Onslaught is the new method of dealing with invasions in Ember Isle. This is much like a game of “towers,” where the goal is to defend an area against attackers. Read on for the full guide!

When you get to a town that needs defended in Ember Isle, you will know it because there will be different structures around the area. These include the following:

  • Turrets - these AoE the enemies with attacks
  • Lifesprings - these heal allies
  • Defense Arch - these give buffs

As you can see, each of these structures is important in its own way.

To upgrade one of these (from level 0 to 4, which is the highest) you will need to use a skill called Nexus Infusion. This is obtained by doing the quest Keepers of the Flame by Darius in Ember Watch(13027, 3443 on your map). With this skill, you will be able to upgrade or heal structures by using Planar Charges.

Along with the normal Onslaught experience, there are also daily quests available in every camp. Pick these up and then help defend against 20 invasions to complete it! Each of these quests will reward you with experience, gold, notoriety with The Keepers, and an Ember Isle Reward Bag that can contain gold, potions or Inscribed Sourcestones.To get more Planar Charges is extremely easy. You can get them the slow way (by doing rifts) or you can simply destroy Planar Anomalies, which are found just outside the camps. One of these will replenish multiple charges, so you can build them up quick and help keep a camp topped up.


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