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When dealing with Rift's warfronts, players often leave corpses alone that could be looted. I've heard players complain about this, while others complain about the people that do loot the corpses. Here, I want to look at why looting the dead enemies is a good idea, and why complaining about others doing it isn't.

In the past, looting corpses in warfronts gave pretty much nothing. You would be lucky if you finished the warfront and had made a few gold (Note: this is gold, not Platinum), so the time it took to loot enemies simply was not worth it. The exception to this rule was in The Port of Scion, where there is a companion that can drop (possibly from other warfronts as well, but I've only seen it in Scion).

A while back, the looting changed. Instead of just giving a few silver per body, it started to give much more. As of now it gives around half a gold on average, and sometimes goes up to a couple or a few gold. It is more than possible to leave a warfront with a platinum or two more than you started with by ensuring all of the enemy corpses are looted. While having this extra gold may be seen as a small benefit (in that you can earn from other methods of play as well), it's free money and doesn't really take long to obtain.

Even more beneficial than the gold itself, though, is achievements for players that want them. Take, for example, this one (for Thanks for the Tip):


This achievement is one of many that is obtained simply by looting bodies in warfronts. And since there are many kills in each battle, obtaining them is pretty simple. To see how much you are really earning, consider that the achievement above requires 100 Platinum to be looted. Now add this to all the bonuses from warfronts, and it does make a pretty nice chunk of change for something you really aren't going out of your way to do!

Even if you aren't interested in the Platinum for yourself and don't care about the achievements, understanding that others do care about these things will go a long way towards increasing the understanding that different people play the game for different reasons. So if someone is looting corpses, leave them be. And don't let others keep you from doing it if you want to either! There's a reason why it's part of the game and why there are rewards for it.

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