Rift The Deepstrike Mines Dungeon Guide


The Deepstrike Mines is the second dungeon available in the Defiant lands, located within Stonefield. This dungeon takes place inside a mine, as its name would suggest, and it is a pretty short one to complete. It is somewhat compact, in that the zone's size is pretty small, but this is because it is tiered, in that you go along the top and work your way down deeper in to the mine as you go along.

This dungeon is often seen as being tougher than its equal counterpart on the Guardian side, Darkening Deeps, but it is still a load of fun and is well worth doing at least once!

There are multiple quests here that can be picked up by Defiant players, although they can not be picked up by Guardians. These are all located in Granite Falls and include the following:

  • Gregori's Revelation (Torin Fergal)
  • Slaughtering the Butchers (Emily Fergal)
  • The Foreman's Disgrace (Torin Fergal)
  • The Saga of the Endless: Endless Digging (Emily Fergal). This quest is part of the Saga of the Endless chain, so if you have not followed that you will not be able to access it

Along with the quests that can only be accessed by Defiant players, there are also a couple that are available to everyone. These are found just inside the dungeon:

  • Stolen Source (Kaspar)
  • Reclaiming What's Ours (Asha Catari)

Once you have grabbed all of the quests that are applicable for your faction, you are ready to roll!

The map for this dungeon is below:


You will notice on the map that the number four is not on the west side of the map. This is because the map also shows the area for the expert version of this dungeon, although it is not accessible in the normal one. We will cover the expert version in its own guide as there are some changes to how the mechanics work.

Boss One – Overseer Markus


You run in to the first boss of The Deepstrike Mines, Overseer Markus, soon after you get started on your journey. He is located on a platform with a lot of other mobs. You will want to first clear the mobs off the platform before you move on to it, and then go on and start pulling everything and AoE them all down.

Overseer Markus does cleave, so you do not want to stand directly in front of him if you are not the tank. Other than this, the only real mechanic to watch for is at half of his health, where he will disappear in to the ground and in his place some minions will spawn. AoE these down and the boss will appear again (it seems as if he will spawn even if they are up if you are taking too long to kill them, but if you take them all down he will spawn when you are finished). These minions will only spawn one time, so this is a pretty easy fight!


Boss Two – Gregori Krezlav


So you have made it to the second boss, Gregori Krezlav. When you first see him, he will be standing on a platform area all by himself. This will change soon after the fight starts, though, so be ready to deal with more than one enemy at once.

The only actual attack that Gregori Krezlav uses is Life Rend, and this should be interrupted as often as possible to make things easier on the healer. Other than this, what you need to watch out for are the minions.

After a short period of time has gone by in the fight, Gregori will summon three minions that channel towards him. As long as at least one of these is up, he will be invincible to damage, so you need to take down all three minions as soon as possible. It is also worth noting that he will still be attacking during this time, and the tank can not pull threat due to the invincibility. Because of this, the tank needs to have built up enough threat prior to this stage to avoid someone else becoming the target.


The only other thing he does throughout the fight is summon Baneful Delvers. These only spawn one at a time and are easily picked up by the tank. When one of these is up, simply AoE it down while you are attacking the boss or one of the channelers, and everything should be fine. Overall, this boss fight is just a matter of keeping threat on the boss and ensuring that people DPS down any adds as they spawn.

Boss Three – Bonehew the Thunderer


This fight can be one of the most annoying, because Bonehew the Thunderer likes to knock people back. While this would not be an issue if you were on solid ground, this fight takes place up on a platform, and you will often see at least one person be knocked off of it to their death. The only way to avoid this is to be very careful with placement, and try not to put yourself in to a compromising situation.

When you first move on to the platform you will see an invisible wall spawn behind you. If the boss goes through this wall for any reason, he will reset. You can technically attack from out here, although it is not recommended as you can still be hit with knock backs and you do not want to accidentally pull threat and then reset the boss near the end.

Bonehew has three different skills he will be using, and it is important to understand each of them:

  • Earth Shaker – this is a ground based point blank AoE that stuns everyone it affects. Anyone that is ranged should be far enough back from the boss that they are not affected by this, and should keep moving as necessary to keep their distance. Those that rely on melee skills will just need to deal with being stunned
  • Crust Crusher is a point blank cleave with a knock back attached to it. If you are using proper placement already, only the melee players should be affected by this. The way to avoid being knocked off the platform is to position any melee players up against one of the crates, so they are knocked back in to it instead off being knocked in to the air
  • Seismic Smash is a skill that is used less often. You will know this is happening before it is time because Bonehew will stop attacking for a second and then start running to the outer perimeter of the ring. When this happens, he will be using a large frontal cone knock back that covers pretty much the entire platform. The only way to avoid this is to be to the side of the boss, as close to him as possible when this goes off. The alternative is to allow it to hit you, but be standing with your back up against one of the crates so you are knocked in to that

This fight is really just a battle of watching your placement and ensuring that you are not getting knocked around any more than is needed. Each time you are knocked back, you are taking another risk of being knocked off of the platform, so minimizing that is beneficial for taking down Bonehew the Thunderer.

Boss Four – Gatekeeper Kaleida


Gatekeeper Kaleida used to be a lot harder than he is now. Now it is more of a battle of persistence than anything, whereas before it used to be based on a lot of luck. Regardless, many players find this to be a very annoying battle because the boss is able to heal himself, and do it quickly, so the battle can drag on for a while if people are not paying attention to what crystals are being spawned and where they are.

Before you really move through the room Gatekeeper Kaleida spawns in, have someone with ranged attacks pull every mob out of there. You do not want any more enemies in the room than you need to have when you enter, as that will involve you fighting both the boss and other mobs and can lead to disaster.


Once the room is clear, you will want to have ranged players spread out along the outer ramps. Through this battle, the boss will be doing frontal cleaves (so he needs to be turned away from everyone in case there are melee damage dealers) and he will spawn crystals. Each crystal will do something different, although they all have one thing in common: they are tossed at a random player and they will do AoE damage on impact, so avoiding their landing is important. The crystals and their effects are as follows:

  • Fire – this does AoE damage when it explodes, so you do not want to be within range of it. It does have a pretty large range as well, so usually people will move to the other side of the room when one spawns
  • Earth – this heals the boss pretty fast and needs to be destroyed as fast as possible

If you want to see what type of crystal Gatekeeper Kaleida is spawning, you can look at his buffs. Here you will see a buff representing the crystal type he is currently set to toss. When you see that he is ready for earth ones, you need to be watchful so you can start killing them as soon as they pop up. If you do not, he will heal and you can drag this fight on indefinitely! It is sometimes possible to just keep damaging him through the crystal and still take him down, but there is a lot less risk in just having everyone (other than the tank) instantly switching to the crystal so it goes down fast.

As a way to make this battle easier, you can wait until Gatekeeper Kaleida has just switched from fire to earth mode. This ensures that you are knocking out all the healing in the beginning, which helps speed up the fight considerably (since the heals will be much less effective when he already has full health!). This is usually not needed, though, and so whether or not you do it will be up to your group.


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