Rift Foul Cascade Dungeon Guide


Foul Cascade is the first dungeon that is set in a zone that is shared between both Defiant and Guardian players, called Scarlet Gorge. It is really meant for players of level thirty and up, although you can join it sooner (around twenty eight). This dungeon does have its own quests, and while the dungeon is shared between factions, the quests are not. Defiant and Guardians each have their own set of quests to do here!


All of these quests are found just inside Foul Cascade, so you do not need to do any traveling or hunting down NPC's to try and find them. The quests that are available are as follows:

  • Guardian
    • Orders from Alsbeth
    • Gnar Residue
  • Defiant
    • Corrupted Rituals
    • Heart of Stone

Both Heart of Stone and Gnar Residue are basically the same quest with a different name, but the other two are very different.


The map for this dungeon is below:


The map, as you will notice, is created in a circular fashion. You can actually start with any boss you wish; the only real requirement is that you take down Queen Vallnara last, and that is because she will not be spawned until all of the rest of the bosses are down.

Other than Vallnara, though, you are free to choose your own path. The path in the map above is the most efficient one to go with (for quests and such), and the most commonly followed, so it is likely the one you will want to take.

Boss One – Matron Verosa


So you have made it to the first boss of Foul Cascade, Matron Verosa. Yet again it is a main boss with two minions! This one, just like we are getting used to at this point, has some different methods of working than the rest though.

When you first start out in this fight, you will be attacked by Matron Verosa herself, while the other two minions stay immobile. After a short while, Lesch will start attacking, and when you get him low enough (around fifty percent health) it will go inactive and Gurze will be the one you fight. When Gurze gets to half health, both minions will attack you. When both of them are down, you are fighting Matron Verosa to finish her off!

Now then, there are some things you need to know about this fight:

  • Matron Verosa, when one or both minions are active, will be using melee attacks if anyone is within her range. Because of this, it is important to pull the minions away from her so that you can avoid damage that is easily avoidable
  • Lesch will do a skill called Staggering Blitz that does a massive amount of damage to someone in the form of a DoT. Contrary to what many players believe, this is actually pretty easy to avoid; simply stay within melee range of him and he will not use it! Lesch does not have a cleave, either, so there is no real risk with where you are standing with him, as long as you are within a close proximity
  • Gurze does a lot of damage and also cleaves, so for this part you do not want to be in front of him unless you are the tank. Doing so is a recipe for disaster and he will kill people very quick with his attacks if they happen to be in his cleave range

When you get to the point where you are fighting both of the minions at once, you will want to kill Lesch first, as he is the most deadly when it comes to people being out of his range. While nobody would be getting hit by his Staggering Blitz, ideally, this usually does not work the way you plan it and so it is best to just get rid of the threat as soon as possible.

Boss Two – Countess Surin Skenobar


This is a fight that can get annoying if you have a lot of melee players, as the boss will be teleporting during the fight and it will decrease your DPS, and increase your kill time considerably. Through this battle, the Countess will be using three different skills:

  • Shrapnel Blast is a cone based attack that will hit the tank
  • Void Charge is a ranged attack that does a lot of damage but is easily interrupted due to its cast time
  • Hail of Bullets is where the boss will teleport around five times, targeting a random player (sometimes more than once in a row) and dropping off a barrel that explodes and does some heavy AoE damage

The plan with this fight is to keep as much damage flowing as you can, while ensuring everyone's health stays topped up. Along with this, you want to spread out as much as possible so that the AoE's will hit as few people as possible, which will decrease the amount of healing needed and also significantly decrease the chances of dying!

Boss Three – Krasimir Barionov


This battle comes in the form of a multi stage fight. First off you will be fighting mobs that Krasimir spawns, and after you have cleared all of the waves you will take on the boss himself. Before you get started with this fight, it is important that you clear any mobs around the area. There are mobs here that path, and you do not want a group of them to run in to you while you are in the middle of fighting the boss.

The first stage has you take on five Animated Corpses. These are normal mobs so they are easy to kill. Just AoE them down.


The second stage has you against three Reconstructed Corpses. These are elite, although they are still pretty easy to kill (they are like the rest of the mobs in the dungeon).


The third stage has you take on two Reconstructed Abominations, which are elite and are even stronger than the Reconstructed Corpses were. These are the most dangerous ones and the tank needs to ensure they are all picked up before they can go after one of the other group members. Along with this, while you are killing them you may see one of them start to glow. If this happens, kill it first as this means Krasimir has cast a buff on it that increases its attack speed. If neither of the mobs has this buff, just focus on both at once.


With all three stages of minions taken down, you are ready to fight Krasimir himself!


Krasimir has three different attacks, all of which are pretty easy to handle if you know what to look for. They are as follows:

  • Void Bolt – this is a normal spell that only hits one target (should be the tank)
  • Shout of Rage – this is a point blank AoE knock back, but it is nothing to really worry about (though it can be a bit annoying!)
  • Dark Touch – this is an AoE DoT that is cast on a random player. It can be cleansed, though you will want to have all of the ranged players spread out as you want to cleanse as few times as necessary. As long as everyone is spread out enough only one person should be affected by this at a time

Boss Four – Queen Vallnara


Queen Vallnara, as stated earlier in this guide, is the last boss you will be fighting in Foul Cascade. While this is true, she is not necessarily the hardest (although she can be if you are not careful!).

Before you even think about getting started with this fight, take down every single mob you see around where the rift is located. This is very, very important as you can wipe very easily if you have mobs still wandering around and they lock on to one of your group members while you are trying to fight the queen. When all of the mobs are down, you are ready for breaking the queen out of her cage, so to speak.

As you look around the rift area, you will see some death idols that look like this:


You will need to break each of these, and then the queen spider will be released. She will not start chasing anyone right away, though; if you break the idols from afar, she will still be released but she will just wander around the center a bit. Regardless, it is a good idea to not break her out until you are actually ready to jump in and fight her, just to be safe.


Queen Vallnara has three skills to be aware of:

  • Corrosive Ichor – this is a ground based AoE. If the tank is constantly kiting backwards while attacking and pulling threat, this should be easy for them to get out of to avoid taking damage
  • Corrosive Bolt – this is a skill that does some damage on impact and also applies a DoT
  • Foul Gestation – this is the most deadly skill here. What it does is start growing a baby spider in a player, that after a short period of time will burst out doing damage and will turn in to a mob that you have to kill

The strategy for this fight is to have all ranged players stay in one area while the tank pulls Queen Vallnara around in a circle around them. This will keep the ground AoE away from the ranged players, and the tank can easily avoid it since he is constantly moving. Along with this, the tank will need to keep watch for the spider minions and pick them up as they pop out, holding threat while still continuing to kite backwards. The other players will be using AoE's if possible, but will otherwise always be focusing down the minions first. As long as you can keep the minions under control, this fight is pretty easy!






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