Rift PvP Gear Upgrade Guide

When it comes to Rift's PvP system, often times people are confused about how you are supposed to get from the lowest set (Freelancer's) to the highest set (Myrmidon's). In the past, it was as simple as just purchasing the lowest set using Favor, and then trading it in (with some extra favor) to a NPC for the next piece up. Now, however, there is the upgrade system. This changes everything and, especially for newbies, can create some complications. Luckily for you, that's what we are going to cover here! So let's get started! Obtaining Freelancer's

Your first step is to obtain the Freelancer's set. This is easy enough to do by just following these steps:

1. Enter the Rift Store

2. Click the PvP drop-down tab and pick Armor

3. In the level area, enter a starting level of 60 (so it should say from 60-60)

This will now show two different sets: Freelancer's and Warlord's. For the purpose of this guide, we are working on earning the gear in-game instead of buying it with Credits. As such, it is Freelancer's we are interested in.


You do need to ensure that you buy all of the armor and the weapons. You should have every slot filled with PvP gear, other than the accessory, seal and synergy crystal slots.

Upgrading to Warlord's

When you alt+click on the Freelancer's gear (any of the pieces that can be upgraded), you will be brought to a screen like the one below:


As you might have guessed, this means you need the Warlord's Empowered Small Cell. To get this, you will need to go back in to the Rift store again. Here, you are going to go back to the PvP drop-down tab and then select the one for Upgrade Parts. This will show something like the following:


What you will notice here is that you need an item called Warlord's Marks. How do you get these? Easy. By doing the daily random warfronts. Once you have hit level 60, the random daily warfront quest will reward you with Warlord's Marks. Along with this, some of the normal PvP quests will also reward them. So just knock out these quests as you can, and you will be earning the marks, as well as the Favor and Prestige.


Earn enough marks and Favor for your gear pieces, and then purchase the upgrade parts and do the upgrades!

Note: you will need to be Prestige Rank 70 to utilize any of the Warlord's gear. You should be able to get most of the Warlord's Marks and Favor you need prior to reaching this rank, so if you do, just purchase the upgrade items and let them sit in your bank or inventory while you continue moving up the ranks so you can do the upgrades.

Upgrading to Myrmidon's

Upgrading to the Myrmidon's set is a lot like going from Freelancer's to Warlord's. The difference here is that you will need a different upgrade item, which is the Myrmidon's cells and which require a new currency, Myrmidon's Marks. These are, however, earned in the same exact way as the Warlord's Marks: by taking part in the different PvP quests. Unlike the Warlord's, which you can gain at pretty much any time, the Myrmidon's Marks do not become a reward until you get to Prestige Rank 70. This does not really pose an issue, though, being that you are just getting finished with the Warlord's set at that point and you are not able to use Myrmidon's until you get to Prestige Rank 80 regardless.

Going Legendary

When you are finished with upgrading to the Myrmidon's set, there is one more step left: going from Epic (purple) to Legendary (orange) gear. As of this writing, this is the last step, and it is a bit different from the previous ones due to how it works.

First of all, the same items are required (Myrmidon's Marks), so that part remains the same, as does how to obtain them. The change here comes from the fact that more than one of the cells are necessary for an upgrade, and there are new ones needed that are obtained in non-PvP methods, called Radiant Infinity Cell and Depleted Infinity Cell. The one that is needed depends on the upgrade path that is chosen, as can be seen in the image below:


They are found in the following places:

  • Radiant Infinity Cell: Crucia from Frozen Tempest Hard Mode, Regulos from Endless Eclipse Hard Mode
  • Depleted Infinity Cell: obtained from converting 550 Depleted Infinity Shards, obtained through PvP

The Radiant Infinity Cell has a drop chance of around 5% from the bosses listed above.

The Depleted Infinity Shards, which convert in to the Depleted Infinity Cell, come from doing the daily and weekly PvP quests at Prestige Rank 80 and above.

You have the choice of which path you wish to take for the upgrade, and you will need to obtain the appropriate cell for that path.

Source Rift: How to Upgrade PvP Gear


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