Rift Fae Yule Whitefall Review

When it comes to doing events, Trion loves to adapt their existing content to give a fresh look. Rather than completely doing content over again, sometimes this comes in the form of minor visual changes. In the case of Fae Yule Whitefall, this is exactly what they did. Whitefall Steppes is already a snow based warfront, so it was pretty easy to see this as becoming a wintery one. The two most notable changes within the warfront are the addition of reindeer (which do not do anything, but they are pretty much just part of the scenery) and the alteration of flags becoming Yule Gifts. Past this, the entire warfront is the exact same as the normal one is.

What I like about this, though, is that they were able to take an existing system and make minor changes to make it fresh. While no game play was affected, it does still give the feeling that you are in a different place. After playing the same warfronts day after day, any change at all is preferable to nothing.

To help make things a bit more exciting, they also extended the bonus rewards to this warfront. While technically they are “weekend” bonuses, they appear to be in effect, but only for Fae Yule Whitefall. It is an interesting choice, though, to have the bonuses during the same period most people are away celebrating with their family or are on Christmas vacation, but it is still nevertheless an awesome thing to get bonuses for time we put in. While not a weekend, I can not complain about freebies!

I think another warfront that could be awesome with some winter theme would be Library of the Runemasters. Or they could just wait until Halloween and do a more scary look for it. In any case, anything is better than nothing and I hope they keep these things up!


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