Rift Instant Adventure Popularity

Instant adventures are a part of Rift that allows people to jump in to groups with other players and tackle some tasks. The tasks differ depending on the zone and the level, as well as the rotation of quests, but they can include taking down a mini boss, working on zone events together, slaying mobs or even gathering items. These give a great way to learn your way around the Rift world, play with some other people and make friends, and gain some rewards while you do it! Through this article I am going to be looking at what makes these instant adventures so awesome and why, if you play Rift and have not taken part yet, you should definitely do so.


The community has been having its ups and downs when it comes to the instant adventures. We can all pretty much agree that if you have only a little bit of time in the game and you do not want to work on things yourself, instant adventures are an awesome way to pass up time and get some rewards (and experience) while you can play. Even if you have to jump out right in the middle of one of the quests, it is not a problem; they are persistent and will get easier or harder depending on how many people are currently in the groups. As such, you can jump in and out as often as you want without worrying that you are hindering others from being able to progress, nor being annoying by doing so.

For the most part, players in the instant adventures do not appear to like chatting very much. Sometimes you will find someone that has questions or just wants to chat, but usually people find the adventures to be more of a casual play setting and so they would rather just sit back and play, rather than sit at the keyboard to talk to others. From this perspective, it can be a bit hard to meet people. But sometimes you will find a person or two that are interested in becoming engaged in conversation, and it can be an awesome way to chat it up with fellow players!

It is worth noting that, for the most part, the lower level zones generally have more players in them than the higher level ones. Tack this on with the fact that you can also mentor down for the instant adventures, but can not mentor up, and it makes sense that these are going to be the most popular when it comes to counting the number of players taking part. The more mid level zones are usually pretty desolate, and high level ones are a bit hit and miss, depending on what is going on at the time in the world and within guilds. So any time you want to play with others, mentor down to the lower bracket and join the instant adventures there; while they are not always guaranteed to be full or very active, you have a much better chance there than in any of the others!

Difficulty for Completion

For the most part, instant adventures are pretty easy. Even if you are solo, you should be able to handle most of them without too many problems, although it would definitely take more time to do so. For example, with a single person you may need to kill five of a mob. With five people, maybe it is twelve. It does not really scale up too well when it comes to trying to match up exactly; while things do get a little more tough with more people (or the number of items and mobs goes up), generally speaking you are better off being with a group than you are alone. With that said, if you are cautious and do not mind spending a bit of time working your way through some of the quests, you can definitely do them on your own. This, tackled with the fact that people will more often than not pop in and help out from time to time gives you a way to get things done without really having to worry too much about finding other people to help out.

Where things do start to take a small change is when you get to the Storm Legion zones. While you can definitely still solo the mobs in these places and knock out a lot of stuff on your own, it is arguably more tough. The mobs themselves are tougher, which you should know from doing quests or just hunting down mobs on your own, and because of this the quests for instant adventures are also harder to get completed. You can still go about them on your own, but you have to be even more careful. Luckily, the rewards for these Storm Legion ones are a lot better than elsewhere, so while they are more difficult, they are also more rewarding.

In essence, the difference between the normal and Storm Legion instant adventures are that the normal ones are more relaxing and are easier, whereas the Storm Legion ones are harder and more rewarding. Depending on what you are going for when you play, one or the other may cater more to your current desires.

Leveling Up

While the instant adventures are mostly for passive playing while still being able to get some progression done, they have proven to be invaluable when it comes to leveling up. The experience gained is pretty good, rewarding not only on the kills but the quests as well. This completely excludes the planarite and other planar currencies that are earned while knocking out the adventures, too. All of these work together to make the instant adventures a very viable solution for not going out and questing, and they are also better than doing PvP for leveling up.

While this is true, they can also get a bit boring. Doing the same quests over and over gets annoying after a while, and at some point you just have to get a change of scenery. If you do some instant adventures for about an hour, you should have run through an entire adventure rotation at least twice, and sometimes even more than that if it happens to be in a zone where there are not that many quests. Because of this, it can get to the point where you are burned out on running them, and push you to stop doing them for a while or possibly even altogether. This is a big reason why I always suggest that, if you are going to do instant adventures, you limit yourself on them. Maybe do one or two rotations before you move on and do something else to take a break, whether that is PvP or questing. Of course, some more hardcore players have no problems doing the same thing consistently in order to move up faster; this all just depends on what type of player you are!


Rift's instant adventure system has been proving itself to be very popular when it comes to leveling up or passing some time while playing the same when people simply do not have much time to spend. The ability to jump in and out as often as people want makes it a very nice option, and along with this it can help level up faster and get some pretty decent rewards while you are at it. Past the novelty of it and using it for leveling purposes, though, it does get boring pretty quick and often leads to people choosing other methods of progression. It always seems like it is mostly just the newer players or those that are more hardcore that choose the instant adventure as their sole method of moving forward, despite it arguably being the best way to make it to the end game (and earn tons of planarite along the way). In any case, if you have not already given the system a chance, go for it; you will not be disappointed!


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