An issue many players face within Rift deals with finding a good guild. In the past, this required searching via chat and word-of-mouth, which meant recruiters had to be online to respond to your request. This is soon changing with the Rift 1.8 Guild Recruitment system.

This new Rift guild recruitment system is releasing with Rift 1.8, and allows players to easily recruit and find guilds that may be a good match. There are a number of different options that can be chosen on the guild's end, as well as from the searcher's end. This system is pretty basic as it is, but it covers all of the bases.

Guilds Seeking Players

From the perspective of the guild leader, there are choices of different guild categories, including Role-Playing, Hardcore, World Content, PVP, Casual, Dungeons, Leveling and Raiding. One or more (even all) of these can be selected, giving great flexibility to guild leaders when it comes to getting their guild listed. Along with this, there are also options for needed roles (which are separated by the roles themselves, not classes) including Tank, Heal, Damage and Support. Furthermore, there is also the ability to set requirements based on level and play time (Available Weekdays and Available Weekends).

For added information to perspective guild members, the leader can set a guild description that contains things like the guild's website/voice chat information or anything else that potential members may be interested in. And for those who don't want to list at all, that's a choice as well!

An image showing the guild's screen with all of the options is below. By default, the guild listing is disabled.

Players Seeking Guilds

From the perspective of a player looking for a guild, the options are pretty much the same as for the guild leader. The guild-searching window can be found by going to the Social icon in the toolbar, then choosing Guild Finder. From here you can choose a guild based on the roles you want to fulfill, your availability, and any categories you are interested in. This also has an option for guild size, but it's unclear what each classification represents (it has Small, Medium and Large but no information on numbers).

After choosing the options you want, you can then search for guilds. Up to 3 will show up per page, and you will be able to see all available information for them, including the number of active members they have (which, again, doesn't state how it calculates who is active). Once you find a guild you like you can click the Message button and it will open up a new window to send a message to the leaders of the specified guild. If any are on it will send them a message, and if there aren't any on it will let you know.


In conclusion, the new Rift 1.8 guild recruitment system is a very welcome addition to the game. An option it is definitely missing is to mail the guild leader(s) while they are not online, rather than having to keep pinging them via the guild searching window, but as it is this new system should be extremely helpful for both new and experienced players alike! With all of the options it enables, finding a great fit should be pretty easy.


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