Rift Old World Currencies Turned to Platinum


In the latest hotfix to Rift ( Rift 2.7 Hotfix #11), Trion has done something different when it comes to phasing out old currencies. This has led to a pretty great benefit that will hopefully continue to be given in the future: being rewarded when the old currencies are removed from the game.

If you haven't been around Rift that long, it is worth noting that in the past, when a currency was removed there was a warning prior and then just a straight removal. Anything you still had on your account was then worthless (or otherwise deleted), and so trying to save it gave no actual value. This has been pretty much the way Trion has been handling it up until this latest hotfix. As an example, check out Rift 1.10, where the world event currencies of Otherworldly Sourcestones, Ancient Golden Dragon Egg Shells and Rune King's Seals were all removed (which came from the prior patches Rift 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3). As soon as this new patch hit, it wiped out their value completely, so saving them was meaningless.

In Rift 2.7 Hotfix #11, the method of just removing the currencies was not taken. Instead, they were all converted to Platinum. The following currencies are no longer available in the game and were part of this change:

  • Infernal Marks of Ascension
  • Greater Marks of Ascension
  • Marks of Ascension
  • Plaques of Achievement

All of these currencies were converted to Platinum at the same rate: 1000 to 1 (meaning 1000 marks or plaques equals one Platinum). We could, of course, argue that the different currencies should be converted at different values (being that some are earned faster and more easily than others are), but at the end of the day this is a step in the right direction. It is showing that Trion is pushing more towards rewarding people for their farming time, and that is a great feeling.

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