Rift Guild Quests Review


Rift has guild quests that award the guild with experience to use towards different bonuses. Each level that the guild gets allows them to spend one point in an active skill and another in a passive one, effectively giving two skills per level.

The guild quests start out pretty easy and get harder as the guild levels up. They also include both PvE and PvP aspects of the game, and not everything is related to battle (for example, some of the quests revolve around getting materials or picking up artifacts). This gives a chance for everyone in a guild to take part in the events, regardless of their level.

Weekly Limits

To keep a guild from leveling up too fast, there are weekly limits on how many quests a guild can do. This appears to be around three to five quests, but it may also depend on how much experience is earned from each one. These weekly resets happen on Wednesday, and you know if you have hit the limit when you turn in a quest and can not find any more. When this happens, you just have to sit back, relax, and wait for the Wednesday reset to roll around, and then you will be able to start on the next batch.

This is a bad thing for new guilds that are way behind the others, although there is no real competition there. The higher end guilds are already maxed out, or at least near it, but when it comes to actually meaning things in the world of Rift, it has no effect. A small, new guild could be just as good as an old, maxed out guild. Though there is the fact that the players themselves often try to attribute how good a guild is by their level, so there is that stigma attached.

Regardless, the point behind having the limits to begin with was to slow down guild progression and to remove the feeling that you have to keep grinding the guild quests. By not allowing you to keep continuing, there is no real reason to rush through the quests as fast as possible, which turns the guild progression system in to more of a fun, enjoyable one where you can just let things fall as they may while you are out and about doing whatever it is you want to do in the game.


The guild bonuses you can earn with each guild level are referred to as “perks.” There are some awesome ones for both PvE and PvP players alike, and there are also some that support the guild itself. For example, there is a perk that makes it to where every guild member earns more gold on their kills, but the extra gold goes in to the guild vault. So rather than being forced to keep taking donations for guild related things, you can just have free money tossed in to the vault on a daily basis. How cool is that?!

All perks can be unlocked at any time, so this helps out a lot by allowing you to look at the list and choose what you want, without the need of having to earn other levels first to unlock predecessors. As soon as your guild gets started and you boost it up, you are able to start allocating your perk points!

You are also able to reset guild perks, although it is pretty expensive to do so and there is really no reason to since you can get all of the parks over time anyways. The best way to plan what to take, though, is to talk to the guild first and see what people want. I prefer, for example, the Soul Walk and Soul Recall bonuses, but others like things such as the extra planarite, extra gold, or other bonuses. Do a sort of poll with your guild and see what people agree to go for and then you will be set.


All of the quests are really the same going up through the levels, but they change in their difficulty by requiring more of you. As an example, a low level artifact quest may require that your guild find twenty five of them, and a higher level one may require a thousand. While you are still doing the same thing, the higher level ones will take much longer to get completed. This is kind of the guild leveling system's down fall, to a point, as it really does punish the smaller guilds and help larger guilds flourish through the questing process. As a result, zerg guilds are always the higher level ones, despite not necessarily being that good. It is never a good idea for a game's mechanic to take quantity over quality, so I do not see why this choice was made.


Rift's guild leveling system gives a way for guilds to work together to achieve common goals. There are different quests available that cater to different people, so everyone will be able to find something they like to help out with. Just keep in mind that there is really no rush to finishing the quests, as you can not do more than a few a week due to a cool down timer that resets on Wednesday. For this reason, it is best to just take it slow and work on the quests while you are knocking out your other daily business!


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