Rift: Planes of Telara Exchange System (REX)


With Rift: Planes of Telara's move from a paid subscription model over to a free to play game, a cash shop currency named REX (Rift Exchange) was added to the game. This is their way of handling micro transactions so that instead of charging a lot of small amounts to a credit card, they can charge a larger one and any unused funds will stay in your game account for use when you feel like it.

Unlike a lot of games, Rift does their cash shop a bit differently. What we usually see with cash shops is the ability to purchase items for yourself or purchase gifts for others. This gifting system is often used to trade cash shop items for in game gold, in that the person gives the gifter the gold and the gifter buys whatever item the buyer wants. Rift, however, does this in a much more efficient way, allowing the players to trade REX coupons to one another. This is a lot better than the gifting method because you can straight up buy the REX from other players and then you can save it up or use it to buy what you want. This also removes the risk that would otherwise be seen using gifting, as you can simply do a trade.

To make matters even easier with the cash shop system, the REX coupons can even be sold on the auction house! So instead of having to spam chat about buying or selling them, you can just hop on and put in a bid or buy one outright.

I love the concept behind this because Trion effectively gets the same amount of money regardless. Because someone had to buy the REX coupon using cash, it is the same as someone else having done it, with the difference being that one person got to trade their gold to the other player. This opens up an alternative to paying farmers and hacking groups for gold, as you can do the trades in a way that is both legitimate and safe for both parties involved. In fact, because the system was created by Trion, it means you can purchase gold (by getting the REX coupons and then selling them in the game) without even having any risk of being banned as a result, or being labeled as a farmer supporter! It is a win win win situation where all parties involved are getting benefits.

One thing we have yet to see, however, is what the prices of these REX coupons are going to end up settling at. Inflation will end up setting in without a doubt, but as it is right now they are still pretty cheap to some players. As of right now, they run about a thousand Platinum each, and their cost from the Rift store is ten dollars. This puts a hundred platinum at a value of about a dollar. Sadly, the farmers are still winning the battle in terms of costs, though, as they are currently selling a thousand Platinum for only four dollars, a price less than half of what the coupons would net you. Of course, purchasing from them comes at a great risk, but there will always be some players that are willing to take that risk in order to get a better value out of their money.

This system also ties in well with the current gifting system in the Rift shop, where any item that does not depend on certain stipulations (such as rank in PvP, notoriety, etc.) can be gifted to any other player. Between these two systems, players have everything they need to trade their cash for gold and to help support Trion's now free to play game!


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