Storm Breaker Protocol is the second new dungeon introduced with Rift: Storm Legion. This is designed for players level 52 and up, although higher levels (and better gear) make running this significantly easier.

The dungeon has a total of 4 bosses and an event, as shown on the map below (note that 4&5 occur at the same area – more details are given in their respective sections):


Boss 1 – Citybreaker Zidae

During this battle you are utilizing the mech suit obtained at the beginning of the map, so you should already be familiar with its skills somewhat. During this battle the following mechanics are observed:

  • Zidae gets stacks of a defense buff. These can only be removed by pulling it to one of the flashing barrels and attacking it to blow it up. Whoever is being attacked by the boss should be the one luring it to one of the barrels. Note that at this time only skills #3 and 4 will blow up the barrels
  • To heal up, pick up healing orbs after one of the barrels is exploded
  • The boss will be doing a lot of AoE's, so try to spread out and be careful where you're standing

During this fight attacks #3, 4 and 2 should be your priorities, and in that order.


Boss 2 – Vellion the Pestilent

This is the second (and final) boss in which you will be fighting in a mech suit. The following mechanics are observed here:

  • Vellion essentially has two phases: in phase 1, he had three limbs that must be destroyed, and in phase 2, you're able to attack his core. When on the limb phase, attacks #3, 4 and 1 should have priority (#1 is important as they take extra damage from the melee attacks) and in phase 2, you should be using #3, 4 and 2
  • He will be using frontal cleaves, but you can heal up pretty easily so it's not a big deal (see below)
  • To heal up, look for the plants that are spawned. These are called Ensnaring Blossoms and upon being killed they will drop a healing orb. They also do not attack

This battle ends up mostly just going back and forth between the two phases. It's pretty simple, it just takes a while. And the blossoms spawn often enough that you don't need to worry about breaking them open to get heals.


Boss 3 – Telaphalon

Telaphalon is a very heal-intensive fight that requires everyone to be attentive. There are only a couple things that are going on here, but the boss is powerful and any of the core mechanics can wipe a party if not being careful.

  • The boss will be throwing down fire AoE's. The tank needs to stay out of these, but other players also need to be careful not to walk into or stand in them as well
  • When the boss casts Magma Torrent, the healer needs to use an AoE cleanse. This is a hard-hitting DoT that does massive damage if not caught quickly
  • After the second Magma Torrent, the consoles on the opposite sides of his spawn will become active. One of the DPS needs to utilize this to go above the battle area, and then use the console up there. This will activate cannons that are used to destroy oncoming waves of mobs. It's important that every mob be killed, as any that are missed will buff the boss and make it extremely difficult to progress. The skills used for the turrets are a normal attack, an AoE slow and an AoE stun. It's usually best to alternate between the slow and normal attack, while throwing out stuns as there's time to do so
  • When the emote “(name) is wrapped in Chitin Weave!” is seen, everyone needs to go to that player to use a special temporary skill called Unravel. As soon as this finishes, Telaphalon's cast of Tectonic Rupture will become interruptable. At that point an interrupt should be thrown, as allowing the cast to fully complete will wipe the entire party


Event – Sandstorm Onslaught

By the time you get this far, you should already be familiar with the two types of personal mine layers: AoE mines and tanking ones.

Start off by looking at the map at the beginning of this guide, and you'll see the marker for where this event takes place. Mobs will be incoming from all four sides of this platform in groups, and they will need to be killed. The way your group will be handling this will depend on a lot of factors, but here's the general method:

  • All players grab regular AoE mines and place them at the same spot
  • Players move away from that spot, towards a corner of the platform
  • Tank pulls the groups of mobs on to the mines while players AoE them

It may take a few tries to get this down with your group, but the general idea is to let the mines do most of the work for you.

Boss 4 – Baron Slagstorm

Baron has only a couple mechanics to be on the watch for, making this a somewhat easy battle. These include:

  • He'll be using a skill called Chain Lightning that needs to be cleansed as soon as possible as it will radiate AoE damage from its target (just use AoE cleanse to get rid of it)
  • He'll spawn minions that need picked up by the tank
  • He'll be using a skill called Ion Shield. This will spawn a reflective damage shield that needs to be purged as soon as it appears, as it does massive damage
  • When he starts a channeled skill, the DPS need to go in the same direction of it, avoiding the lasers, to find a crystal. This crystal needs to be destroyed before he finishes his channel or the party will wipe

When the minions are up, everyone should be DPS'ing them, as they will compound over time and they do a lot of damage. If any are still up when he starts the crystal channel, however, the DPS need to split off to destroy the crystal as soon as possible, then return and continue pounding away on the minions.

Essentially this battle just involves rotating between the minions and the crystals, while ensuring to keep up the cleanses and purges.


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