal backpack, which is probably not something you want to happen (after all, we all need space, right?). Instead, keep up with your quest log, make sure you know what all the items do or what quests they are for, and prune the ones you do not need regularly. This will help keep your inventory tidy and neat, make things more efficient, and also help make sure you do not skip any of your hidden quests before you take off to the next area.

Daily Limit / Total Quests

The daily limit is the number of quests you can complete each 24 hours (resets at 4AM server time). The “Total Quests” listing is how many non-daily/weekly quests you have. Anything that is repeatable does not count towards the “Total Quests.” As an example, if you have nothing but daily/weeklies, this will always show 0/25. This is important to understand because it is pretty easy to get your quest log filled up when you go to a new zone. Deleting your daily quests is not going to fix this problem; instead, work towards clearing out as many normal quests as you can (by getting them completed, rather than deleting, unless you just do not care about completion or achievements) and then return to the area you were at to pick up all the new ones.


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