One of the hottest new additions to Rift coming about with patch 1.8 is fishing. Players have been asking about it for quite a while now and it's just about here! Through this article we will be taking a journey through this new system to give all the information you need to know to effectively jump into this new Rift fishing feature as soon as it goes live.

Learning to Fish

The first step is to pick up the appropriate professions: fishing and survival. These are located in Meridian and Sanctum, as well as Kelari Refuge (Defiant) and Argent Glade (Guardian). Maps showing the locations of the NPC's for Meridian and Sanctum follow.

At the Survival NPC, you will just need to pick up the profession just like any other. With the fishing one you can do the same, however it is much more beneficial to pick up the profession and take the available quest: fishing lessons. This is useful just because it takes you to a new NPC to pick up Shallow Water Fishing, which is part of a quest line that helps learn how to fish. Alternatively, you can skip the quests altogether and just purchase a Beginner's Fishing Pole from either NPC so that you can jump straight in to it.

Once you have your fishing pole, you are ready to start fishing! You can start in deep or shallow water; it does not matter which, although they do differ in the fish you can catch. Depending on what you're trying to craft, you'll need to decide which one fits best and head to it. How to Fish

To fish, drag the fishing pole to your hot bar. Use it as a normal skill and choose the location for it to drop. You will need to be in an area above water (on ground) to fish; not swimming. With your line out in the water, it will occasionally start jerking as if you caught something. You will also see the message “Reel it in!” in yellow within the chat window. At this point you will simply want to re use the pole again. If you accidentally use it twice or not at all, the fish will escape. You will sometimes have to do reeling more than one time per cast, but make sure you only click it once when the emote comes up.

Upon successfully catching something, you can raise your fishing rank. Along with this, you will also get items that can include things like artifacts, fish to use or even gray trash items to sell to the NPC's.

Fishing Crafts

While the fishing profession is there to obtain items needed for survival, it can also be used to craft new lures (used to buff the fishing poles to enhance the quality of fish they can catch), as well as new poles. The lures are crafted using various fish that are caught in the water, whereas poles are crafted using the previous tier's pole (there are poles for level 75, 150, 225 and 300), as well as materials from other professions.

As for the crafting itself, this can be done anywhere, whether in or out of water. There are no special requirements.

Survival Crafting

Survival, at this point is mostly for crafting food and drinks for buffs and regeneration purposes. There are a wide range of these items, ranging from items that just heal to some that heal and buff. As an example, the Shimmersand Gumbo, as pictured below, heals and increases both Spell Power and Maximum Hit Points.

There are also a few “WIP” (Work In Progress) items, including: Simple Tent Kit, Standard Bedroll, Standard Tent Kit, Comfortable Bedroll and Silk Tent Kit. At this point is is unclear how these will ultimately fit into these new professions, nor what benefits they might include.

The items crafted through survival are just like those from fishing; there are no special requirements or places you must be at to craft the items.

Levels and Zones

The following is a list of the different zones and the level your fishing profession must be at prior to fishing there. As you level up fishing, you will not only unlock the fishing in higher level zones, but you will also be able to get better, more high level fish for crafting with.

  • Silverwood, Gloamwood and Freemarch – 1
  • Stonefield– 40
  • Scarlet Gorge and Scarwood Reach - 90
  • Moonshade Highlands – 150
  • Shimmersand, Iron Pine Peak and Stillmoor – 210
  • Ember Isle – 240

These are the general levels based on each zone. Some of the water has different levels than what is stated above but these are the most common requirements for each zone.


The new fishing system is an interesting addition to Rift. The fact that it brings about new consumables that both heal and buff is definitely a welcome change, and the other items relating to tents and bedrolls have definitely got my curiosity flowing. It will be nice to see how this new system plays out!


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