Rift 2.6 Preview

Massively has released an awesome preview for Rift 2.6, known as “Dreamweaving Fae” (although the title is not known for sure at this point). This is going to be an update that ties in to Rift 3.0 in some ways, and since it deals with frost a lot of people are hoping that we will learn some more about Crucia.

The update is planned to be released in February of 2014, so it is quite a ways away. Keep in mind that this is also the goal release time, so it could come out earlier or later depending on what happens throughout the development and quality assurance process.


What is this, you may ask? A brand new profession. This one is based on “creating all you can dream up” for dimensions. It is a crafting profession for those who are interested in dimensions, as you might expect, but also people who are interested in artifacts. Not only will you be able to create items and special effects, but also entire dimensions. This is an awesome change, being that it means you are not bound only to the dimensions that you can buy; now you can craft them as well.

It is not sure how the profession will tie in to the artifacts yet. While they are said as being part of the profession, there has been no clarification as to whether they are crafting the artifacts themselves or using them to craft other things. As Massively states, however, it is probably a great idea to go ahead and start stocking up on them now. If they are utilized to create other things (especially new artifacts that can only be crafted) some of the others can go up in value considerably. Or they may not. There is no telling at this point!

Fae Yule

The Fae Yule event will be coming back again, much like it was here last year. This time Trion is taking up for what people complained about in the previous event: the Storm Legion zones were not dressed up for the event. Now, however, all of those areas have been decorated as well and they are also included in the festivities.

On top of the new look for Storm Legion zones, there will also be six brand new artifacts that have themes revolving around the dragon cults giving gifts to one another. These will not be showing up until bosses are killed in instant adventures. When the bosses are slain, the new artifacts will be available for discovery for a short period of time. If you get all of the sets and complete them, you will get a meta title of “Regifter,” among lots of other Fae Yule gifts.

I am loving the idea of these new artifacts, although it could be rough to get them all. We can assume that people will be able to trade them (which could be wrong, but since they are only off drops and only off Instant Adventures I think it is a pretty safe bet). This should allow players to trade them back and forth in order to complete their sets. One thing is for certain: if these can be traded, their value will be pretty large in the beginning since people are going to want to rush through and get their special title and other gifts before it is too late!

Other Additions

There is a lot of stuff we still do not know about in relation to the release of Rift 2.6. For example, we know that there are going to be new raids and story arcs, but past that there is not enough to go by. Trion has been trying to keep most things under wraps, releasing only what they think is important to know at this point (and things that are not being hushed). We will know in a couple months though (with any luck and no delays from problems occurring)!

”Rift's Pulse”

Another thing that was mentioned in the article was related to how Rift is doing right now. We knew that the game was having some issues when populations were dropping a while back. This was further confirmed when the game went from a subscription based model to a free to play one. Luckily, ever since the game has gone free to play it has increased in population and it looks like it is back alive again. Even after all the time that it has been free to play, it is still going pretty strong. On a great note for those who are wondering what the future of the game is, Trion has stated that they are still seeking partnerships and other promotions to help get Rift out there and bring in more players. As for their server merges that happen from time to time, that is not related to population problems: instead, that is because they are trying to get to where everyone can play together in one area, without killing their servers in the process. It seems like an awesome goal to shoot for, and based on the last few months it looks like they may finally be able to make that at some point!

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