With patch 1.5, a new warfront called Library of the Runemasters was released. Although some players are interested in mostly PvE content, this is definitely something everyone should check out!

While not completely new, the warfront Library of the Runemasters does bring to the table some new aspects to warfronts. Most notably, however, this one takes after The Black Garden, with the goal ultimately being to hold Vessels (or in the case of The Black Garden, the Fang). Here are some differences between the two:

  • In Library of the Runemasters there are as many as six Vessels that can be out on the field at once
  • There are a total of three “layers” to the new warfront, including plenty of room for LoS'ing enemies
  • There is no falling damage (not a huge deal but should be noted, as you can jump off the edge of the starting area and not take damage)
  • There is a buff that doesn't require picking up an item – just go through the portals!

For players who are primarily interested in PvE or leveling, this warfront has something great for you as well: easy experience. Because of the way Library of the Runemasters is set up, it is basically just a warzone with people dying left and right. Though the experience from individual kills isn't too great, the accolades really help push the bar. Furthermore, Library of the Runemasters is generally a pretty short game (can end in as little as 5 minutes), making it a short but fun way to pass up time while dealing with the grind. It is also an excellent source of Favor and Prestige on weekend bonuses, when this warfront is chosen. The quick matches mean that there are a lot of end bonuses, and they add up quickly!


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