While not nearly as common as it was in the past, gambling within Rift is still somewhat alive. It's a fun and easy way to earn (or lose) platinum! Despite this, players have often flagged it as being bad. If you have gambled in a casino or other games, you are more than likely familiar with the games you will find in Rift. Just be careful when you play, and never gamble more than you can afford to lose!

When it comes to gambling within Rift, this is done using the roll system. Being that you can roll pretty much any number (ex. 1-1000), it opens up a lot of possibilities for custom rule-sets and therefore also games. And with a lot of these games comes the thrill of risking money (or in this case, platinum). And this is where the controversy comes in. Much like in real-life, you have to trust the person you're giving your money to. “Vetting” people can be done pretty easily if you're really into your shard's community, but if you aren'tt then your risk is even greater. As a result, you end up pretty much going through a double risk (#1 is “will I win?” and #2 is “even if I do, will they pay up?”). While I haven't seen or heard of anyone taking advantage of this, it's a good idea to take some precautionary steps (which should be done anyways):

  • Use what's often considered as “bankroll management” – don't spend too much in one go, and keep up with your finances well. A good place for this type of information would be on a poker site
  • Make sure you fully understand any rules ahead of time. If you don't, you're opening yourself up to complications. If you have any questions, ask
  • Let the rest of your community know if any problems occur. While they usually can't do anything to help with your specific problem, you can save others the hassle of going through the same thing

And if you're not familiar with the games that are played, there's a few different ones I've seen, such as:

  • Craps (“7 or 11”) - when using dice, this has a 8/36 chance of occuring, or about 22.2%. If doing an open roll from 1-9 and going for it that way, it's the same. As you can see the numbers are altered (as, with dice you are rolling two numbers, rather than just one). As a result, you'll need to pick two random numbers and use those as the basis (any two between 1-9)
  • “High” or “Low” - a minimum and maximum number are chosen. The host of the game chooses a number and you either have to roll higher or lower than that. Usually the numbers will be chosen in a way that helps even out the risk vs. reward (ex. Roll 1-100, if it's 1-30 you win 3x your bet)
  • “A Specific Number” - a number is chosen that must be hit to win (ex. Roll 1-10, must get 7 and will win 9x bet)

You're always welcome to come up with your own games as well! And for those who disagree with allowing gambling, I'd like to point you to the built-in loot system. In that, you are basically gambling for drops anyways (by giving time and effort into a kill, then rolling to see who wins the reward)!


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