Rift Realm of the Fae Dungeon Guide


Realm of the Fae is the first dungeon that is available to you, opening up at level fifteen. This has a couple of quests you can get from Sanctum (if you are on Guardian side) prior to entering:

  • The Crown of Twyl
  • The Realm of the Fae

Once you are inside (regardless of your faction) you can pick up the quest called The Land of Seasons, from Nuna Hawking inside the entrance of the dungeon.

Within the dungeon, you will start to gain experience with working in groups. You will be taking down both elite mobs (which are much harder than the ones you are used to soloing), as well as bosses. After a few runs, you should be much more adept at completing dungeons and you will be well on your way to being a more successful runner!

Through this guide we are going to look at each of the bosses found in Realm of the Fae, as well as how to take them down. Most of the trash mobs in this zone are not a problem at all, so we will not worry about those, and we will instead just focus on the bosses themselves. Now then, let us get started! First off, we will look at the map, as shown below (the altars are for the quest (???):


Boss One – Trickster Maelow


Trickster Maelow is the first boss you come across. This actually deals with the boss himself, as well as two minions. In the beginning of the battle, Trickster Maelow will be pretty much invincible. One of his minions will be boosting his defense and the other his attack. Because of this, taking down the minions is important before you work on killing the boss himself.

While you are attacking the minions, they may shield each other. If this happens, immediately stop attacking them! When their shield is up, they will reflect damage. If one has its shield up and the other one is still alive, attack the one with no shield. If there is only one minion up and his shield is up, then either attack the boss or just lay back for a few seconds to allow it to wear off. This is by far the most deadly part of the fight, in that if you keep attacking while they have the shields up, the group will be taking a lot of damage due to reflection. Do not let this happen to you!

Another thing that happens is Trickster Maelow will occasionally turn someone in to a rabbit. This disables them from attacking, but it only lasts a few second. If the healer wants to cleanse this, they can, but it is really not worth worrying about due to its short duration. Even if the healer is chosen for this transform, it should not make too much of a difference in the battle.

Boss Two – Luggodhan

The second boss you come across in Realm of the Fae is Luggodhan, a large turtle frog.

This battle is pretty easy in that there are only two things to be aware of:

  • Luggodhan will throw pools of poison on the ground. Stay out of these to avoid taking damage
  • He will also use a DoT on players. This can be cleansed, although the boss usually does not stay up long enough for this to have any real impact on successfully taking him down

To make this fight as easy as possible, the tank can lure Luggodhan around the water area while everyone else throws ranged attacks (or follows him with their melee attacks). This helps keep movement going which makes it much easier to stay out of the ground poison.

Boss Three – Battlemaster Atrophinius

The fight against Battlemaster Atrophinius is a lot like the first battle (against Trickster Maelow). In this battle, you are against the boss himself and two minions (or in this case, lackeys).

The difference comes with how the minions react. The two lackeys in this fight heal the boss (they are of a Bard type), so they need to be killed before you can take down the boss. Along with this, you will be fighting all three of these at once, and they are ranged.

Pick either the left or the right target first, and then have everyone focus their attacks on it while the tank holds threat on the other and the boss (since a minion should not take long to kill, the first one to be attacked should not be a concern to the tank – the other one should). Once the first minion is down, the tank should already have enough threat built up on the boss and the other minion to make this battle an easy win!

Boss Four – Fae Lord Twyl

The final boss of this dungeon, Fae Lord Twyl, comes in a few different stage (four to be exact, with one being for each season). Each of these is on a timer, so if you are not killing off each one fast enough the next will spawn and you will have to deal with even more at a time.

The first stage is fighting Avatar of Autumn, which is a lot like the lackeys you fought on the last boss, Battlemaster Atrophinius. This is much easier though, in that the mob is by himself. The only thing to worry about with this mob is that he will occasionally use Haze of Wine, which confuses a player and makes them walk around randomly. When he is casting this skill, you can interrupt it, though if you do not get it in time it will not cause much of a problem because it does not last very long.

The next one is the Avatar of Summer, which is an elite flame. When it gets to half health, it will split up in to two new elite flames. When each of these is brought to half health, they will also split up, but this time in to normal flame mobs. Despite fighting multiple targets here, using AoE is not a problem; none of them pose much of a threat.

The third stage is the Avatar of Spring. This is a large tree that spawns Nectar Seekers, and quite a few of them. These are normal mobs, though, so you can kill them pretty easily with AoE's while you take down the Avatar of Spring at the same time. If you do not have enough AoE's in your group, simply focus down the tree and then work on the minions as fast as you can.

The final stage is against Fae Lord Twyl itself. This is a pretty easy battle, as long as you have taken down all the other mobs already. At this point there are only two things you need to be aware of:

  • There is a light that moves around the ground slowly, called Fae Tempest. Do not allow yourself to be hit by this!
  • Fae Lord Twyl will occasionally root someone in place. If they get hit by the orb, just heal them up, but this does not happen too often


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