In this first volume of Rift Tips and Tricks, we're going to look at things related to roles within the game. These things can make life much easier and help streamline some processes, so get ready!

  • Naming your roles – this is often skipped over by players, but you are able to add a name to your role. When you are in the Soul Tree (default key 'n') click on the role you wish to name. At the bottom of your screen, just below the icons, you will see text that says “Role 1,” “Role 2,” etc. Simply change this text and press enter to change the name! These changes will also be reflected in your Abilities listing
  • Macro role-change and weapon-change together – this can save a bit of time when it comes to changing from one role to another that requires different gear (for example, from tanking to healing). To do this is simple! Just follow these steps:

Step 1 – Equip all gear from the first role and type /saveequip 1

Step 2 – Create a macro that has the following:

  • loadequip 1
  • role (# of the role)

Note: the role will always require the number, even if you changed the name above. To see the proper number, look in your Soul Tree listing. Here, they are in number order (with the left being #1).

After this you can do the same for any other roles (change gear to what you want it saved as, save it, and create a new macro using the new load equip and role #. Now you can easily change gear and roles with one macro!

  • Automatically remove unknown skills from hot bars – removing skills manually can be an annoyance if you are swapping from one role to another or are experimenting. Luckily there is an option to have them removed automatically! Go into System → Settings (or press 'Esc' and Settings) → Interface → Action Bars → Clear buttons for removed abilities


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