Rift: Gearing Up for PvP


With the introduction of Storm Legion, the method of obtaining PvP gear has changed. Through the cash shop and other methods, it has become slightly easier to understand, making the system much more efficient. No longer are players requires to keep “trading in” their gear, and instead they can simply upgrade the pieces as the required funds are earned. Through this guide I want to look at how you go about obtaining the latest and greatest PvP gear, how to upgrade it and what is required for it. We will also be looking at the fastest way of gaining ranks (through prestige) and favor in order to help you speed up both the leveling and gearing process!

The Focus

The focus of this guide is going to be on level sixty gear. While there are many sets prior to this, I like to focus my attention on what you want for the end game content. After all, there is no reason to farm for gear that you are not going to be using for very long anyways, so instead we will work on the best stuff. We will, however, begin farming the level sixty gear at fifty; this will help ensure that at least some pieces have been earned prior to hitting the level cap, although you will not be able to utilize them yet.

Opening the Doors at Fifty

Once you get to level fifty, you start being able to earn prestige, which is used for leveling up in PvP ranks. You can earn favor prior to this (at any level you can PvP at), but prestige is the more important thing since your rank will determine what gear you are able to equip later on. Even if you have millions of favor, that does no good if you are not able to buy the latest gear because your rank is still too low.

Plan to Success

If you want to rank up as fast as possible with the least amount of effort necessary, do it on the bonus weekends. During these periods you can earn a significant amount of prestige and favor off every match. Generally, every hour you spend in a bonus warfront will account for two or three hours in a normal one, so the time savings is great. Some people choose to use only the bonus warfronts to rank up, and others just help subsidize. In any case, when the bonuses are active the only warfronts you should be joining are the ones that give the boosted rewards.

Daily PvP quests are also a great bonus. You will earn one of these a day, and they reward you not only with bonus rewards but also with chests that give some nice items. Save these chests for level sixty! Along with this, you should only use your daily PvP quests (“Random” queuing) when there are no bonuses active.

The last thing you need to know is that when there are no bonuses and you have no daily PvP quests left, the best warfronts to run are Library of the Runemasters and The Black Garden. These two are pretty much full of kills, and both of them end fairly quick in most cases. Because of this you are earning much faster than if you join the other warfronts; the win and lose bonuses alone are pretty great, so the more kills you get in between just enhance that benefit.

Matches like The Codex and Whitefall Steppes, while they do involve a lot of kills, usually take a while to get finished. Because of this, you will want to steer away from them unless you are working on them for alternate reasons, like reputation or achievements. For pure prestige and loyalty stick to The Black Garden and Library of the Runemasters. When one of these two is on the bonus weekend list, that makes it even better! Library of the Runemasters on the bonus list is by far the fastest way of earning both prestige and favor, and it also grants pretty fast experience for leveling up. This happens only every once in a while, though, as the bonus warfront is chosen at random.

Really this is all going to boil down to how fast you want to rank up and what you are wanting to prioritize more. With alt characters I will usually go with the “bonus weekend only” strategy since that allows me to utilize my main during all other periods, and it still allows pretty fast progression on the alt. Of course this still requires a decent contribution of time, but it is spread out over time which keeps it from being as noticeable. To me this is a strong benefit and allows me to continue going on week after week without experiencing the burn out I would otherwise deal with.

Buying Your PvP Gear

Never purchase any of the PvP gear that is not for level sixties. It does not matter what level you are; you will want to save as much favor up as you can, as the gear is pretty expensive and if you are not careful this will end up becoming your bottleneck. It is important to note that you are able to purchase the level sixty gear even before you are high enough to use it. Get a bag for your bank that holds fourteen slots and you can utilize that solely for your PvP items. These can usually be grabbed for around one and a half platinum, which should be no problem once you are high enough for this stuff to matter anyways.

The best plan I have found is to purchase one tier of gear at a time. Start out at the lowest tier, and follow the items in the same order in which the equipment sheet shows them so you do not get confused. For example, helmet comes first, and then shoulders. While the actual order in which you buy the gear does not really matter, I like to keep things organized. Nothing is worse than accidentally wasting some of your favor by buying a piece you already had!

The bad part about buying PvP gear is that you end up hitting a brick wall where you can no longer purchase anything new until your prestige rank is high enough. Essentially the buying process looks like this (with tiers and ranks included):

  • Rank 1
  • Rank 2 (Requires upgrade that takes items only available at Prestige Rank 60+)
  • Rank 3 (Requires upgrade that takes items only available at Prestige Rank 70+)

Essentially you are able to buy the entire first tier at any level you want. After this, however, you will have to be at least rank 60 to get the second tier and rank 70 for the third one. This leads to a little confusion because you will be earning more favor, although you will not necessarily be able to use it. Do not worry; there is a plan for how to maximize its efficiency as well!

Managing Favor

When you buy your first set of PvP gear you are pretty much put on hold. Until you reach prestige rank 60 you will not be able to continue. That does not, however, mean that you can not start saving up already. The best plan is to go ahead and save up your favor. The cap is set at 300k, so when you get close (say around 295k) go ahead and spend a little on something. This could be items for your dimension (to use or sell) or anything else. More or less you will be looking for something to use it on, but you want to stay near the 300k mark. As such, do not let yourself go below around 220k when you are buying items.

This grants two benefits: it keeps you from losing out on favor due to hitting the limit, and it allows you to fill up on it prior to hitting rank 60 so that once you hit the rank, you already have all the favor ready to go. The problem here is that you will not be able to get the new items right away, though, as you will need some marks that are only available by taking part in the daily PvP quests once you are rank 60. As a result, what you will do is continue the same saving and spending plan while you are racking up the marks, and then buy the upgraded pieces one by one as you are able to afford them. After this, do the same method for the third tier as well.

The reason why this method is important is because of how efficient it is. It leaves you waiting for only one bottleneck: your rank and the associated marks. It is a lot better than having everything that you need, other than the favor. This, in effect, speeds up the process of gaining the latest and greatest gear, allowing you to go through the PvP progression much faster!

Tip: Saving Daily PvP Quests

One trick you can do with the daily PvP quests is to save them up. Instead of doing each daily as you can, when you get close to one of the new tiers of gear you can let them fill up to 7. If you still have a bit of time left before you will be hitting the next tier, you can do one of the dailies, but you always want to try and have all 7 up and ready before you cross over in to the next tier so that you can knock them out faster and get the marks from them. Otherwise you end up in the same boat of having to wait for time to pass before you can go through progression.

I do not believe that pre loading the quests will work (doing the daily quests and not collecting the rewards until after you cross over in to the next tier). A lot of the quests (if not all) are based on your current level and such at the time that they were completed, so I do not believe there are any benefits in doing this. It could be changed at any point, though, so if it is I will edit this to reflect that. In any case, there is no real reason not to do the pre loading, but there is no benefit from it at this time either; you just delay things like the favor and prestige boost and the reward chest associated with it.


Getting geared up for PvP in Rift is not very hard, it just takes a lot of time. Along with this, if you utilize a proper strategy and plan ahead of time, you can cut down on the amount of work necessary and make the journey a lot more fun and efficient. The journey from the bottom to the top of the PvP totem pole can either be a fun and easy one or it can be a long and boring one. Following this guide you should be able to maximize your time spent so that your experience is a great one!


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