Rift 3.0 Plane of Water Reveal and Thoughts


Trion has always done a great job of letting us Rift players know what is coming up ahead. They often like to sneak things in through their live streams, such as “accidentally” (we can tell there is no way it is truly an accident though) showing us their white boards and other things. Sometimes they will show this stuff to us long before an update is planned, and other times they will wait it out and drop the hints just prior. In any case, we are already hearing information about what is to come in Rift 3.0, and I am loving what I hear!


The Planes

So the planes are essentially the groups of elements. There are water, fire, death, life, earth and air (each plane is linked with its opposite). So in Rift's terms, these are the different groups of invaders that are attacking Telara, Rift's world. These appear throughout the world in the forms of rifts and invasions, and players are tasked with fighting them off.

The next logical step was to allow us to enter their world, so to speak, which is where the idea for “slivers” came from, or alternate dimensions that are each based on an element. For example, Drowned Halls, as its name would suggest, is a sliver that is devoted to the water invaders. When you enter, everything that you see has to do with water in some way or another, and it is your job to take them all out!

Now, the slivers were a way of attacking their world, but it still occurred on Telara. A good way to think about this would be to consider it as being more like a camp they set up on your world, and all you are doing is entering their camp to fight them off. In a sense, this is what is happening within the slivers; they are on your world.

Time For Us to Invade

Well, with Rift 3.0, we are set to be able to raid the first dimension's land. With what is known about this so far, it will be raiding against water. So unlike the slivers, where we are fighting them on our land, this time we get to make the move over to their land. Fighting the water on their own territory, so to speak.

What does this mean, though? If it deals with fighting against water, does that mean that there is going to be a lot of water in the zone? Yes, it actually does. With what we know so far, the water zone is going to be underwater. This, of course, leads to some concerns about how efficient it is actually going to be, based on experience with water zones on other games and things like the breathing system in Rift (where you can drown if you are under the water for too long). Trion has assured us that they are going to completely change the way we feel about water zones, and they are going to really do this right. We will see, of course, but I am remaining very hopeful that this is true.

What I Hope Happens

While I love the prospect of having the ability to go to the water element's world and explore their lands, take down their allies and have a lot of fun, I still have some doubts about how viable the idea is. Water in most games so far has brought about a lot of problems. This is really a concern because Rift has limited breathing time when under the water, and it makes me think that we are going to be experiencing something similar when Rift 3.0 rolls around. Think about it; if they were not going to have the same timers, they would have to do the entire swimming system over again. They would have to get rid of underwater breath meters and fatigue, etc. I just do not see this happening.

The only real alternative I can see here is that either the zone is not entirely submerged under the water (and therefore there are tons of places where you can pop up to get some air) or that maybe when we go there, something that we have to do prior is run a quest that gives a special water breathing apparatus or something. I think this would help solve the problems of not being able to stay under the water too long, while at the same time not having to alter the entire system as a result.

Raids, Dungeons and More

Based on what we have heard so far, we can look forward to new raids and dungeons (undoubtedly related to the water in some way or another). Along with this, though, there are also hints of new souls that will be getting released, which is pretty awesome; we just got the first four additional souls with Rift 2.0, or Storm Legion, and now we are already looking forward to even more of them with Rift 3.0!

I am very curious about what their tier is going to be, in regards to dungeons and raids though. It is assumed that they will be above whatever other content we already have, but it makes me wonder what happens if this is part of a new expansion to the game and players do not have access to those lands as they have not purchased the expansion. It could go to really separate guilds and friends as they can no longer play together. This is all speculation, though, and it could always go the same way that Storm Legion did; make all of the content absolutely free and then allow you to buy the new souls if you are interested, without making it an absolute necessity. If this is the method that is used, I will be behind this major patch a hundred and ten percent!


I am looking forward to future information as to what is going to be coming to us with Rift 3.0, as well as information on things like its estimated release date and how the expansion is going to work (for example, whether or not it has to be bought, what you get if you do not buy it, etc.). So far, with what I know about it, this seems like an awesome addition to the game. It makes me very hopeful that in future additions they will also add in the other planes as well, so we can head over to invade the plane of life, death and the others.

Only time will tell at this point, and with quite a while to go most likely, all we are going to be seeing is some small hints here and there. Hopefully Trion continues dropping these “accidental” slips to us so we can keep up with what is going on and what we can look forward to!


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