As of Rift Patch 1.7 we are getting a new Chronicle! This one is named “River of Souls: Chains of Death,” and as you would guess, takes place in the River of Souls.

The River of Souls: Chains of Death Chronicle is designed for two players, but just like the others it can be done solo as well. Within, there are a total of three bosses to fight: Ithluk the Corrupted, Tychus Ranthar and Gaurath. Gaurath is the only one that is found in the raid version of River of Souls. There is a fourth boss named Sinthis but he is a rare spawn, meaning that he is not always going to be available.

As you travel around the new Chronicle, you will face many mobs. A majority of these are normal, with a few being elites (such as Unbound Knights and Unbound Spirits). An interesting thing you will notice within is that mobs are separated into two groups: “Unbound” and others.

Making Allies

Unbound mobs can be turned (and made allied to you) by using a skill called “Discordant Amplifier” that you find near the entrance, at the NPC named Cyntar Gant. This can be used on mobs that are below 50% health and will turn them green, after which they will assist you in killing enemies. For efficiency, it is recommended that you convert an elite, rather than a normal mob. That's because they have more health and are much more powerful.

Some things to note about turning enemies are that:

  • You can only have one mob turned at a time (with two players, each of you can have one)
  • These do work with summoned mobs as well (such as Ranger pets)
  • You can buff and heal them just like anyone else

As for which mob you will want to turn, I've found that the most efficient is the Unbound Knight, which is elite, powerful and has over 28k health. As a healer you can heal him and let him do all of the work!

Note: you are able to switch roles without losing your new ally. For example, if you want to heal him up with a healing spec and then swap over to a DPS one for clearing the dungeon, feel free to do that all you wish. He will not disappear because of it.

Getting Rid of Allies

If you convert one of the Unbound mobs into an ally and you decide you want a different one, you can either get it killed (attack something with a weak skill and let it assist and pull threat) or you can take it back to the entrance where all of the NPC's are and it will disappear.

Over all, the River of Souls: Chains of Death was an interesting experience. It's quite short (it takes about 10 minutes to get through) but it's a change, and I really enjoyed how you can convert mobs to make them help out. For players that have problems with soloing them, this could definitely be a solution for future Chronicles.


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