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The Fall of Lantern Hook is a dungeon for players of level forty five. It is located in the zone of The Droughtlands, and is found in a well at the bottom of the center building. To enter, simply go to the well and swim down inside it. You will then be sucked in to The Fall of Lantern Hook.

It is important that when you enter, you swim up to the top of the water but do not move. There are aggressive mobs all around the center area, and it is way too easy to accidentally pull one. The less movement you are making, the better off you will be.

There are two quests you can get during this dungeon, both of which are for Defiant and Guardian players alike. The first of these is called Wash it Away and is obtained by the NPC named First Prisoner, located within one of the prison cells here in the beginning of the dungeon.

The second quest, called Against all Odds, is obtained from the NPC named Second Prisoner, also located in the prison cell here. Before you make your move out of this beginning area, you will want to ensure that both quests have been picked up.

When you have gotten your quests, you are ready to continue. The map for this dungeon is below:


It is worth noting that this dungeon looks pretty small due to how it is set up, but it is a lot like The Deepstrike Mines in that it is tiered. As you progress through the dungeon you will be going up the stairs and paths, so the map does not really do this dungeon justice.

Boss One – Rorf


The first boss you come across in The Fall of Lantern Hook is Rorf. He is actually a wandering boss, so when you get to where he is located you will want to be careful as there are a lot of other mobs in the area as well. Clear them out while you watch for him and make your best attempt to avoid him until the floor is clear. Then you are ready to engage him in combat.

Rorf comes with a pet, and that pet is random. There are three different ones he can have, although none of them are really that much of a threat (aside from using bleeds on the tank, but that can be cleansed). Instead, what you need to focus on is Rorf himself.

Rorf has a frontal cleave and will heal his pet if he is able to. The best way to keep this from occurring is for the tank to put the boss up against the middle pillar. From here, Rorf will not be able to leap back, and instead he will stay in place. While the tank keeps him busy there, everyone else should be focusing on his pet to kill it. Once it is down, kill Rorf.

It is worth noting that if the pet dies before Rorf does, he becomes enraged. This is really not that big of a problem, though, and can be healed through pretty easily. Also, if he is healing his pet and you are unable to cancel it, another way to handle this is to tank Rorf on the other side of the pillar while everyone else roots and fights the pet, so that he can not get the line of sight on it. This works pretty well and will keep him from being able to get off any heals.

As an alternative method, you can also just take him on straight up, attacking Rorf and canceling his pet heals as needed. This one can be a bit iffy, though, but either method should result in a pretty easy win as long as heals are kept up.

Boss Two – Pyromaster Cortilnald


The battle against Pyromaster Cortilnald will take a while, just that is because it comes in a few different stages. As soon as you finish off all the mobs in the room where he spawns, you will see him appear up above you on a ledge. At this point he will not be attack able, but he will start his first phase.

In phase one, he starts spawning Scaldflesh Ashes and Molten Dogs to attack you. These are not too hard to kill on their own, but he will also be summoning pillars of fire that you need to stay out of. If you see a red circle appear where you are standing, immediately move out of it! These do a lot of damage and you will die fast if you are not paying attention.

After a short while, Cortilnald will teleport down to where you are at. He will land and will become attack able, but at this point he will also be throwing his own attacks. The tank needs to keep strong threat against him during this entire fight, which can be a little hard with all of the fire pillars. Along with this, the minions need to be killed as soon as possible to keep them from adding up, although these are pretty quick to be dropped and so the tank usually will not need to worry about building threat on them. If this becomes a problem, though, the tank will need to pull them and your group will have to start working some AoE attacks in to clear them out.

To make matters worse, he will also randomly teleport around the room. When this happens, you need to go to him as soon as possible and continue your attacking. Because of this teleporting aspect, this fight is not very melee friendly, so if your group has ranged damage dealing roles, this is the time to use them. It will result in a lot less running, a lot more damage and a much faster kill.

As for his skills, there is only one you really need to worry about watching (other than the fire pillars). This is called Cinderburst and does have a cast timer that can be interrupted. If you see this being cast, interrupt it as often as possible because it can easily cause a group to wipe.

Boss Three – Emberlord Ereetu


The final boss in The Fall of Lantern Hook is Emberlord Ereetu, and he can be tough. This battle is more or less a DPS race, which is something you have not had to experience yet (other than the final boss of Deepstrike Mines, although that was not so much of a DPS race as it was a race to kill healing crystals). Because of this, with this battle you need to really be on your toes and be paying attention to what is going on.

Emberlord Ereetu has four different skills that he will be using:

  • Explosive Bolt – this will be used on a random player and causes AoE damage on impact. As you might guess, this means you do not want to stack on top of one another
  • Fire Claw – this is a frontal cleave that is used pretty much all the time. Because of this, any melee damage dealers need to be behind the boss
  • Dark Invocation – this is a fear that is used on a random player, making them walk around a little bit. This in itself is not a big problem, but when matched with his final skill, it can be!
  • Scorching Shard – this is the big killer, and the thing you need to watch out for. He will target a random player and throw a flaming shard at them. This will do damage on impact, but while it is alive it will also be radiating AoE damage around it


To keep from having the ground completely covered in these crystals, good placement is needed. Essentially everyone has to be watching for the crystals and should be trying to stand as close to another one as they can without being in the fire. This will help keep the crystals condensed, which will give a lot more time to kill the boss than if they are spread out a lot.

If you are having problems with your group taking down Emberlord before you run out of space, the only real alternative is to have one or two people focus down crystals as needed. There are actually two ways to go about this:

  • You can start killing them as soon as they pop up, ensuring that you kill the first, say five or so
  • You can wait until the ground is getting filled up and then kill them in a path for the tank to go

In either case, you would much rather be able to take down the boss before the crystals become an issue, so always try to do that before you go through the work of destroying them. If nothing else, leave the second plan as your last resort!

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